Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27, 2009

We start a new week with tons on the plate today...let's not waste anytime.

The Hot List:

1. Husker Baseball Recap
2. NFL Draft thoughts
3. Husker Draft Results

1. It was once again a very disappointing weekend for the Nebraska Baseball team. Nebraska won a surprising Game 1 against Kansas 11-4 on Friday, only to have Saturday's game postponed and moved to a doubleheader on Sunday. Nebraska fell 8-2, and 9-4 to Kansas. The Jayhawks notch their first series win over Nebraska since 1997. Nebraska hoped to get a solid start from Michael Nesseth on Sunday on to see him get outdueled by Kansas' T.J. Walz...a kid Nebraska passed on and now has emerged as one of the best young arms in the big 12. Nesseth only lasted a miserable 2 2/3 innings giving up 4 hits and 5 earned runs. Last season Walz wiffed 12 K's against Nebraska beating them in game 2 of their series. This year was no different as Nebraska wiffed 10 times against Walz. He's quickly making Mike Anderson look foolish for not giving him a shot at Nebraska. We'll just have to keep watching the former Omaha Skutt star embarass Nebraska for a couple more years. Nebraska now stand 4 games out of 8th place in the Big 12 with 6 games left to go. If you bought tickets for the tournament hoping Nebraska will make them in now....Nebraska faces Missouri and Baylor, both teams have more talent than Kansas and Kansas State. I expect them to get swept because putting any hope that they would win, just hurts even more when they lose.....It's been a ugly, ugly, ugly season and soon it'll all be over......very soon.

2. The NFL Draft concluded yesterday with some interesting shake ups with Sanchez going #5 to the Jets. Look its hard to grade out each team and how well they picked on Sunday because the majority of high profile kids we see go #1 and such take a few years to make a big impact in the NFL. I think there of course were some reaches as I felt Tampa Bay taking Josh Freeman was a major reach at #17. Look the kids is talented but he showed that he failed to live up to the college ranks by making poor choices and looking like somebody's high school JV QB. I'd love to see him prove me wrong, but I feel that he'll be one of the biggest bust's in the NFL. Look for Leftwich to start and be the guy in Tampa....pshh Josh Freeman ha, can't wait to see this catastrophe.

3. It wasn't a banner year for Nebraska getting drafted again. Nebraska saw Cody Glenn be the first Husker drafted by the Redskins in the 5th round. Only Murtha and Slauson were drafted yesterday. It was one of the lowest draftee's for Nebraska in years. I expect that all to change next season as Nebraska has Ndamukong Suh as a first rounder and potentially could be the #1 pick if he has a monster season which he definitely could have. Swift, Peterson, Lucky, and Potter all signed free agent deals and will report to mini camp and try to win spots on the 53 man roster. I hope that these guys get a legit chance to suceed, they are quality athletes, good players, and all around good guys that could be a great asset to any team that wants to give them a shot. Best of Luck to you guys, I'll be keeping track of how you do.

131 Days till Nebraska takes on Florida Atlantic to open the 2009 season....can't wait.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21, 2009

Well again lots to discuss, and I apologize for so few posts, when school winds up here in the next couple of weeks, we'll get back to a regular schedule of posts.

The Hot List:
1. Husker Baseball Preview/Recap
2. Eye on Cody Green
3. Greg Paulus Latest

Here we go.....

1. The dismal Husker Baseball team returns to action tonight against Creighton, that same team that beat them up 15-0 at home not just short of 2 weeks ago. Nebraska is bleeding now...badly....the Huskers were swept again last weekend by Texas A&M. That's three straight series in a row Nebraska has been swept. This team looks weak, unmotivated, disinterested, and downright putrid. I can attest to all those fans who have reaped the success of having a nice spring sport to get us by till the fall, but this season I just want it to end. I know it's going to be bad, probably ugly, so end it now. It's times like this I don't like the baseball schedule b/c when your down, teams just keep kicking you. Nebraska again can't pitch to save it's life. A&M dominated Husker pitching score 28 runs over the weekend. Nebraska now stands in its worst conference slump ever in school history. It was last swept 3 times in a row in 1997. Nebraska has lost 15 of 18 and takes on a Creighton team that has won 4 straight and six out of eight to be 1 game out of first place in the Mo Valley. I dont think Creighton is better than Nebraska, as I feel the Skers are a very talented team, but Creighton can put an entire game together right now. Nebraska can't...we could see 20 runs put up tonight as crappy pitcher Erik Bird takes the mound tonight. I can't wait till he's gone, he's a really bad pitcher....I'm already looking forward to next season when I can forget about how absimal Husker Baseball has been this year.

2. Eyes on Cody Green today as I read a very interesting article talking about how Cody Green has progressed this past spring. Look there's no question nowadays, if you want to be a starter in the Big 12 as a freshman, you come to school early. The upside for Green is huge as the experience he has gained is invaluable to the new kids coming in this June. Green made good strides with his command, presence, accuracy, and decision making that takes to run this offenese. Shawn Watson commented that Green has begun to take huge steps into being the starter next season and in the near future. Zac Lee has cemented himself as the starter, but I don't count Cody out about being a solid #2. I expect to see him in packaged plays as we saw Suh last season. I think the upside is, Nebraska is going to have some studs at QB for the next few years.

3. Greg Paulus loves to stir up the story pot. He's now talking with Shawn Watson and Nebraska, along with Syracuse, Michigan, and Duke. Michigan has now recanted its supposely "offer" to have him play QB for them. Nebraska poses the most intrigue because of our lack of depth since Witt decided to leave Nebraska. Robert Marve came away from Nebraska impressed with what we had to offer but I think ultimately in the long run he goes to South Florida. I don't think Paulus can help us at Nebraska in 1 season. We need to build depth at QB with guys that will be in our program for a few years. I think that he should just quick with this drama about wanting to be in the media headlight about playing football. He may have been pretty good in high school but I feel he'll be a bust in college. As the story continues...I'll be watching.

OH on a side note Sigma Chi's are DUMB...shouldn't haze your boys.

Lambda Chi rules.......

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15, 2009

Much to talk about today so lets not waste any time....


1. Husker Baseball Preview
2. Husker Football News
3. Headlines

1. Nebraska did something it hasn't done since March Last night Nebraska got a 3 for 5 performance, 4 RBI's, and a stolen base from senior Jeff Tezak as Nebraska struck early and pitched solid to get a well needed 8-5 victory over Iowa. It's nice to see that when we needed them, a senior stepped up, put the team on his back, and did what he had too to get a W. It's not that impressive considering that Iowa is now 11-21 but Nebraska did the little things right. It got out to a lead, held it, and closed the door. Erik Bird picked up his first victory of the season and ace pitcher Mike Nesseth came in to record his second save of the season. This W is big for this team as the past 3 weeks have become something that the team and everyone wants to forget. Nebraska now must take what little momentum that this W gives and head to College Station this weekend. Rob Childress team, that I had picked to win the Big 12, is #21 and struggling a bit. Two weeks ago Texas A&M lost a series to Texas Tech. They have been battered up a bit by some of the top teams in the country including Rice, ASU, and Cal Irivine. Nebraska will send its same line up of starters from last week to the mound (Yost, Roualdes, Hauptman). Last season the A&M Nebraska series was one full of memorable moments as the teams battled for 16 innings in the opener only to see A&M win but then to see Nebraska make back to back comebacks in a doubleheader and get the series win over the #4 Aggies. This time things are a bit different, and the last trip to A&M ended horribly for Nebraska as it was swept by Rob Childress' Aggies. I expect A&M to win this series but only 2-1. I wouldn't be surprised if this series comes down to just one play that bounces away from Nebraska. I hope that this W can bring some confidence into this team....a series upset could start a trend upwards for Nebraska that they need to keep their postseason hopes alive.

2. Husker Football news jumps out with two headlines...the first being Niles Paul DUI arrest and another about the impact of the walk-on program at Nebraska.
First: Niles Paul was arrested early Sunday Morning and was ticketed with DUI and MIP. Niles has been suspended now for the remainder of spring practice and will not participate in the spring game this Saturday. I find this heartbreaking because I felt that the WR position was one of huge importance for this team as it has the biggest questions to answer than the QB's. Niles is a tremondous athlete and not having him get the reps he needs to be comfortable becoming an everyday productive WR of the team is damaging to the offense. Sometimes I wonder what goes through some of these kids play for Nebraska....your and icon....your every move is watched and reported all the time....BEHAVE. I do agree with Bo's position to suspend him. I hope that Niles realizes the seriousiness of his actions and takes full responsibility for them. He'll have to work hard to get back on my good side now...that now leaves his starter spot open for someone else to come in and shine...Mendoza??? I shall be watching this with most interest now.
Second: I read a great article today about Matt May pushing for a starting LB job at Nebraska. This kid is a walk on from Chase County and has shown great natural ability to play and even start in the fall. Carl Pelini has been very impressed with his progress and his natural comfort he has at LB since switching from being a safety. This is what makes Nebraska...walk ons...sometimes we get too hyped up in the big name 4 and 5 star recruits that pass on Nebraska or come with all this hype and talent and fail to live up to expectations. It's the walk-ons I feel that are going to make a huge impact on how this team and program go to the next level. Look at this kid, May, a walk on, with confidence to push anyone to be better. He wants the job and fights like it's his everyday in practice. These guys have a passion for Nebraska that I think takes scholarship kids sometime to gain....they practice and play like everyday is their last. I'm impressed with Bo's walk-on program and I feel that more stories like this from the walk-ons will shine through in years to come.

3. Headlines:
Duke's Greg Paulus is making headlines consistently everyday now...he's playing football. The Duke basketball star spurned offers coming out of high school to play basketball at Duke. Now that he has completed his senior year of basketball he's looking at the idea of going back to football. He recently worked out at QB for the Green Bay Packers and has been approached by David Cutcliff to possibly play WR this fall. He also was seen at Michigan taking in practice and talking to Rich Rodriguez about possibly playing QB there. This story just gets wildier by the minute the more I read it, I think that the best thing for Paulus to do is just look into coaching basketball. It's really hard to step in and play QB at any major program...and he hasn't played in 4 years. I think that it would be hard for him to start anywhere as a QB and that's what he wants to play. I don't think he'll get drafted in the NFL draft, or play WR at Duke (who would, their football program has been terrible in years past). I think he'll start his way as a grad assistant for Duke in basketball and then work his way into the coaching ranks. He could be the next Jeff Capel in the making. I could see him as a head coach someday...his knowledge about basketball just can't hold him back from becoming one someday.

More to come later this week... Skocz OUT!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13, 2009

We start another week with some good and bad things to talk about...let's do it.

The Hot List:
1. Husker Baseball Recap
2. Spring Game Questions
3. Master's Recap

1. Theres no nice intro this time as Nebraska once again was swept at home...this time by #9 Texas. Texas came into this series with momentum and all they did was bury Nebraska's hearts as they pulled off their first sweep of Nebraska since the formation of the big 12. Nebraska now has an abysmal 9 game losing streak, which you'd think would be snapped this Tuesday against Iowa. Nebraska simply was out-matched, out-worked, and out-muscled by Texas over the weekend. It was hard to see Nebraska get down 11-0 after only just 2 innings of work in their second game of the series. I hope that this team can find a way to get some W's. Mike Anderson commented that after Saturday's game this team was beginning to lose their confidence....if this continues than we could be in the mist of the worst season on Nebraska Baseball in nearly 40 years. Hard to imagine that since Nebraska was just in the CWS in 2005.

2. The Spring Game begins this Saturday and the university expects to get about 80,000 people out for it. How many programs around the country can say that they can gross about a million dollars from a spring game? Nebraska sure can and they certainly will do that. Nebraska will use this game as a major recruiting tool to lure big time recruits to Nebraska. I'll have more coverage of the recruits thoughts of the spring game next week. Nebraska has a few questions about the spring game to answer: First, will Roy Helu actually play this Saturday? He's been battling a sore hamstring that the coaches are treating it with the utmost caution. I'd be surprised to see him play as I feel he'll still be the #1 back on the team heading into fall camp. Another questions is the emergence of Jacob Hickman...where will he actually end up playing? He's taken some big steps into becoming a more versatile lineman....Barney Cotton has commented that his presence at guard may be the best spot for him. I'll be interested to see just how the whole like plays this spring as Nebraska can't really do much in it's offense without solid OL play. All in all I'm excited to see how the team performs on Saturday and how the QB's look as clearly that has been the national attention race this spring. Till Saturday.

3. The Master's is over and Tiger Woods didn't win. He made a huge charge on Sunday going from -4 to -9 at one point and only being 2 shots off the lead. A poor drive off of 17 and 18 cost him a chance to earn two more birdies to finish at -11. Either way it was a positive sign to see the best golfer in the world compete pretty aggressively in his first major back from his knee surgery. I expect him to notch a major this year....British open??? He is the reason I watch Golf, I don't care, he's the best, and the most fun to watch. Till the next Major!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday, April 09

Once again live continues to throw loops at me and I've returned to get 2 more solid days of talk today. Let's not waste.

The Hot List:

1. Nebraska Baseball preview vs. Texas
2. Eye on Husker Recruiting: WR's
3. The Master's

Lets blow this UP!!!!

1. Nebraska gets underway tomorrow as weather has pushed this series into a very interesting double header against Texas with the games starting at 2:05 and 6:05 tomorrow night. For the first time all season I feel that Nebraska is facing a must win series situation. Nebraska has last 6 in a row and 8 out of their last 11 games. Getting beaten bloody 15-0 by Creighton on Tuesday didn't do much in the way of confidence for this team. Nebraska sends Sean Yost, Jordan Roualdes, and Casey Hauptman to the mound this time while Texas counters with an impressive 2.13 staff ERA. Which just so happens to lead the stacked Big 12. They'll send All American Chance Ruffin on the mound first, followed by Brandon Workman, and Cole Green. I'm very nervous for this series as Nebraska has had some nice history against Texas but with our recent play it looks like the JV squad from UNK could come in and put some work on us. The keys for this game will be, OF COURSE, pitching...its been ugly and embarassing to watch...I for one would hate to be in attendance for the second game tomorrow and get to see Nebraska worked. I expect Texas to win this series but only 2 games. I think the only arm on our staff that can turn it around is Jordan Roualdes. He didn't have his best stuff last weekend but he's shown to be the most consistent arm in the rotation. Things will get darker before they get's times like this I wished the season wasn't so long.

2. I continue my eye on Husker recruiting this week as I will cast my eye into the likes of WR's. Nebraska seeks to improve its WR core as it lost it's top two guys from a year ago. Nebraska is heavily looking at Marcus Lucas, a 6-5 195 stud from Liberty, MO. There's no question that Nebraska not only needs WR but big one's. Look at the success from top programs across the country and when Nebraska's offense was unstoppable when Zac Taylor was the commander...they all had Big WR's. I think that Nebraska has a great shot to land this kid, as he plans to make an appearance for the spring game. For Nebraska to steal kids like this from other top programs Nebraska has to get these kinds of kids in early and often. Getting recruits to see how crazy and spectacular the spring game is gives Nebraska a nice foot in the door. Another kid I'm keeping my eye on is Robert Woods, a 6-1, 180 speedster from Gardena, CA. Nebraska needs to boost its speed and find a solid guy that can be a mismatch type of WR against LB's. We'll see how this one shakes out as it's uncertain where Nebraska stands at this time, BUT I'm optimistic that Nebraska can make a strong push for this kid, as Nebraska clearly has shown it can recruit anywhere it wants to in CA.

3. The best golf tournament gets underway today as the Master's kicks off once again. You'll find that this is really the only time I watch or follow golf all year as I hope Tiger Woods can win yet another green jacket. He's off to a nice 70 on day one but finds himself 5 shots off the lead with many people shooting under 70 today. I think that when it all shakes out Tiger should be on top but I dont expect him to win it this year as this is his first major from his knee surgery. If Tiger makes a run at the title tune in Saturday....that's always been the day where he's pushed the tempo and really hit to win. Either way if you do or don't like golf, just watch really is the best golf tournament we have today.

More Tomorrow....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 07, 2009

A thousand apologies to those who have read my blog religiously and notice that there was not new info for a week. I promise to get about 3 days on the record this week with returning to the regular schedule next week of 5 days.

The Hot List:

1. Nebraska vs. Creighton Baseball Preview
2. Nebraska Basketball
3. The Final Four

1. Nebraska returns home today start it's annual 3 game series against Creighton. Nebraska is trying to re-write the Nebraska was embarrassingly swept at home against Kansas State last weekend. Creighton enters tonight's game winning 11 of its past 15 games where Nebraska has lost 5 in a row and 8 out of their last 10 games. Nebraska sends freshman Kask Kalkowski to make his first career start for the Huskers. I expect this to be dogfight and I'll be the first to go on record and say that Nebraska will lose tonight. Look there's no question I dislike Creighton and everything they stand for....but look at how Nebraska has pitched in its last 10 games.....its been UGLY. Nebraska simply is walking to many guys, and not throwing good strikes to get batters out, and getting shelled at the plate by everyone they've played. I don't expect a team who gave up 29 runs to K-State to magically figure it out in 2 days and pull out a W tonight. It's disappointing because I love Husker Baseball but we all have to start coming to a realization about this's gonna be ugly and a long long long one for the team. Nebraska right now is LAST in the big 12 standings at 4-8. I've seen runs happens, lets hope this team can do it, or Nebraska will be out of the Big 12 tournament for the first time since 1998. And if you don't make the big 12 tournament that ends your season with NO regional.

2. News steps out today about Husker Basketball as Cookie Miller and Alonzo Edwards are leaving the program at the end of the semester. Miller has stated that he is have family problems and will be moving back home to be close to them. Edwards sites playing time as a factor for his transfer. I don't think we'll miss Edwards that much, you wanna leave...peace. I get real tired of hearing about players leaving b/c of lack of playing time....(Patrick Witt)....look you came to Nebraska to compete...if you can't do that than dont let the door hit you on the way out. Cookie leaving is more impactable to this team as Nebraska loses it best point guard and on the ball defender. I'll miss him, he was a scrappy kid that played with no fear because of his size. It'll leave Doc in a big hole to mold a new point for next season, and no I dont believe in Sek being the answer at point (he simply turns the ball over too much & takes bad shots). On a nicer note Doc did secure two Florida basketball recruits to come to the program. These guys look big and are LOADED with talent. Now with Edwards and Cookie leaving Doc can go out and get some more recruits to fills his new holes. I trust he'll find the right guys.

3. North Carolina cuts down the nets last night as this year's 2009 National Champion. Did you pick em??? I didn't, I had UConn winning it all and was very disappointed when they were out worked by Michigan State. I honestly didn't watch last night's game, because I knew that NC had just too much speed, talent, and will power and they made State look like a JV team in front of its "home" Detriot crowd. Being up by 21 at what-a-game...I spent my time watching Opening Day of Major League Baseball. It disappoints me that we couldn't get a better matchup for a more memorable game (KU-Memphis last year). If you look back in the past 15 years only a handful of championship games have gone down to the wire. Either way I dislike NC for winning the title, I hate Roy Williams and I can't wait when he gets a nice dose of reality when all his talent is playing in the big paid league next season. Either was a heck of a college basketball season and a fun NCAA tournament, and UNC can kiss the white part of my backside.

This week we'll have eye on husker recruiting (WR's), headlines, Nebraska vs. Texas baseball preview, and spring practice report....Till tomorrow.