Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26th, 2010

Well I'm back...there are a bit of interesting topics to discuss today.


1. Creighton Basketball: Whats next, and does this change the Rivalry?
2. Husker Baseball
3. NFL Draft Recap

1. Ok so I know what your thinking...what the F are we leading off with C-Bag basketball. Well kinda wanted to talk about the impact that this will have against Nebraska now. Ok, because clearly we have to address this because when it comes to basketball in this state, everyone forgets their red and opts to go to a facility where they can drink beer. Clearly over the past few seasons, Dana Altman began to feel the unwelcome-ness that Omaha was beginning to show him. He was a product of his own success and failure...he built a program that was looked at as the gold standard in the MO Valley, but slowly the reins on his program that saw his run of NCAA berths end. Mediocre was becoming the new attitude in Omaha, so he did what he had to do, opt for a new start in a new program at a major conference. A few years ago he would of been one of the hottest mid-major coaches on the market, but sadly you saw how I think Oregon "settled" for him when they realized how unpopular their program really was.

Now C-Bag Basketball opens with Greg McDermott. A guy with Valley ties from Northern Iowa and someone I thought of with a little bit for fear when her first joined the Big 12. Clearly he could recruit NBA caliber players to Ames, a place that has a nice basketball facility and success in the past...and he was really unable to put Iowa State on the map and make it into the NCAA tournament. I think that they are taking a major risk with him. He likely will have to have immediate success in his first 2 seasons or the noose will be tightening around his next quickly for not being an "Omaha" guy. I think if your McDermontt he makes out the best in this, because he saves himself from being fired at Iowa State. It'll be interested to see what he can do in Omaha now...likely C-Bag fans will put their lofty expectations on him...but Doc Sadler had success against him when he had talent. I don't think C-Bag fans would likely not be too happy with him if he lost to Doc every year. I think Doc has the upper hand in the rivalry now...but after going 2-14 in the Big 12 last year...I'm not calling any preseason victory this year.

2. What has begun to be a bigger problem for Mike Anderson. I likely think that after losing ANOTHER Big 12 series 1-2. Nebraska sits dead last in the league...again. Nebraska got a nice outing on Sunday from Tom Lemke, but were unable to silence Shawn Tollenson who mastered Nebraska for 7.1 innings on Sunday. What's concerning about Sunday's lost was that it was Baylor's FIRST series win this season. Nebraska clearly can't beat the teams in the bottom half of the league. With series at home against A&M and Texas Tech and a road series with Missouri, Nebraska ABSOLUTELY has to sweep each of their remaining series to climb out of the gutter. I think the hot seat is starting to turn up...very very disappointed about the teams performance last weekend. It's very frustrating to see them lose Friday's game, win on Saturday, and can't close out a series win. Well last season Nebraska had one series win...that was against Baylor...hmmmmm wonder who Nebraska thinks they can beat in their final 3 weekend series.

3. Well the NFL Draft comes and goes and only 3 Nebraska players were selected. Obviously Suh was the premier player going #2 with the Lions. I don't grade out teams like Mel Kiper and Co. do on ESPN. I did think that my team (the Chiefs) did do a good job addressing some of their needs....Berry is a stud but I would of went with Okung at #5 but hopefully it'll work out. Freaking just need to win more games next season...period. Best of luck to those guys that were drafted and to those that signed free agent deals....I look forward to seeing SUH dominate...just probably not next year....

Back later this week......Skocz Out

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday, April 20th

I've returned for what seems like ages since I last blogged. I promise starting today were gonna get back to twice a week. Lots to dive into today...I never disappoint.


1. NFL DRAFT: Where should the top 5 go?
2. Spring Football: Final Thoughts for 2010
3. Mike he on the hot seat?

1) Well I can say its about damn time to get the NFL draft over with. For the past 4 months all we've seen in numerous breakdowns of the likely top 5 players. Suh, McCoy, Colt, Bradford, Jimmy Clausen, Eric Berry and Russel Okung are likely to project as the first 7 or 8 picks of the NFL Draft. Who's really the best? Every year we really have to ask that question seriously and put our own team love aside for the players. Do you think that Stafford was really deserving of the #1 pick last season? Being the #1 pick is nice, it has its perks, teams will be generating 30 million dollar contracts for you to sign, but if you look at the track record of skill position players in the top 5 (that being QB's, RB's, and WR's) how many of teams have actually gotten the value of the money that they have put into these players. Look at how Jamarcus Russel from Oakland has struggled as a #1 pick, along with Alex Smith in 2005, David Carr in 2002, Michael Vick in 2001, and Tim Couch in 1999. Only Eli and Peyton Manning have won a superbowls in the last 12 years as being the #1 pick in the NFL draft. Remember any of these other players: Courtney Brown, Mario Williams, Carson Palmer, and Jake Long. All were #1 picks and only a handful have made the pro bowl and NONE have won a superbowl. If you look at the track record of coming into the league as the #1 pick...history has shown that it doesn't go well for you for a successful long term NFL career. Lets break down the Top five picks or who I think will be the top 5 on Thursday.
#1 St. Louis Rams select SAM BRADFORD-QB-OKLAHOMA
-The word on the street is that the Rams today dealt Adam Carriker to clear out some payroll for what the Rams hope will be the long term answer for them at QB. We've seen this time and time again...I personally don't think Sam will amount to much at the Pro level...his durability is a huge issue and I think that he doesn't posses a great arm that will translate well at the next level.

#2 Detroit Lions select NDAMUKONG SUH-DT-NEBRASKA
-The Lions would be elated to have a guy of this caliber fall to them at #2. Just like a few years ago when Calvin Johnson was on the board at the #2 pick, they pulled the trigger to draft clear amazing talent. I no doubt believe that Suh is a lock to be successful at the next year. He will need to learn to get better leverage against the pro lineman's who will be able to stand him up off the line, but I do expect Suh to learn the skill set to be really really successful at the next level...I mean just check out this video:

#3 Tampa Bay Bucs select ERIC BERRY-DB-TENNESSEE
-Tampa Bay likely will look long and hard at Gerald McCoy from Oklahoma, but I think they'll opt for a stable DB in their secondary with the likes of Barber getting older and likely to retire in the next few seasons. Remember this team did have Tim Crowder, Ryan Sims, Chris Hoyan, and Stylez White play last year....yes clearly there is no flashy names in this group, and it really could go either way with the two, but have Talib on your DB group with Barber makes it inticing for them to seriously look at question that after last season in 2008 he was on the top of everyones boards but opted to stay in school for another season.

#4 Washington Redskins select GERALD MCCOY-DT-OKLAHOMA
-After the Bucs pass on McCoy it'll become a legit no brainer for them to take McCoy. He easily provides some depth and will get a nice counterpart to play along side in Albert Hanesworth. Having a high caliber player like this likely ensures that he'll stay in Washington for a few more seasons. Just the thing the Redskins need after acquiring Carriker, I think they would have the makings of a very talented front four.

#5 Kansas City Chiefs select RUSSEL OKUNG-OT-OKLAHOMA STATE
-The Chiefs likely will have some interesting options at #5 if things play out in this scenario. I think they'll opt for a sure thing like another lineman to help on what was a miserable year for them across the O line. The Chiefs need stable young bodies that they can build for long term successful run blockers. Couldn't tell you how many times I watched the QB get sacked due to a bad OL. They need the talent and Okung I think is the gem lineman that would be an absolute steal if he landed at #5.

2) After being in attendance for the 2010 Spring Game I have some final thoughts before we all get the FEVER for the 2010 season. I think it was clear that we saw that Taylor Martinez has some legit speed. He clearly showed on Saturday that he wasn't afraid to pull the ball down and run it. He's shifty, elusive, and flat out quick down the line. I was troubled watching him throw. I think that his delivery needs some work to go along with reading coverage and finding the open man. He did complete some throws but not many down field into openings in coverage. He's likely at this point of his career to pull the ball down and run than to throw. Cody Green looked ok from the standpoint of using his arm. I think clearly that is a facet of the game that he's really worked hard at and it showed on Saturday as he boomed a few deep balls down to Niles Paul. The troubling note was how slow his foot speed was in the pocket. I thought he'd would be a bit more polished in being able to be elusive out of the pocket to create plays. In a live game situation that maybe different, but when Shawn Watson stated that it would be an open fall QB competition, none of the QB's really shined yesterday. Defense looked challenged but having split up the two teams hurt in building some team unity on that side of the ball. I think that gets ironed out during summer drills and fall camp. Really didn't see much from Mike McNeil but I do think that his switch to WR will continue in the fall. For those of you who thought that Zac Lee wasn't going to be the starter, I think after the spring game he's still clearly the #1 guy heading into fall camp.

3. Well I think its official that Nebraska is having some major Husker Woes in Baseball. Nebraska lost another Big 12 conference series last weekend. The Huskers have dropped 11 of their last 12 series dating back to last season. Clearly I think we as fans are getting frustrated with the inconsistent of play of its team. This frustration has now spewed into wanting a change at the helm at the end of this season. An article in the OWH came out this week about Tom's opinion on the baseball program. Reading the article I got the sense that Tom was impressed with the amount of young talent on this team. He stated that he can relate to when he had young teams that really weren't consistent for him every weekend. From the article I got the very very distinct impression that regardless of what happens this season, Mike Anderson will likely keep his job after this year. Yes I know that some fans really don't want to hear that, but I stand by my assumption that Mike would have to have 3 bad years before losing his job. Clearly his gotten 2 bad seasons. He'd likely have to get off the snide next year in 2011 with a successful season or end up getting the pink slip if this team struggles like they have for the past 2 seasons.

Promise I'm coming back on Thursday.