Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19, 2010

Man where does the time go...it seems like it was just yesterday when I was trying to get a post about the KU game.


1. Husker Basketball Woes
2. Lane Kiffin: Whats his national image?
3. The players of the Decade: Big 12 Style

1. We begin with what has to be the most pressing sport this winter now soon starting to think about pressing the panic button. Husker Basketball is now a disappointing 0-3 to start Big 12 play and now have the entire week to gear themselves up for Missouri this weekend. The bottom line is this...Nebraska can't finish games. Thats a dangerous thing for a young team, they continually allow teams to get back into games and in the end steal wins from this team. Nebraska had spurts on both Saturday and Wednesday where they went cold from the floor. With 5 minutes remaining against Kansas, the Huskers went cold from the floor, committed a few bad fouls, and was unable to create a run that could put away good teams. Another issue I'm seeing is Nebraska simply isn't that great of a defensive team like they have been in years past. The last few seasons, Nebraska may not have been the best shooting team, but they could certainly play good defense that could keep them in any game they played. This is not the case this season. I was listening to a local radio show today saying that the time for wins for Doc is upon him. They were bring up concerns that if Doc has a bad season that he'd likely be on the hot seat because in almost five seasons Doc has been unable to take Nebraska to the upper elite of the Big 12. I think that we'll give Doc a few more seasons, and the only thing that would speed up a departure of Doc would be if we digress back from being a competitive team. Those were the things that put Barry Collier on the hot seat when he was at Nebraska. Either way I'm concerned about this team going on the road at Missouri and Colorado to try to get it back together and get on a winning streak in the conference. A lot has to improve for my hopes of this season to improve.

2. I'd love to dive into a quick topic about my thoughts on Lane Kiffin. Clearly his a douchebag and really showed his true colors when he simply bolted for USC after only being at Tennessee for 14 months. Look I understand if USC was your dream job, but clearly if your a Vols fan you should be happy that this guy is gone from your program. All he's done is stir the pot and try to get away with things he cant. At USC we don't hear about minor violations because the school is willing to look away to get the kid to their school. At Tennessee they simply just don't put up with that crap. Look he's a cheater, no questions asked...he would have ruined that program if he had stayed there....and now he's at USC where cheaters are opened with welcome arms. It'll be interesting if he can live up to their lofty expectations without running his mouth...Rick at UCLA can't wait to put him in his place next season...

3. Tim Griffin had a great blog about the top 10 players of the decade in the Big 12. Nebraska had two players on that list with Suh at #3 and Eric Crouch at #8. No question that Vince Young came in at #1 given his performance against USC that gave the Longhorns a national title. Adrian Peterson was #2...and likely so he's a beast in the NFL....Loved seeing Suh at #3. Its slowly starting for Suh the impact that he made at Nebraska, in the Big 12, and across the nation as a defensive lineman. It was interesting to see ole pretty baby McCoy at #10...hmmmm if was that great and special of a player...shouldn't he had been higher over Jason White and Eric Crouch...the answer is clearly stated....NO...he was a benefit of the system and the talent around him. When he was finally given a real hit...he folded like a lil baby.

Back on Thursday....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12, 2010

Its a busy time trying to intern everyday...but oh soo much to talk about today.


1. Husker Basketball: Eyes on KU
2. Pete Carroll bolts for the NFL
3. Around the Big 12: Wednesday Games

1. This begins a craziness for Husker Basketball fans....KU comes to town. For those of you who had the pleasure of being a die-hard crazy Red Zone fan like I was back in the day know all too well the preparation and motivation that just the fans put into this game. Theres no question that the atmosphere is a lil bit rowdier when KU comes to town. Kansas comes into Lincoln after getting upset by #15 Tennessee. The only thing Nebraska can take from that game is that Kansas isn't this unbeatable team that looked like it was untouchable early in the season. Doc Sadler can't be feeling to confident in his team after they fell apart late in the second half against Texas A&M. Nebraska did have its stingy defense in place but failed to stop A&M from driving to the basket and drawing fouls. I don't like that as Kansas brings one of the top point guards in the country in Sherron Collins. His ability to create his own shot and drive to the hole could spell trouble for the Huskers as generally home court advantage doesn't mean anything to the officials. Nebraska simply has to milk the clock and take high percentage shots that keep Kansas from opening up its transition game. BYU exposed Nebraska's young talent by getting out and running by Nebraska to build up a lead that the Huskers simply couldn't come back from. Nebraska must eliminate easy baskets for KU and attempt to match up with Cole Aldrich in the paint. Nebraska finally can match up in height with Christian Stanhardinger and Brian Diaz. Those guys must step up big and defend well or else it'll spell doom for Nebraska. I expect KU to win this game as I feel Nebraska simply is a little too young to hang in this game....I expect it to be close (as I'll be in attendance) but ultimately won't lead to a win.

2. Shocking news came out early on Sunday night in Pete Carroll deciding to take his coaching status somewhere else. He decided to take control of a team in the NFL again and en-light of the problems that USC faces in both football and basketball by the NCAA infractions committee. It appears Pete is bolting to save his job and his coaching reputation. Look there's no question about how he was able to take a .500 USC team to the brink of playing for the National title in just one season...he cheated. I think there's a lot more under the table the USC was willing to conceal and hide. As a private university, USC maintains it right to protect its documents and doesn't have to release them public. I think for their sake thats a better idea because clearly there are some major issues going on at that school that are being let on. I think that Pete Carroll created his own monster at USC that clearly he wasn't ready to tangle. He cheated his way into building a college football powerhouse where his famous star fan base became accustomed to winning every single game every year. Look Nebraska did it as well...in the early 90's they created a winning attitude that spread throughout the fan base that not winning national championships was unacceptable. Nebraska rationally fired its head coach in 2003 after going on a 6 year title dry spell. That firing has now lead to 6 more years of hard times. In 12 years Nebraska's fan base has become more noble to winning games....no longer are fans crying out for titles every season...USC is now going to start experiencing this sequence of events. Theres really no way it can stop.

Think about this...if USC was the #1 job in the entire country...why can't USC go into any program it wants and hire anyone. The fact is they can't and with their upcoming penalities likely coming...possibly vacating wins and a national title...and a fan base that has become clouded on what a successful season is every year...USC appears to be a snake-pit full of venomous snakes waiting to destroy its next coach. Whoever they hire likely gets fired in 3-5 season like Nebraska did if that coach can't produce a national title and birth's in the Rose Bowl...that'll leave USC hunting for another big name coach again in 5 seasons...where likely Pete Carroll may have worn out his welcome at Seattle and once again listening to offers about being the head coach at USC...again.

3. The Big 12 continues tomorrow with more conference games. It wasn't a bad start for me going 4-2 with Kansas and Tech being my only losses. Not many games tomorrow as OU and OSU tangled on Big Monday last night.

Baylor @ Colorado
Texas A&M @ Kansas State

Kansas @ Nebraska
Texas @ Iowa State
Missouri @ Texas Tech

Some decent games for the midweek...I feel Nebraska/KU might be the biggest game on the slate tomorrow....I'll be watching A&M and K-State tonight to see if A&M can continue its winning ways. Maybe I can go undefeated and boost my record up a bit after tomorrow.

The Picks: Baylor, K-State, KU, Texas, Misery

Saturdays Record: 4-2
Overall Record: 4-2

Coming back on Thursday as I'm going to the Husker Game tomorrow night....Till Then :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

January 08, 2010

This is officially the first blog of the new year. For my adoring fans I apologize for the lateness of the post...been organizing a few things for this post and tomorrow's.


1. National Championship Thoughts
2. SEC vs. Big 12: What it means?
3. Around the Big 12 (Basketball Style)

1. Well last night officially ended the 2009 College Football season. We saw Nick Saban and Alabama hoist the National Championship trophy after defeating Texas 37-21. Credit Texas for making this a game when Colt McCoy was knocked out early in the game. Their defense fought hard in the second half but couldn't do one thing that Bama's defense did....force turnovers. That's simply the key to how they won. The created short field opportunities for their offense to work from and credit their running game. It gouged Texas for 205 yards and four touchdowns. Defense wins championships and Alabama's was simply the better defense on the field last night.

Problems came up for Texas last night, where clearly this team put waaaay to much faith in thinking that Colt McCoy would stay healthy all season. When he went down, Gilbert was overwhelmed with the speed of the Crimson Tide's defense. Yes, I understand he's a freshman, but think about this....John Child's was Texas' backup for the past two seasons before switching to wide receiver this year. You can't tell me that he would of been a better choice to back up McCoy this season. I'm sure when it's all said and done Gilbert maybe a decent QB at Texas, but clearly he was very very under-developed for taking second string snaps all season. The problems for Texas was that their ooo so great offense was average at best all season and revolved around one guy Colt. That spells a dangerous combination if he ever got injured. Plus if he was so strong and durable, he should have been able to take that hit and bounce back from it...which he didn't do. It appears he is not as durable as Texas thought. Karma is a bitch, Texas had no business being in the title game and Alabama showed them why....I'll sleep better now knowing Texas fans and Colt McCoy are crying about what happened last night....

2. A now more pressing issue is starting to arise for the Big 12 now. This makes the sixth BCS title for the SEC conference and against the Big 12 the SEC is now 3-0. This past summer the Big 12 elected to continue its current tie breaker system that would snub the most deserving team for the title game for the conference's best team. That being Oklahoma last years best team, and Texas as the most deserving team. The problem of losing another BCS title game for the conference is that the supposedly two powerhouse teams in the Big 12 are now a combined 2-4 with Texas winning 2005 and Oklahoma winning in 2000. With the Big 12 losing another BCS title game the conference might consider accelerating it's plan to expand the conference and steal a quality SEC team to boost the strength of the league and bring home a BCS title to the conference. I think in order for the Big 12 to get out of the shadow of the SEC a team like Nebraska will have to win the title showing that the conference is about Oklahoma & Texas and the 10 other teams. Either way I feel that the Big 12 can ill afford to keep getting teams into the BCS title game and keep losing them before they consider formulating a new conference that both boosts the overall strength of the league and brings home BCS titles to glorify the conference.
Keep your eyes open for what happens next.

3. Well I begin another lovely year of College Basketball my focus turns to that now and we'll go around the Big 12 twice a week with games on Wednesday and Saturday. Here's this weekends opening slate of games.

Oklahoma @ Baylor
#2 Texas @ Colorado
Kansas State @ Missouri
Nebraska @ Texas A&M
Texas Tech @ Oklahoma State
#1 Kansas @ #15 Tennessee (Sunday)
North Dakota State @ Iowa State

Well its an interesting weekend to start out the big 12 conference season. Kansas State / Missouri seems like the biggest game this weekend and Oklahoma and Baylor also appears to be another interesting game this weekend as well. Since those teams will face each other twice in this season. And I do recall the last time Texas went out to Colorado they lost.

Nebraska kicks off its conference season at Texas A&M. They clearly have become a better shooting team this season and have shown they at times they have the talent to hang with quality teams. #1 Kansas visits Lincoln next Wednesday...that should say quite a bit. Nebraska has many questions to answer this weekend in College Station, about whether Nebraska will have the defense and the athleticism to compete weekly in the Big 12. More to come after I get a look at Nebraska this weekend.

The Picks: Baylor, Texas, K-State, A&M, Tech, Kansas, Iowa State

Back tomorrow with a special College Basketball edition...what we learned...Till then.

Skocz Out!!!