Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 11, 2010

In the midst of sitting in my hotel room packing up from what I feel was gonna be the best road trip of my life...I'm reminded about one very obivious thing from last nights game...

This conference will screw over anyway that it can to prevent us from winning a conference title. Last night Nebraska wasn't outplayed...they were taken out of the game by the officials. The Big 12 conference for years has had awful crews, may we remind the Husker Faithful about the Big 12 Title game last year??? Again that becomes a touchy subject with all Husker Fans. Last night probably was the worse officiating I've ever seen. You can't say that the 12th man was the difference last night unless you slipped him some 100 dollars bills into that stripped ass of the officials. It was absolutely a few of the worse calls I've ever knew that it was against you when our P.I. call was wiped away forcing us to have to kick a field goal instead of getting the game winning touchdown.

It just comes to show that no matter what we do from here on out, us as fans will no doubt be thinking about the officials and whether they wanna screw us over to give a title to a team that will be staying their conference. As I walked out of the stadium last night I was humbled that the fan base here in College Station really handled the big win for their program with very classy respect. I was impressed. They have some rich history here and I thank them for that. It made taking the loss that much easier.

I think getting on Taylor isn't worth getting into. Clearly in the most hostile crowd of his career you can't send a gimpy T-Mart out there and expect magic. Clearly our offense lives and dies with his bum ankle. We'd like to see the flashy speed he had earlier in the season...but the reality is we won't. That ankle clearly needs lots of time to heal. He won't be healed up again till next season. We just have to create an offensive game plan that allows us to score points without putting more risk to his health...lofty request....but a must....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21, 2010

The week is fastly getting away from us today. I've returned and will really try to get another blog in on Thursday or Friday of this week..


1. T-Magic is creating Husker Fever....(reflection on the Washington Game)

2. Big 12 Rankings

3. Tid-Bits from this past Saturday

1. As sticking to the usual schedule on the first post of the week we start with T-Magic. For those who still don't know that the team nickname for Taylor Martinez. His magical feet have begun to stir up Husker Fever. Taylor and the Cornhuskers DOMINATED the Huskies last Saturday making a statement win by producing three 100 yard rushers in a game. This is the first time since 2003 when Nebraska played Baylor that we've that kind of accomplishment. The most impressive aspect to take away from the game is how strong our offensive line looked as the game progressed. They simply punched the Husky D right in the mouth thus allowing us to run the ball down their throats time and time again. T-Magic didn't do anything but impressed and he took the opening handoff of the second half and bolted down the sideline for an 80 yard score. He also threw his first TD pass to Mike McNeill in the first quarter after the blackshirts forced a turnover from Jake Locker. It's a game that Locker would like to forget going 4-20 for only 71 yards, 1 TD, and 2 INT's. One of which was housed for a TD that essentially put the game away. It was impressive how quickly Nebraska put that loud crowd of Husky fans silenced after jumping out to a quick 14-0 lead. This win is a HUGE step in the right direction, on Saturday not only were the Husker Nation watching but Nebraska was in the National Media spotlight...their impressive win certainly has people talking that Nebraska might be the best team in the top 10 not getting mentioned in the National title talk. I know there still is a lot of season still left to go, but try to remember the last time the Huskers were getting this much love....yea its been that long....Nebraska can only get better from this point....

The troubling issue I take away from the game was Cody Green. He came into the game in the 2nd quarter, coughed the ball up and gave 7 points to the Huskies. Later towards the end of the game he looked sloppy again nearly losing the ball again on a QB read play. Its concerning because should T-Magic fall to an injury...Cody Green must be ready to take the reins of this offense and produce points which right now looks like that could be a real challenge. So to this point the fate of our season could rest on the healthiness of T-Magic...if he goes better be prepared to put all those lofty expectations of this season to bed...but till then no question he's too exciting to watch on the field...wonder if he'll house another 40+ yard TD run this weekend???

2. We go back to the Big 12 Rankings for this week:

1. Nebraska (3-0) vs. South Dakota State

Nebraska showed its overall team dominace on both sides of the ball last Saturday. Continue to show improvement and it National Title hopes aren't far off of the seasons expectation.

2. Texas (3-0) vs. UCLA

The Longhorns got redemtion beating Tech on the road, but Gilbert didn't look good in the win. Texas is relying too much on its Defense to win games. With Oklahoma and Nebraska looming the offense better get it into high gear and fast.

3. Oklahoma (3-0) @ Cincinnati

The Sooner just can't get jacked up for the little guys on their schedule....the scary thing is those little guys could of beaten the Sooners...twice. Time to see Landry Jones on the road but Cincinnati isn't a great team to measure how good this team really is at this point of the season...Texas looms next weekend.

4. Kansas State (3-0) (1-0) vs. Central Florida

Daniel Thomas is the heart and soul of the Wildcat offense...if he goes down...there goes their season. Defensive improvements are needed if this team wants to compete for the North Division title.

5. Oklahoma State (3-0)

The Cowboys high power offense gets a week off to look at the school record 171 points put up in 3 games this season. Wonder if they can do that against the likes of Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska....this team still has major defensive questions it must answer before Big 12 play.

6. Texas Tech (2-1) (0-1)

No magic in Lubbock last Saturday and Texas' defense wore the Red Raiders offense into the ground. Lessons can be learned from this game. Better QB play is a must if this team wants to compete with the Big Dogs of the South.

7. Texas A&M (3-0)

The Aggies cupcakes are done now come OSU next Thursday and Arkansas after that. We'll know how good the Aggies are then...but if your an Aggie fan you have to be worried about how four Johnson INT's almost gave Florida International a huge win @ Kyle Field.

8. Missouri (3-0) vs. Miami of Ohio

Bad News is you had to get a miracle TD late just to beat San Diego State....oh and you lost your best Defensive Lineman for the next 6-8 weeks. Good News is your still unbeaten but barely...wonder how this team will play on defense without their defensive leader...

9. Baylor (2-1) @ Rice

The Bears had a chance to make a statement but they fell flat on their face. It shows this offense is not ready to compete with the big boys just yet. Bad news when you play in the Big 12 South.

10. Kansas (1-2) vs. New Mexico State

Will the real Kansas team please show up...I repeat...will the real Kansas team please show up...Who knows which team will show up on the field at home this week.

11. Colorado (2-1)

The Buffaloes notched a nice win over Hawaii at home last week but that still doesn't hide the beating they got from Cal the previous week. Georgia and Missouri come calling in the next two weeks...better grow up quick or a losing season is imminent.

12. Iowa State (1-2) (0-1) vs. Northern Iowa

The Cyclones have gotten beaten down in back to back weeks. Only a few games on the conference schedule you need to win and last week was one of them. Keep losing and 0-8 is looking like a possibility.

3. Thoughts from Saturday.......

-Urban Meyer is gutsy but knows just when to drive the stake into the heart of their opponents...the fake punt set up a TD that put them ahead by two scores....wonder if he'll be that gutsy against Alabama in two weeks.

-Iowa's title hopes are gone following a 34-27 loss to Arizona on Saturday, but when you play poorly in the special team deserve to lose...Kirk Frenze is losing more hair after his defense gave up the game winning drive after they came back to tie it up...Championship teams don't do that...

-Mark Antonio is one risky guy going for the fake field goal to beat Norte Dame on Saturday....Wonder if he was having pre-heart attack jitters knowing he needed this win to save his job?

-Ohio State and Alabama are really'll take a lot for teams to upset them this season

-OU better learn to stop the run...and fast because these little school teams gashing them for over 300 yards of total offense have given Stoops nightmares this season.

-Arizona State will be seeing that blocked PAT in their dreams for the rest of the many times have I said how important special teams are to winning games....well you saw it here. The Badgers almost lost with theirs but won the game later with it.

-Heartbreaker for Clemson who outplayed Auburn but a missed field goal in overtime ended any hopes of a win. Wonder how crazy Dabo Sweeny will be about making sure his team doesn't get another illegal procedure penalty again (can't fake snap the ball). That was the win Dabo needed to keep the Tiger faithful on his side...oops.

-Oregon State barely squeaked by Louisville on Saturday...wonder if they knew College Gameday was going to be in Boise next week and how important that game is on the National Title guess YES....

Back later this week...Enjoy friends...SKOCZ OUT!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13, 2010

Well after a wild week of getting things laid down with the first week of school I've mapped out blogging days. We'll try to get three days on the books each week. Mondays, Tuesdays, and possibly Thursdays.


1. Post Game Idaho Reaction
2. Reflection of Monster Saturday
3. Big 12 Rankings

1. We begin with a reaction and reflection into the 38-17 win over Idaho on Saturday. I think the most impressive thing to take away from the game was the play of the defense. They harassed Idaho's QB forcing him to throw 5 interceptions...two of which were housed for touchdowns by Dejon Gomes and Rickey Thenarse. That's a HUGE boost for this defense that after last week's game against Western Kentucky looked soft against the run. LaVonte David and Eric Martin could be the real deal at LB this season. Both looked well, allowing only 60 yards on the ground compared to over 150 last week. Clearly this coaching staff can gameplan for a team when they get a chance to see what they do on offense the week prior. Everything wasn't all peachy keen last weekend, the offense might of progressed a step back this past weekend. They turn-overed the ball four times, two of which should of resulted in scores. That's something that you simply cannot do in a game. There will come a time when you will have to finish drives late in games to put teams certainly don't want to be giving the ball to the other team on those opportunities. Overall I thought Taylor Martinez did take another small step forward into being the type of QB we all think he can be. He'll need to develop his passing threat though. When you play upper elite teams you have to be able to pass against those defenses to set up your running game. Right now I sense were a bit to run happy with Taylor's feet. When he drops back to pass, sometimes he doesn't wait at long before taking off...he'll need to develop patience to let his WR get open so big plays can be made in the passing game alongside his impressive running plays he continues to keep making.

Another pressing concern is penalties. We looked sloppy on Saturday being flagged 10 times for over 100 yards. That's six points you left on the field in penalties. I know Bo expressed his displeasure for how the team performed after halftime when we were ahead 31-3. You gotta find a way to shore up your sloppy mistakes and keep the fuel going. I expect we could be in a fourth quarter showdown this Saturday at Washington. When you haven't played mentally for four quarters yet this season, its hard to just do it when you need to. I don't doubt that Bo and his staff will have these guys better be...Jake Locker is no joke at QB this week.

2. After what we called MONSTER SATURDAY...I decide to weigh in on the major matchups from the weekend.

-No question the most impressive performance was in two games...Michigan and Oklahoma...scary to think what Denard Robinson will do in his next game. He just continues to put up XBox like numbers each they continue to keep winning that hot seat that Rich Rodriguez was sitting on keeps cooling...I still think he needs to win against the upper teams in the Big 10 to keep his job...but Robinson is still the talk of the first two weeks of the season...

-Oklahoma woke up on Saturday and decided to slaughter Florida State. Whether the Seminoles decided to overlook the Sooners, didn't diminsh Landry Jones going 30-40 for 380 yards and 4 TD's. Very disappointed that being ranked 17th, Florida State did have a chance to show it can compete with the best...the opposite happen...they took a major step back into mediocre while the Sooners helped convince all their preseaon pickers that they are very much in the National Title hunt.

-Boise State was a major loser this weekend, with Virginia Tech absolutely laying an egg and getting worked by James Madison. Another FCS school getting a win on the road last weekend. The Hokies looked awful on Saturday. People might blame it on the weather, but when you chose to not show up on likely will get beat. If you're a VT fan you have to be absolutely embarrassed...the panic button is being pressed yet, but if you don't make an honest effort to compete for the ACC title...what could of been this season could turn out to be one that Hokie fans may want to forget....this all but cements the Bronco's out of the BCS title picture...if that's your best win all good is that if VT never makes it back into the top 25???

-Miami showed that they have the speed to compete with the best teams in the country...they just need a smarter QB. Jacory Harris threw 4 INT's against Ohio State and sealed the Hurricanes fate on the road in Columbus. Give credit to Terrelle Pryor, he didn't have to be a superstar on Saturday....just produce points when his defense gave him short fields to work with...that's what he did....the Buckeye's better get that Special Teams corrected and fast....hate to lose out on a National title chance when a team returns a punt for a touchdown that loses the game for you....I've seen those things happen....Special teams TD change momentum and games

-Florida is in trouble...when your tied with South Florida at half 7-7....not good for that offense. I wonder if the Gators would win games if their defense didn't force as many turnovers as they have...Clearly they didn't mold the future of this offense when they had Tim can tell they miss his running ability....hmmmmmm wonder why Brantley keeps playing when this offense is more suited with a running QB....The Gators are barely keeping their head above the SEC East bury them when they have a chance (i.e. South Carolina).

-Texas didn't look that impressive on Saturday either...the Cowboys helped Texas out by not tackling well and trying to get out of their offensive rhythm at the end of the first half. That lead to two quick TD's. Wonder how this offense will look against OU in two weeks...better start panicking b/c I see a whooopin coming

-Theres one team in the Pac-1o ain't Stanford...its Oregon...the Ducks put on an offensive show in the second half against Tennessee. They are good...scary good...with LaMichael James back at Tailback now....this team really can only hurt itself on offense...schedule gets easier with Portland State next Saturday...all eyes are likely on Stanford game on October 2nd.

-Kansas might of saved Turner Gill...for now...getting an upset win over Georgia Tech is huge especially if the Yellow Jackets compete for a BCS bowl bid...but if you go winless in the Big 12 this big is that win you got last'll be a thing of the past if that happens...enjoy it while it last

3. I've waited a few weeks to do my Big 12 rankings...wanted to let a few teams play a few games first...

1. Oklahoma (2-0) vs. Air Force
The Sooners took a major step forward towards their national title hopes demolishing Florida State. Keep that high momentum going and this team will be very tough to stop. Impressive to see Landry Jones rebound from a bad game against Utah State to picking Florida State apart the next week. Concerns with Clay's injury concern their RB depth right now.

2. Nebraska (2-0) @ Washington
The defense showed it can make major strides in just one week to being the elite unit that Pelini raved about during the off season. Passing game is a must for this Offense to truly be difficult for any opposing Big 12 defense to stop. Taylor Martinez's speed gives those defenses fits already.

3. Texas (2-0) @ Texas Tech
Garrett Gilbert has been ok...not spectacular like his potential is. His first Big 12 Road Game could be scary for Longhorn fans due to the unimpressive running game that this team still doesn't have. Youth can only take you so far in this league....losses are coming Longhorns...

4. Texas A&M (2-0) vs. Florida International
Jerrod Johnson has made sure this offense has clicked early this season. Von Miller's bum ankle better get rested quit before playing OSU on September 30th. Wonder how many games the Aggies must win to keep the hot seat cool for Mike Sherman?

5. Missouri (2-0) vs. San Diego State
Blaine Gabbert keeps putting up great numbers each kidding anyone can against McNeese State. No big test this week...but Miami of Ohio could be next weekend...the Tigers need another offensive running back to develop since they lost Derrick Washington for the season.

6. Kansas State (2-0) vs. Iowa State
Daniel Thomas continues to run over any defense each week. UCLA doesn't look like a great win since they got shutout by Stanford over the weekend. The emergence of Coffman as a passing threat give the Wildcats some new offensive excitement.

7. Texas Tech (2-0) vs. Texas
Blowing out New Mexico really isn't the best tune up with Texas coming to town this weekend. Tommy Tubberville has a chance to make a name for himself...better get that Raider Magic going. Defense has played solid but will be tested in its pass defense this weekend.

8. Baylor (2-0) @ TCU
Bear fans love seeing Griffin back...healthy...and now throwing for TD's. The evolution of their passing game could give the bears a scary offense to contend with in the Big 12. Both units will be tested with TCU...could be a sign to come for how the Bears think they'll fare against A&M, Texas, Oklahoma, and OSU this season.

9. Oklahoma State (2-0) vs. Tulsa
Going down to the wire with Troy is cause for concern. The offense must shore up its sloppy play with the Aggies on the slate in two weeks on a Thursday night. Defense has shown its youth side...lots to shore up before Big 12 play...Cowboys should be concerned on both sides of the ball at this point of the young season.

10. Iowa State (1-1) @ Kansas State
The Cyclones got gashed by Iowa's running back duo. Not a great sign as you ask that defense to stop the conference's best running back in Daniel Thomas this week. The troubling side was how this offense sputtered playing a well talented defense. Not a great sign for the Cyclones with Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska still on the schedule.

11. Kansas (1-1) @ Southern Mississippi
Getting an upset win over Georgia Tech might of cooled off the disgruntled Jayhawk fans wanting a new coach after last week's loss to North Dakota State. True test to see how this team plays on the road this week. With 8 homes games this year...winning games on the road is a must for the Jayhawks to right the ship after last year's dismal season in the Big 12.

12. Colorado (1-1) vs. Hawaii
Getting whooped by Cal has Buff fans scared of what life will be like in the Pac-10. Think it will be easier...hmmmm guess again...Pathetic to see a fifth year coach take a team and look completely out matched....could be a long long season for Hawkins again....wonder if the AD will clearly the budget to get rid of him this year?

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Septmeber 5, 2010

Post gameday reflection today....gotta a lot to say...


1. Post-Game Reflection: Western Kentucky
2. Around the Big 12: Thoughts

1. Well we can put it in the books now...we've started the season. Nebraska looked good last the first half on both sides of the ball. Clearly the story that will sweep through the state in the next week will be the continuing competition at Quarterback and the play of Freshman (rising sensation) Taylor Martinez. For those fans who didn't think that he could start as a true freshman...look again...Taylor became Nebraska's first freshman to EVER start a season opener. Its the changing times in College Football, teams across the landscape are throwing out rules if it gives them a chance to win...and win now. Taylor arguably gives Nebraska a serious threat at QB simply because of his running ability. He's fast, shifty, and showed in the open field he's got the vision to get into the endzone. Alum Husker Fans probably were excited to see some of the glory days of QB play where they would consistently rush for 2-3 touchdowns every game. I also came away very impressed with his ability to look off over anxious safeties and hit underneath WR's in the passing game. It's an area that I feel Taylor will continue to work on in the coming weeks. I also was impressed with Cody Green as well. You can tell an area of his game that he's really worked on is staying composed in the pocket and getting better touches on his passes. His TD pass to Niles Paul was very impressive.

When you break down the reps of the QB's, one thing stands out: Zac Lee entering the game with only 6 mins left. I dunno if this was meant to be a message, but it clearly radiates out to the state...our senior QB is buried on the depth chart right now. He hasn't done what the coaches demand consistently to warrant more playing time. You have to remember this...this offense is evolving where our QB running ability will become a pivotal part of our offensive philosophy. Zac may have the most knowledge of the play book, but his lack of running for first downs last season and his par speed have placed him where he is now. It'll be an interesting story line for the week...we could all be singing a different tune if Cody Green gets the bulk of the playing time next week against Idaho. I don't foresee that to happen, as I think we'll begin to see the coaches mold Taylor into the manageable QB that can just win games without turning over the ball....would of been nice to see him play against Texas last year if he continues to look like the real deal. We haven't had one of those in a long long time.

I thought the defense played well in the first half but did get gashed a little bit in the second half. Bo wasn't to pleased with his defense especially when they gave up 219 of Western Kentucky 299 in the second half. This will have to be addressed because if you give up that many points in the second half against higher quality teams, you could find yourself on the losing end of most of those games. No matter how you slice it up, its a start...its by no means where we wanna be at the end of the season....we have room to grow and improve to be a dominate team.

2. Around the Big 12:

Many teams were in action last night. If your fans of Texas and Oklahoma you might be a tad concerned. OU's defense got gashed by Utah State and needed a late INT to seal their win, while Texas was unable to put away Rice in early parts of the game...I think the most impressive team was Oklahoma State. The dismantled Washington State 65-17. Their offense clicked for over 500 yards of total offense and their newly remodeled defense game the Cougars fits. Its not that impressive if they can't do that against the big dogs but its a good start. Robert Griffin looked back to form giving the Bears a nice 34-3 win. Iowa State, K-State, Colorado, Missouri, Texas A&M all get W's on opening weekend.

The most shocking game was Kansas. Turner Gill's first game in a coach in a BCS school will be memorable. The Bison of North Dakota State shocked the Jayhawks with a 6-3 win in Lawrence. Kansas amassed 293 yards of total offense but three costly turnovers sealed their fate. For a team with a lot of questions, that question bag got a whole lot heavier after yesterday's game. If Turner can't get things back on could be a long long season for Kansas Fans this year.....I'm still in awe about it today....

Back later this week....Enjoy the Labor Day weekend....

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 31, 2010

Well I'm is getting crazy busy so at 5:30 p.m. at night I've returned to pump out a nice big blog...

1. Harvey Perlman...A new Hero?
2. Big 10 set to announce?
3. Big 12 Preview: Missouri
4. Big 12 Preview: Iowa State

1. A great article and I mean GREAT article on the details that surrounded Tom Osborne and Harvey Perlman about the days leading up to Nebraska joining the Big 10. It went into great detail about the days leading up to the Big 12 meetings. Essentially you saw both of these guys meeting with Jim Delaney and selling to him on Nebraska joining the Big 10. Yes I'll agree that there really wasn't much into getting the presidents to buy into getting Nebraska into the Big 10. But you do have to realize that when the Big 10 began looking into expansion, Nebraska was nowhere close on their radar. Ultimately I think we as fans are happy with the move, I'm stoked...but when you read into the nitty gritty details about what went into getting Nebraska into the conference, I was amazed at the endless work that both Tom and Harvey continue to put in to make sure that Nebraska was not left out in the ever growing expansion talk. Like before when I stated praise for what Harvey and Tom did in getting Nebraska into a conference that we all know is going to last for a long long time...this article further showed exactly what it takes to run a program at Nebraska and an academic institute like Nebraska. There was a time I moaned and complained about tuition rising on campus every year I was in school. When in reality our leaders did have the best interest of our fans, students, and faculty at heart. This move all but assures Tom and Harvey into lifetime contracts at the school, as they singled handedly ushered in a new era for the University of Nebraska.

2. It appears almost likely that the big 10 will be poised to announce its divisions on the Big 10 network as early as tomorrow night...This news breaks directly from Sports Nightly as I'm listening in. It's hard to say if it's true...guess we'll be tuning into the Big 10 preview show tomorrow night to see...I'm DVR-ing it..

3. Our preview of the Big 12 continues with two more teams today...Missouri is up.
Blaine Gabbert returns as Misery's starting QB. He was impressive as a true starting Sophomore last season passing for over 3500 yards and 24 touchdowns with only 9 picks. The Tigers are silly for not keeping a redshirt on him as likely as a Junior he'll be bolting for the NFL after this season. The biggest concern on offense is the loss of Derrick Washington. The starting RB was charged this week with sexual assault and has been indefinitely suspended pending the outcome of his trail. Likely opening the door for younger guys to get a crack but with losing Danario Alexander at WR after last season. Nine (now eight) starters return on that offense which are leading to big big expectations this season. On defense the loss of dirty player Sean Weatherspoon leaves Missouri searching for a defensive leader. The entire secondary returns but they were miserable in pass defense last season ranking 104th nationally.
OUTLOOK: The Tigers have created a team slogan for this season..."Get Money"...its ridiculous...what in the world does that even mean...the Tigers have always had bad blood with Nebraska but that has been magnified with Nebraska going to the Big 10 and NOT Missouri. The Tigers open with Illinois, McNeese State, San Diego State, and Miami of Ohio...all's one of the weakest nonconference schedule in the Big 12. Missouri has home games against Colorado, Oklahoma, K-State, and Kansas in Arrowhead with road games at Nebraska, Texas A&M, Tech, and Iowa State. In the conference I see wins over Iowa State, Colorado, and Texas Tech. With losses to Nebraska, Oklahoma, A&M, K-State, and Kansas. I see 7-5 this season on a year where Missouri thinks they'll be going to the Big 12 championship game...better hope you're not playing Navy in a bowl game again at the end of this season...

4. Iowa State is one of the most interesting teams in the conference this season. Paul Rhoads worked magic last season beating Nebraska with 8 turnovers to get a bowl bid and a bowl win. The Cyclones return one of the most prolific offenses in the Big 12 with Austin Arnaud and Alexander Robinson at Running Back. The duo could put up huge offensive numbers this season. The major issue comes with the defense which returns only 4 starters. Replacing all three linebackers is a huge concern to getting better to stop the run. Only David Sims with notable talent returns at Strong Safety. Iowa State must learn to stop teams or no matter how much they score they'll likely lose every game.
OUTLOOK: The Cyclones have the toughest schedule in all of College Football this season. Paul Rhoads talked about how much more improved this team could be this season but likely will end up with a worse record this season. Nonconference opponents Northern Illinois, Iowa, Utah, and Northern Iowa don't make things easy. I see 1-3 to those opponents (only win against Northern Iowa) but they could lose all four. Home games against Nebraska, Texas Tech, Kansas, and Missouri are brutal with road games at Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, and K-State in Arrowhead. I see the Cyclones winning only 1 game in the Big 12. Colorado....which would drive a knife into Dan Hawkins side. Final record: 2-10. It's a dismal year for the Cyclones...because I expect many blowouts this year.

Back Tomorrow...enjoy....

Friday, August 27, 2010

August 27, 2010

As promised I've returned for another lovely we won't delay...


1. Big 10 Divisions...its heating up
2. Big 12 Conference Preview: Baylor
3. Big 12 Conference Preview: Oklahoma State

1. The Big 10 is heating up with lots and lots of division talk. Reports have surfaced recently about Ohio State and Michigan being in separate divisions along with likely Iowa and Wisconsin are looking like being in different divisions too. What's becoming the major issue is where Iowa has rivalries with Minnesota and Wisconsin. They have voiced their opinions about staying in the same divisions to keep its long traditions with those two schools. You're beginning to see that teams with trophies are getting snippy about keeping their games with those schools going. The hot button topic has been what to do with Michigan and Ohio State...split them up...or keep them in the same division. I think you split them up because no matter how you look at it the Big 10 wants its 4 major programs to be playing each other as much as possible. I think you split it up where Nebraska plays Michigan and Penn State each year in a protected rival game. Penn State and Nebraska could be a great rival because they absolutely hate us for stealing the national title away from them in 1994. That also ensures that Nebraska will be playing Iowa and likely Minnesota each year as well. The lone school out is Wisconsin...they badly wanted to create a trophy game with Nebraska and likely won't get a chance to, as Wisconsin and Iowa have been tabbed as the next two teams in the tier just below the big four. No matter how you slice the teams in the new Big 10...Nebraska arguably will have a tougher schedule to go with in 2011...thus pushing the urgency to make some serious noise in the final year of the Big 12.

2. Our Big 12 preview continues today with the Baylor Bears. Expectations were through the roof last season after what Robert Griffin did at QB. I bought into the hype...I picked them to win 7 games last season. All that came crashing to an end when Griffin was lost for the season due to an ACL tear. He's back and states he's fully recovered.....but Dennis Dixon can certainly attest to what the impact of this kind of injury is to the psyche. He is the key to any success that this team could have. The return of Jay Finley at running back along with Kendall Wright gives Baylor weapons outside of Griffin. I think the key for them this season is simple...spread the ball around...Last season it became obvious that the team relied waaaay to much on Griffin's feet. Thus you saw what happened...he got hurt and their bowl hopes when crashing down. The defense returns playmakers at DT with Phil Taylor and Tracy Roberston. LB Antonio Johnson, CB Chance Casey and FS Tim Atchison give some mobile players behind their defensive line. The key with this unit is can they actually stop someone. You can't beat the big boys in your division unless you can stop them from scoring points. I don't think they can do that on a consistent basis but they will be competitive and shouldn't be taken lightly...just as Missouri from last year...

OUTLOOK: Baylor opens with one tough game in the nonconference with TCU on September 18th. They should be 3-1 after beating Sam Houston State, Rice, and Buffalo...Opening up with Kansas at home is win this year...the Jayhawks have a lot to deal with this season...Texas Tech exposes Griffin and uses that defense to contain him but playmakers help him win...5-1...At you're going bowling this year...then comes the meat of the schedule with K-State, at Texas, at OSU, and Texas A&M and OU at home to close it out...the beat K-State to get to 7-1 but four straight losses to end the season puts them at 7-5 and bowling this season....I thought I called it last year...don't make me look like a fool again Baylor...

3. Oklahoma State is an intriguing team this year...riding the high of being preseason in the top 15 with Zac Robinson a stud QB...he's is Dez Bryant who sat out all of last season due to lying to the NCAA..real smart guy...The biggest disappointments came with Kendall Hunter who was banged up all season and didn't perform like a first team All-Big 12 performer. Losing Russell Okung to the draft hurts on the OL as well. Brandon Weeder steps into the spotlight in a new offensive system ran by the same coordinator who let Case Keenum light up OSU last season. Weeder is older (26), more mature, and ready to lead OSU to a bowl win...getting trounced by Mississippi State has left a bitter taste in the Pokes mouth. WR Hubert Anyiam returns but must get the confidence to make the big time catch. At times last season he had a chance to make the play and dropped the ball. Now he's the leader...needing to perform like a leader. Defensive returns talent but second year defensive coordinator Bill Young still feels like this unit can make big plays but isn't ready to fully say they will every Saturday. Ugo Chinasa(DE), Chris Donalson(DT) and Jamie Blatnick(DE) help anchor an experience DL. SS Markell Martin has express wanting to make bigger plays from his position in 2010. He'll need to do it...the best teams in the Big 12 have a SS that can come up and knock running back on their back anytime they want....lofty expectations to fill there bud..

OUTLOOK: OSU opens with three straight wins against Wash St, Troy, and Tulsa. Getting A&M early on Sept. 30th is a trap game and I feel the Aggies are just too talented to be beaten...expect a lot of points scored in that game. Win against Louisiana puts them at 4-1 before playing Texas Tech. I'm not sold on Tubberville's system but this is one I feel they get at home...again...against the pokes...Nebraska the following week leaves a bitter taste as they lose again and again the next week to K-State....they get back to winning against Baylor but lose to Texas and beat Kansas to end the record 7-5 and likely a bowl game. That will keep the angers of pokes fans quite...for now but Mike Gundy might have to get them back to winning 8+ games a season if he is to keep his job in the next 4 years.

Not planning to blog over the weekend but we'll see...I'll return week starts on MONDAY!!!! GO SKERS!!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

August 26, 2010

Hello hello hello...I've returned...for those of you who have been anxious in following myself...sorry for such the delay...I now live in Scottsbluff so the move and getting set up with the new job was a challenge but I'm ready to rock and roll. Much to dive into today...


1. Bo Pelini's Job Security...will he ever leave???
2. Thoughts on Fall Camp
3. Big 12 Conference Preview: Kansas State
4. Big 12 Conference Preview: Texas

1. We begin with a very interesting article that jumped out at me from the Omaha World Herald. The article stated information about how Bo feels heading into his third season at Nebraska. Did you know that after this year, if Bo stays this will be the longest tenure job he's ever had in his coaching career. Interesting to think about when you look at the remarkable success that he has had a Nebraska in just 2 short years. The article also dove into topics about maybe his interest in leaving Nebraska for LSU or Ohio State. As we know Ohio State is his alma mater, and with Jim Tressel's increasing age...people in Buckeye land are beginning to think that his time is drawing to an end in 4-6 years. LSU brings the place where Bo was on top of the world winning a national title as the Tiger's defensive coordinator before coming to Lincoln. Bo simply stated that he doesn't see Nebraska as a stepping stone to something else. "Once we become great, why would you want to leave?" Couldn't agree more. Nebraska has everything that a top national program has. It's hard for me to sit here and say that we have a coach that will stay for the remainder of his career, but at 42 and given the current landscape of college football you can never say that things are for certain. Places like Texas and Oklahoma are reaping the benefits of keeping their staffs mainly intact. Gary Pinkel got a nice wakeup call of what happens when your coordinators are raided from your program. I think that as long as Bo has the drive to win a national title he'll continue to stay here. After he makes it to the top of College Football...will he stay??? I think so, he has young kids and his wife is well connected in the community. They loved living in Lincoln back in 2003 and I can honestly say that they would stay in Lincoln as long as Bo has a job. Ohio State would be out because you don't see coaches switching teams in the same conference. LSU is interesting because I see Les Miles going to Michigan after this season. If we are successful this season, I think teams come knocking...but Bo remains committed to the Husker family and stays...

2. Fall camp has been interesting to watch and follow. Obviously the heated race with all eyes watching has been the QB's. Bo stated yesterday that really nobody would know the starter till he walks out on the field on September 4th. You can tell he's getting testy answering the same questions every day. I'm not as concerned with the injuries that the team has endured this year due to the great depth that Bo and his staff have developed. Sean Fisher might be the biggest blow, I felt like he was poised to make a huge impact and have a breakout season. But last season, the defense was in a lot of 4-2-5 looks due the vast spread offenses in the Big 12. I assume that Eric Hagg will get a considerable amount of playing time this season. Guys like Eric Martin and Lavonte David are pressed into the mold of getting a shot. You have to rise up and take those chances because they don't come around often. It's been nice hearing praise about Quincy on the WR front. Nebraska desperately must get another legit playmaker at WR outside of Nile Paul. I feel given this kid's size and speed he'll have a chance to make an impact this year. He must block downfield well and, of course, catch the ball....I'm not sold on Kinnie yet till I see more production out of him...More tomorrow.

3. As we did last season we'll break down each team in the Big 12 (last time). I want to get it all done before opening kickoff so we'll hit a two-fer each night. First is the K-State wildcats......
Offense: Much was expected out of this team last year with the legend Bill Synder returning last season....Who would of thought they would be 6-6 with the roster that Ron Prince put together. What hurts this season is the loss of their top 3 WR's including Brandon Banks...a small speedy kid that was a nightmare matchup for teams in the special team game. Also losing to TE gives Carson Coffman or whoever starts at QB virtually no experienced playmakers to throw to. K-State no doubt will rely heavily on Daniel Thomas who led the conference in rushing with 1,245 yards and 11 touchdowns a year ago. He returns with an offensive line with four returning starters. Running the ball will be the key for the Wildcats to win it and they have a shot...don't and it spells a long long day with likely a poor passing game.
Defense: Defensively K-State improved last season overall and return Freshman All-American Brandon Harold. He needs to stay out of academic and injury trouble first to be a major impact on this team. The Wildcats bring experience in Safeties Tsysn Hartman and Emmanuel Lamur. The defense is scrappy and hinges on LB play for overall success. In a league that spreads the ball and run draws, LB play is key for great defenses. K-State must answer this defensive concern to right the ship this season and get to a bowl game.
Schedule: It's hard to think that this team can get to a bowl game but it's possible without two D-IAA opponents that they had on their schedule last year. Non-conference games with UCLA, Missouri State, Central Florida, and North Texas is ok but not stellar...Big 12 home games have Nebraska, Texas, OSU, with Iowa State in Kansas City...tough road games at Colorado, Missouri, Baylor, and Kansas.
Outcome: I think that K-State loses its opener against UCLA. The Bruins have too much talents and K-State has way to many question in the passing game to win out of the gate....They get wins over Missouri State, ISU, and Central Florida to get to 3-1 but lose badly at home against Nebraska, that starts a tailspin causing them to lose their next 2 in a row to Baylor, Kansas. They get a W against OSU but get pummeled by Texas at home the next weekend...Losses to Missouri and Colorado followed by a pump up win against North Texas gives them an overall record of 5-7 this season and no bowl game for the kitty cats this season.

4. Our Big 12 preview continues with that hated team in burnt orange. Every Husker fan has October 16ht on their calendars circled in red. Texas must replace stars in Colt McCoy, Jordan Shipley, Earl Thomas, Sergio Kindle, and Roddrick Muckelroy from last season. Mack Brown has been able to replenish his talent with his high recruiting classes. This season they lean on Garret Gilbert...a highly touted sophomore who got exposed in the national title game last season. He's good...and could be really good if the offense develops a running game this season. That has been the Achilles heel for Texas is lack of run production in games. That has allowed defenses to sit on them and blitz heavily in obvious passing downs. Texas might have the most experience in their secondary with Aaron Williams, Chykie Brown, and Curtis Brown all returning but replacing Earl Thomas is a huge task this season for Texas.
Schedule: Its never easy for Texas when you have to play Oklahoma every season but opening against Rice and Wyoming give them two easy wins to get things started right before traveling to Texas Tech. Its an early test on September 18th that will show if the Longhorns are legit top 5 team or vastly overhyped. Home games also include: UCLA, Iowa State, Baylor, OSU, A&M, and Florida Atlantic. Road test are: at Nebraska, Tech, K-State, Rice, and OU in Dallas.
Outlook: Texas gets started off right winning against Rice and Wyoming...too much talent for those teams to get the upset....Texas Tech is the interesting game but I don't see a first year Tubberville team having it all together to nip the horns at home that night. UCLA the next week is a win giving the Horns a nice 4-0 start. Going into the Red River Rivalry I don't see them extending their winning streak and the Sooners thump them...good. Two weeks to prepare for Nebraska doesn't work for Gilbert who gets eaten alive in truly his first major Big 12 Road game...Iowa State, Baylor, K-State...all wins...and winning out with OSU and Florida Atlantic....Thanksgiving day brings the hated Aggies to town but I feel the Aggies could be a real legit talent and beat the Horns giving them a 9-3 regular season...a bowl game is in reach but for the first time in years the Longhorns won't be in the BCS or even in the hunt...likely Holiday or Alamo bowl in store this season...likely disappointing to a team preseason ranked in the top 5 and smelling a national title run...

Back tomorrow with Big 12 Preview of OSU and practice talk...and more....catch ya tomorrow readers...SKOCZ OUT!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The Blog is on hold for a well needed vacation. I'll return to begin my conference preview on July 19th...

Till then readers

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15, 2010

Well just too much to talk about with whats gone on in the media...


The Big 12 Conference Remains....but for how long???

Well if your living in a hole the past few days, Texas announced yesterday that they would affirm themselves to the Big 12 conference to keep it going. They were offered an invitation from the Pac-10 conference which the Commissioner confirmed that Texas had turned it down. Clearly with Texas staying put in the Big 12, Oklahoma, OSU, Texas Tech, and A&M all announced yesterday that they too would stay in the conference. A desperate Dan Beebe outlined a new television plan that is suppose to pay Texas 20 to 25 million dollars a year and allow Texas to start up its on TV network that they wouldn't have been able to do in the Pac-10. If you look at the winners and losers of this deal...clearly Texas wins by getting more money and their own network. Beebe talked about each team receiving more TV money but there is no deal currently in place for this league. Interesting how teams in the Big 12 are now to make more money without Nebraska and Colorado...

Heres what I think, Dan Beebe simply put some cloth on a burning fire...yes it will stop the fire at first but with the intense heat that the politics of this league has its only a matter of time before the fire burns again and is outta control to the point it can't be handled. I think it'll come down to simple xxx's and ooo's with dollars. If this new TV deal that Dan Beebe claims doesn't produce the money he's promising, teams like Oklahoma, Texas, and A&M could be publicly back on the market looking for a new home to keep their mouths and wallets happy. I think its also very dangerous that you are giving more power to Texas. Yes, they are staying in the league and getting more money and their own network, but clearly the conference officially runs through Texas...which is scary. Texas has become the richy brat child you have to keep making happy or else they'll ruin everything that you want to happen in the staying together....

Its also scary that this league really has no real direction at all... Dan Beebe just jumped through hoops like a puppy to make the big boy happy...when you do that...historically it ends badly for you...

I still think that this league will fall at some point but not at the hands of Texas but at the hands of those smaller schools still in this league...Teams like Missouri and A&M could get sick of Texas' crap and decide to jump ship and leave thus bringing us back full circle to where we were just a few days ago. I can guarantee that the SEC and the Pac-10 would still be waiting with open arms if these schools decided to bolt away from Texas. If you look closely Texas will slowly kill this league from the inside out thus creating an even larger rift in the Texas and non-Texas line that exists in College Athletics.

Really funny to see that Nebraska leaving officially ends a Big 12 title game in Dallas that was penciled to remain there for the next five years...thats a subtle way of us sticking it to Texas and the Big 12 South...After the Big 12 was staying together under these new parameters...Nebraska is still sitting high and should still be very excited to be joining the Big 10 next season...Good Riddens....I won't miss it...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12, 2010

In the aftermath of what I expected would happen yesterday...I feel like there needs to be a few words said about the historic events that transpired yesterday.


1. Nebraska officially in the Big 10: Feelings and future conference divisions

1. This post is strictly dedicated to Nebraska's Harvey Perlman and Athletic Director Tom Osborne steering Nebraska into the Big 10 conference. Yesterday HUGE pieces of information came out about the process of how Nebraska came to get into the Big 10 Conference. It was really interesting to hear that at the Big 12 meetings last week, Nebraska was called out by the commissioner and by the other members of the conference to stay in the league....What was very concerning was the way the other members of the conference responded when Nebraska fired out questions about them staying in the league if Colorado and Missouri left the league...all of the members were unable to definitively state that they would remain in the league if that happened. What was especially interesting was when Harvey Perlman asked each member if they would sign over their media rights to keep the conference together...only Texas stated that they would not concede their media rights. Ask me this question again if Nebraska really was the culprit for breaking up the Big 12 when clearly its most powerful member refused to do what it needed to keep the league together even after its President publicly stated would do whatever was needed to keep the Big 12 together...clearly as you can read between the lines, Texas is operating on a whole different agenda than what they are telling the country.

After the meetings concluded I applaud the work of our Chancellor and our Athletic Director after they realized that there was no long term stability in a league that simply can't get all of its teams on board. When they were given the ultimatum to commit to the conference till 2016 or else...Nebraska looked at them with a look of disgust for the events that they have endured in 14 years of being a member of this league. I also don't see what the special interest in the Pac-10 really is...yes they do wanna expand to get a conference championship game going likely in the Rose Bowl for the first year to generate some more revenue for the league...but what is the point of going to 16 teams? Clearly money is driving this decision to be that big of a conference, so you can generate you own network and reap the rewards of the money it brings in. Texas does hold the key for what the Pac-10 future expansion could be...get them in and they'll likely take OSU, OU, and Tech with them. What should also be considered in this whole idea is the thoughts of their true-real rival in Texas A&M. The Aggies have expressed the notion of joining the SEC conference and really have no plans to become a member of the Pac-10. Remember that lawmakers in the State of Texas absolutely simply would not let the two most powerful schools leave for different conferences. Texas will have a meeting of its Board of Regents on Tuesday this week, with the state government requesting Texas' presence at a special joint meeting on Wednesday. I can almost guarantee that the meeting will likely tell Texas that you can't leave without Texas A&M. The Aggies would love to irk their rival in anyway that they can by staying in the Big 12. That should be interesting to see.

Back To The SKERS:
If you look at the benefits of the Big is vast and great for both the academics and athletics for Nebraska. Nebraska stands to add 150 to 200 million dollars in research money along with added TV revenue from the Big 10 network. Now all Nebraska athletic events can be seen on the Big 10 network...connecting all Husker Fans from all over the country. If you look at the culture, the climate, and the fact that Nebraska now feels like its in a conference that will allow it to have an equal voice on high priority matters...its a perfect fit. As I've said to many people both personally and publicly on the radio...I'm excited to be greeting fans of the Big 10 next season not just in Football but in all sports. Nebraska now has stability it needs to grow for the next 100 years that simply put by our Chancellor "the Big 12 can not do that for us." We will not be held liable for the Big 12 falling apart...that will be on the hands of Texas...they know it...and now one else will ever convince me not...Nebraska deserves this and will succeed for the future with this epic and historic conference switch.

I propose divisions set up like this:
East: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Penn State
West: Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Indiana, Purdue, Northwestern

Pretty fair and balance with each school keeping some of its major rivalries like Michigan-Ohio State, Indiana-Purdue, Northwestern-Michigan State, Wisconsin-Minnesota, Nebraska-Iowa, Penn State-Illinois

Most are huge...some are mediocre...we shall see what the Big 10 does...very exciting and awesome to finally have all this talk of where we are going to go behind us.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 08, 2010

In the midst of what has transpired in the last 48 hours I feel the need to step outta the shadows and attempt to get back to spreading the hot word across the college landscape.


1. Ultimatum: Is this the end of the Big 12?

If you haven't heard, after the Big 12 meeting concluded last week...Dan Beebe issued an ultimatum at the University of Nebraska and Missouri to declare they are staying with the Big 12 for good or else. Or else? Or else? What are you talking about? Think about this one...what can the Big 12 do to Nebraska and Missouri if they fail to tell the Big 12 that they will remain with the conference?? The answer is that they can't do anything about it. If you read deeper into the situation you get the feeling that its the major player schools in the Big 12 that are doing all the complaining. I feel that Texas and A&M are becoming the nagging children that sometimes you have the patience to put up with but most of the time you don't want anything to do with them...Of course leave it to Texas to use it power ploy it has in the conference to spread rumors that they would leave the Big 12 for the Pac-10 if Nebraska decides not to stay. If you look at how the meetings of the Big 12 were conducted, you got the distinct feeling that Texas was not happy that Nebraska was seriously being courted by the Big 10. I feel that if they were located differently that they would likely be the ones vying for the coveted invitation from the Big 10 and thus sending the Big 12 to its doom.

The national perception that is being thrown out there that if Nebraska bolts for the Big 10 that it would create a tidal wave affect that would greatly change the landscape of college football. Clearly there is a national thirst for pinning a college as the scapegoat for the conference realignment. I think that Nebraska being labeled as the scapegoat is completely ludicrous. Clearly Nebraska is one of probably 5 schools that the Big 10 would love to get its hands on. Should Nebraska go if an official offer was given??? ABSOLUTELY!!!

Clearly Nebraska gets into a more prestigious academic conference and thus can fund the new research project campus that the University is clearly going to begin to build in the State Park land area. Also, you have a chance to net $22 million dollars a year in TV revenue and likely that number will be higher than what was split out this year. Clearly our fan base brings a national audience that will attract the Big 10 networks subscriptions that they are highly wanting their new member to generate if they accept an invitation. I think that Nebraska is stuck in a league right now that clearly has its power in Texas. Nebraska shouldn't be happy that the Big 12 meetings declared Dallas the site of the Championship game for the next 5 years. Nebraska can go to the Big 10, compete for conference championships immediately, generate a new recruiting base, and formulate new traditions and rivalries for its athletic programs.

Either way as the days change...I feel more and more that Nebraska will be a member of the Big 10 by the 2011 season.

Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

Well in the midst of hottest topic this summer, the Big 10 made a big move today....


1. Expansion Talk: What will Nebraska Do?

1. The Big 10 announced today that it has made preliminary offers to Rutgers, Missouri, Nebraska, and Norte Dame. What it means is that the Big 10 wants to stir up the excitement by saying that they want 1 or all 4 of these teams to join the conference by 2011. This will clearly become a hot topic starting now until the season starts in August. I think out of the four teams Norte Dame is like the first team out. They have publically stated their displeasure for wanting to join a real conference. They have a rich tradition on being an independent, and they want to keep it that way. For years I've stated they have no place in the BCS because they don't play in a real conference...heres your chance boys...step up.

Rutgers makes some sense due to their New York Market. You have to remember that in all these will talk and will play a MAJOR factor for all of these schools. Rutgers won't necessarily bring a passionate fan base to the Big 10 but it will bring subscribers to the Big 10 network and in reality thats what they want. I think given the size of Rutgers they'd be crazy to not accept...they are a small school in a dying conference. They'll already one of the 3 is in.

Missouri is in a particular situation as I think it desperately wants to create another rival for its fan base outside of Nebraska and Kansas every year. Playing Illinois every year could bring a fresh new outlook rival for the school. Missouri would love to get it hands on that 12.1 million a year revenue sharing that most Big 10 schools would get. Think of the major improvements to its athletic facilities it could look at with more annual money. Certainly they don't get it from their fan support. Also think of the likelihood of the success of their Basketball team in the Big 10. Finish in the top 8 in the Big 10 and you make the tournament every questions since its always been known as a basketball league.

Nebraska really is the cornerstone for what could be the biggest conference shake up that we'll likely ever see. The Big 12 looks at Nebraska as a gem for their conference as they are a North powerhouse to competing for conference titles. If the Huskers bolt it'll cause a collapse of the Big 12 conference which is surprising considering everyone's belief about Texas owning the conference. I think that if Nebraska would go...whats keeping Colorado from going to the assures Missouri leaves giving the Big 12 no legit north schools outside of Iowa State who might consider the MAC where they could have legit success if they joined. Nebraska also looks at the Big 10 as a place where they can legitimately compete for conference titles and rekindle a TRUE rival in Iowa. OOOOO Think of the bad blood that could brew with those two schools: Kirk vs. Bo...I'd be hooked as would most of the midwest in those two states. The money also talks which Nebraska does generate a considerable budget but extra money from TV sales from the Big 10 network (which Husker Fans would sign up for by the thousands to see the Huskers) could prove to be a major motivator for the Huskers.

It'll be interesting to see what transpires from today's news. I think in the long run the Big 10 should really add 1 team to make 12 so it can get the benefits of a title game. Thats really all that they want in the long run and getting 12 teams allows them to do that w/out any scheduling problems. Think of the nightmare it would be to schedule with 14 teams in a league where you have to play 6 games fixed every do you get a fair rotation to the other 7 teams in your league? I think that you'll see 12 or 16 teams...14 would make things difficult to do with the other teams probably wanting a fair trade in rotations for revenue.

Should be an interesting hot debating summer....

Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26th, 2010

Well I'm back...there are a bit of interesting topics to discuss today.


1. Creighton Basketball: Whats next, and does this change the Rivalry?
2. Husker Baseball
3. NFL Draft Recap

1. Ok so I know what your thinking...what the F are we leading off with C-Bag basketball. Well kinda wanted to talk about the impact that this will have against Nebraska now. Ok, because clearly we have to address this because when it comes to basketball in this state, everyone forgets their red and opts to go to a facility where they can drink beer. Clearly over the past few seasons, Dana Altman began to feel the unwelcome-ness that Omaha was beginning to show him. He was a product of his own success and failure...he built a program that was looked at as the gold standard in the MO Valley, but slowly the reins on his program that saw his run of NCAA berths end. Mediocre was becoming the new attitude in Omaha, so he did what he had to do, opt for a new start in a new program at a major conference. A few years ago he would of been one of the hottest mid-major coaches on the market, but sadly you saw how I think Oregon "settled" for him when they realized how unpopular their program really was.

Now C-Bag Basketball opens with Greg McDermott. A guy with Valley ties from Northern Iowa and someone I thought of with a little bit for fear when her first joined the Big 12. Clearly he could recruit NBA caliber players to Ames, a place that has a nice basketball facility and success in the past...and he was really unable to put Iowa State on the map and make it into the NCAA tournament. I think that they are taking a major risk with him. He likely will have to have immediate success in his first 2 seasons or the noose will be tightening around his next quickly for not being an "Omaha" guy. I think if your McDermontt he makes out the best in this, because he saves himself from being fired at Iowa State. It'll be interested to see what he can do in Omaha now...likely C-Bag fans will put their lofty expectations on him...but Doc Sadler had success against him when he had talent. I don't think C-Bag fans would likely not be too happy with him if he lost to Doc every year. I think Doc has the upper hand in the rivalry now...but after going 2-14 in the Big 12 last year...I'm not calling any preseason victory this year.

2. What has begun to be a bigger problem for Mike Anderson. I likely think that after losing ANOTHER Big 12 series 1-2. Nebraska sits dead last in the league...again. Nebraska got a nice outing on Sunday from Tom Lemke, but were unable to silence Shawn Tollenson who mastered Nebraska for 7.1 innings on Sunday. What's concerning about Sunday's lost was that it was Baylor's FIRST series win this season. Nebraska clearly can't beat the teams in the bottom half of the league. With series at home against A&M and Texas Tech and a road series with Missouri, Nebraska ABSOLUTELY has to sweep each of their remaining series to climb out of the gutter. I think the hot seat is starting to turn up...very very disappointed about the teams performance last weekend. It's very frustrating to see them lose Friday's game, win on Saturday, and can't close out a series win. Well last season Nebraska had one series win...that was against Baylor...hmmmmm wonder who Nebraska thinks they can beat in their final 3 weekend series.

3. Well the NFL Draft comes and goes and only 3 Nebraska players were selected. Obviously Suh was the premier player going #2 with the Lions. I don't grade out teams like Mel Kiper and Co. do on ESPN. I did think that my team (the Chiefs) did do a good job addressing some of their needs....Berry is a stud but I would of went with Okung at #5 but hopefully it'll work out. Freaking just need to win more games next season...period. Best of luck to those guys that were drafted and to those that signed free agent deals....I look forward to seeing SUH dominate...just probably not next year....

Back later this week......Skocz Out

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday, April 20th

I've returned for what seems like ages since I last blogged. I promise starting today were gonna get back to twice a week. Lots to dive into today...I never disappoint.


1. NFL DRAFT: Where should the top 5 go?
2. Spring Football: Final Thoughts for 2010
3. Mike he on the hot seat?

1) Well I can say its about damn time to get the NFL draft over with. For the past 4 months all we've seen in numerous breakdowns of the likely top 5 players. Suh, McCoy, Colt, Bradford, Jimmy Clausen, Eric Berry and Russel Okung are likely to project as the first 7 or 8 picks of the NFL Draft. Who's really the best? Every year we really have to ask that question seriously and put our own team love aside for the players. Do you think that Stafford was really deserving of the #1 pick last season? Being the #1 pick is nice, it has its perks, teams will be generating 30 million dollar contracts for you to sign, but if you look at the track record of skill position players in the top 5 (that being QB's, RB's, and WR's) how many of teams have actually gotten the value of the money that they have put into these players. Look at how Jamarcus Russel from Oakland has struggled as a #1 pick, along with Alex Smith in 2005, David Carr in 2002, Michael Vick in 2001, and Tim Couch in 1999. Only Eli and Peyton Manning have won a superbowls in the last 12 years as being the #1 pick in the NFL draft. Remember any of these other players: Courtney Brown, Mario Williams, Carson Palmer, and Jake Long. All were #1 picks and only a handful have made the pro bowl and NONE have won a superbowl. If you look at the track record of coming into the league as the #1 pick...history has shown that it doesn't go well for you for a successful long term NFL career. Lets break down the Top five picks or who I think will be the top 5 on Thursday.
#1 St. Louis Rams select SAM BRADFORD-QB-OKLAHOMA
-The word on the street is that the Rams today dealt Adam Carriker to clear out some payroll for what the Rams hope will be the long term answer for them at QB. We've seen this time and time again...I personally don't think Sam will amount to much at the Pro level...his durability is a huge issue and I think that he doesn't posses a great arm that will translate well at the next level.

#2 Detroit Lions select NDAMUKONG SUH-DT-NEBRASKA
-The Lions would be elated to have a guy of this caliber fall to them at #2. Just like a few years ago when Calvin Johnson was on the board at the #2 pick, they pulled the trigger to draft clear amazing talent. I no doubt believe that Suh is a lock to be successful at the next year. He will need to learn to get better leverage against the pro lineman's who will be able to stand him up off the line, but I do expect Suh to learn the skill set to be really really successful at the next level...I mean just check out this video:

#3 Tampa Bay Bucs select ERIC BERRY-DB-TENNESSEE
-Tampa Bay likely will look long and hard at Gerald McCoy from Oklahoma, but I think they'll opt for a stable DB in their secondary with the likes of Barber getting older and likely to retire in the next few seasons. Remember this team did have Tim Crowder, Ryan Sims, Chris Hoyan, and Stylez White play last year....yes clearly there is no flashy names in this group, and it really could go either way with the two, but have Talib on your DB group with Barber makes it inticing for them to seriously look at question that after last season in 2008 he was on the top of everyones boards but opted to stay in school for another season.

#4 Washington Redskins select GERALD MCCOY-DT-OKLAHOMA
-After the Bucs pass on McCoy it'll become a legit no brainer for them to take McCoy. He easily provides some depth and will get a nice counterpart to play along side in Albert Hanesworth. Having a high caliber player like this likely ensures that he'll stay in Washington for a few more seasons. Just the thing the Redskins need after acquiring Carriker, I think they would have the makings of a very talented front four.

#5 Kansas City Chiefs select RUSSEL OKUNG-OT-OKLAHOMA STATE
-The Chiefs likely will have some interesting options at #5 if things play out in this scenario. I think they'll opt for a sure thing like another lineman to help on what was a miserable year for them across the O line. The Chiefs need stable young bodies that they can build for long term successful run blockers. Couldn't tell you how many times I watched the QB get sacked due to a bad OL. They need the talent and Okung I think is the gem lineman that would be an absolute steal if he landed at #5.

2) After being in attendance for the 2010 Spring Game I have some final thoughts before we all get the FEVER for the 2010 season. I think it was clear that we saw that Taylor Martinez has some legit speed. He clearly showed on Saturday that he wasn't afraid to pull the ball down and run it. He's shifty, elusive, and flat out quick down the line. I was troubled watching him throw. I think that his delivery needs some work to go along with reading coverage and finding the open man. He did complete some throws but not many down field into openings in coverage. He's likely at this point of his career to pull the ball down and run than to throw. Cody Green looked ok from the standpoint of using his arm. I think clearly that is a facet of the game that he's really worked hard at and it showed on Saturday as he boomed a few deep balls down to Niles Paul. The troubling note was how slow his foot speed was in the pocket. I thought he'd would be a bit more polished in being able to be elusive out of the pocket to create plays. In a live game situation that maybe different, but when Shawn Watson stated that it would be an open fall QB competition, none of the QB's really shined yesterday. Defense looked challenged but having split up the two teams hurt in building some team unity on that side of the ball. I think that gets ironed out during summer drills and fall camp. Really didn't see much from Mike McNeil but I do think that his switch to WR will continue in the fall. For those of you who thought that Zac Lee wasn't going to be the starter, I think after the spring game he's still clearly the #1 guy heading into fall camp.

3. Well I think its official that Nebraska is having some major Husker Woes in Baseball. Nebraska lost another Big 12 conference series last weekend. The Huskers have dropped 11 of their last 12 series dating back to last season. Clearly I think we as fans are getting frustrated with the inconsistent of play of its team. This frustration has now spewed into wanting a change at the helm at the end of this season. An article in the OWH came out this week about Tom's opinion on the baseball program. Reading the article I got the sense that Tom was impressed with the amount of young talent on this team. He stated that he can relate to when he had young teams that really weren't consistent for him every weekend. From the article I got the very very distinct impression that regardless of what happens this season, Mike Anderson will likely keep his job after this year. Yes I know that some fans really don't want to hear that, but I stand by my assumption that Mike would have to have 3 bad years before losing his job. Clearly his gotten 2 bad seasons. He'd likely have to get off the snide next year in 2011 with a successful season or end up getting the pink slip if this team struggles like they have for the past 2 seasons.

Promise I'm coming back on Thursday.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday, March 30

Well I'm back and ready to rock out another healthy set of topics lets dive in.


1. Husker Women's Basketball: What does this season mean?
2. Impact of Losing Mike Nesseth
3. Thoughts on Spring Practice

1. Well what is kinda old news now about the Husker Women being ousted by Kentucky on Sunday night. Nebraska failed to make it to the elite 8. After their loss, what does this season mean for the program, and is this season a success or failure? I think that you have to look at a few things about this season. One, Nebraska simply did the unthinkable this season by becoming the first team in the Big 12/Big 8 era to go undefeated and captured their first regular season Big 12 title. The schools only title. There's no question that this was a magical season for the women but sadly ended quickly with 2 poor losses. When we look back at this season, who's to say that this may have been Nebraska's best team to NOT make the Final Four. I look at this season with mixed emotions. Clearly it was Nebraska's best season winning 30 games and capturing a title but disappointing that Nebraska only made the sweet 16. Lets look at another interesting topic of this season, what if Nebraska takes a major step backwards next season. Nebraska clearly lived and breathed from the play of their best player, Kelsey Griffin. Her play carried Nebraska in games where the rest of the team struggled to get the ball in the net. Who does Nebraska look to for that kind of play next season...the answer is that right now they don't have anyone close to that caliber of a player and really need to develop someone into that role. That kind of player takes 2-3 years to develop in the women's game unless you get some studs to ride like UConn has. Either way Nebraska absolutely needs to make a major step forward next season, or they will be regarded as a one year wonder who didn't make the Final Four.

2. BREAKING news today came out before Nebraska's game against North Dakota as Mike Nesseth was scratched from his start and underwent an MRI today to reveal tendon damage in his pitching elbow. This likely will need major surgery to correct and it was announced that he wouldn't be pitching again in the 2010 season. The impact of this is MAJOR for this team. Look Mike had been struggling to find his groove this season and most would say that he won't be missed because guys have stepped up and filled his role already. But Nebraska has lost too many close games against teams where they failed to get outs in the final innings for wins. Mike was arguably the teams best pitcher, and without him its a different makeup in the clubhouse now. He'll likely be called on to provide insight to the young arms on the team as the season progresses. I think this is major because this likely to be a problem later in the season where Nebraska is facing a must win game and has nobody it can rely on to close out its games. I feel that this loss is major, but you tip your hat to the kid for saying its ok to hang it up for this season, you know it wasn't an easy decision...We can only hope Mike returns to his dominate form for 2011.

3. Husker Football practice is in full swing and Bo Pelini is pushing his troops hard in the past few days with the team being in full pads. Bo has a few positions where he must find ways to keep teammates happy that being Safety and QB. I say QB because think of what Kody Spano, Taylor Martinez, Ron Kellogg III, and Latravis Washington feel if they get buried on the depth chart when Byron Gaines and Jamal Turner join the team. Someone out of this group needs to step out of the shadows and make a name for themselves or contemplate changing positions to see the field. I think Latravis and Taylor are the likely candidates to consider a position change at some point with Washington likely needing to make a serious decision since he's entering his senior year. Look it happens in every program, great talented guys get to college and can't quite mesh with the culture of their programs and leave school having really never getting any decent playing time. Let's face it when it comes down to it, players are remembered for what they did on the field and not what they did sitting on the bench "hoping" for their shot. Washington appears to fall in a line or what I believe was talented players that never got a chance to play at Nebraska.

Coming Back on Thursday to preview the Final Four, Husker Baseball, and Spring Practice...Till Then...Enjoy

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 26, 2010

SPRING PRACTICE is upon us now...we'll dive into some indepth hot topics from spring practice and what we should all be keeping our eyes on.


1. Spring Practice: What are we looking for?
2. Husker Baseball Closer Woes
3. Big 12 Baseball Review: Who's really the best?

1. Spring Football practice officially kicked off today. I wanted to dive into a few positions that I feel are critical for the success of 2010. This is the best time of the year, as we all are still glowing from the 31-0 whooping of Arizona. Nebraska clearly has a chance now to develop itself into what we hope can be a top 10 finish in 2010. Here's 3 Big questions that must be answered by the time we start the 2010 season:

1) Who will emerge at Free Safety and Strong Safety?

-No question last year Nebraska strength in the secondary came from the rising play of Matt O'Hanlon and Larry Asante. These two guys elevated their game to a whole new level at the end of last season, creating turnovers and sticking guys in the backfield. They made leaps and bounds from the disastrous meltdown at Virginia Tech to prove to be a key reason why Nebraska beat Oklahoma later in the year. The question comes can PJ Smith step up his game and fill holes that was vacated by these two guys. Also can Ricky Thenarse finally remain healthy enough to make a well needed senior impact in that group.

2) Who will step up as the big time WR?

Literally at times last season I saw numerous things that made me question whether anybody should have been suiting up on the team and playing WR. Guy ran poor routes, gave up on plays, and poorly blocked guys downfield. Niles Paul was vastly hyped as being the "big play" guy in the receiving core to make all the catches Nebraska needed but in reality he wasn't really ever the player that the fans put on him. I'm not going to question how he feels as being the big leader of the group as clearly he has stated he's ready to be a leader which is good.. The real question becomes who is ready to step along side of him and become a legit #2 guy that can take double teams as well. Mike McNeil makes a major transition to WR this spring to show that his great size and mobility can draw extra attention and open other guys up on the field. Nebraska absolutely must find a #2 guy this spring or the likes of seeing a more conservative offense like last season could be in store again in 2010.

3) How will the LB's grow from year one?

Nebraska used a few different sets of LB groups last season. Last season Nebraska went through some lumps and bruises with its young LB group of Fisher and Compton. Now with Phil Dillard gone, who emerges as the guy that can make the plays that Phil did consistently in the last 6 games of the season. NO question that the strength of any defense starts with the DL but its the play of your LB that have to make the plays in the open space for your defense to really look good. Phil did that and showed finally the type of caliber player that he could be. This spring somebody will have to shine in the spring game or the idea of playing those 2 together with no other experienced players around them helping them might keep a few fans on edge next season.

2. Nebraska Baseball is finally in full swing this spring but a major pressing issue that has bit the Husker team too much this season. Its Nebraska inability to have a closer that can be trusted to close out games. In last week's series against #2 Texas. Nebraska lost its 5th game where the opposition walked off with the winning run in the 9th inning. Nebraska saw Texas uncork a 3-run homerun to win in walk off fashion. Nebraska saw the same thing happen 2 times against Fresno State, once against Rice and UCLA. The pressing issue with this has been Mike Nesseth's wild control this season that saw him blow 2 early saves and balloon his ERA to over 18.00. Nebraska looked to Chase Adams on Saturday to get his first save but Curt Giller struggled to close out the Friday night game. The lack of stability in the back end of the pitching staff clearly cost Nebraska a chance to start off the Big 12 season on a high note. It also begs the question how many more games will Nebraska lose in this manner the rest of the season. A troubling stat when it comes to selecting teams for the NCAA Regionals is how many games you win by 2 runs or less. Those teams with 10 or more 1-run games certainly don't make the NCAA Regionals and getting back to a Regional has to be a top priority for this team in 2010.

3. The first week of the Big 12 baseball season came and went but who really is the best team in this league. Surprisingly I don't think its Texas, I think it's Oklahoma who Nebraska will get to see this weekend. Oklahoma brings back a veteran team who found out last year what it was like to be a team in the upper half of the division. Of course with Texas' deep pitching staff OU will almost certainly have to be Texas in its series to have the inside shot at the regular season crown. Senior Jeremy Erben is off to an impressive 5-0 record with a 0.39 ERA. He's no doubt a key reason why the Sooners are 18-2 right now and off to one of their best starts in program history. They are definitely a team to keep an eye on this season. We shall see what the Big 12 season plays out.

Coming back again Tomorrow...Promise

Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 21, 2010

To my adoring fans, I apologize. We're in a dead period for sports talk but now will start to heat up a bit with Husker Baseball opening up this weekend.


1. Husker Baseball: Game 3
2. Husker Basketball Woes: What will it take next year?
3. Eyes on Shawn Watson

1. We begin with what hopes to be a better season for Husker Baseball. Last season we saw Nebraska's team ERA balloon to over 6.00. The highest it has ever been since 1998. Nebraska missed the postseason for just the second time in the past 12 seasons last year. All eyes are on the side of optimism this year, but after losses of 7-5 and 8-2 might have me a bit more concerned about the season than I would like to be.

The keys for this team will obviously have to come on the mound. Nebraska simply struggled last season with getting batters out and continuously found themselves down 3 or more runs in most of their games last season. Yes, the did sweep Baylor but in the heat of the Big 12 conference season found themselves out of series and losing 7 straight in a row last year. Nebraska has young arms again, but now has a mix of guys who had to battle last season just to get guys out. The lack of pitching production created a virus with the offense. Guys at times pressed to get hits and produce runs. The mentality of this team fell apart and now must put itself back together this season.

Its disappointing to see that in Game 1 against Fresno State Nebraska took a nice 5-3 lead into the ninth inning only to have their star ace closer Mike Nesseth blow a save and lose the game for the Huskers. This is an extremely pressing issue here, because I feel that the success of this team will be tied to how many one/two run games they can win. You need Mike to just shake this off, but clearly after last season it was kinda of a statement to hopefully what will not happen much this year.

In Game 2 Mike Mariot simply got out of his element. He tried to be a power pitcher, a guy who can blow stuff right by you with no sweat. The problem is that isnt the type of pitcher he is. He's a finesse pitcher. A guy who needs to locate and keep guys off balance. That wasn't the case when he spotted the bulldogs with 4 runs in the 2 inning. Nebraska must make their pitchers learn their roles quick. The other pressing issue was how Nebraska simply went to the plate and felt like they needed to swing for the fences each time. That lead to only 2 runs and an offense now searching to find answers in Game 3 today.

My outlook on this team this season is just simply improve and become competitive again in the conference. I think a lot will be learned about this team in 3 weeks when they head to Austin Tx to begin Big 12 play. Nebraska just needs to beat teams its suppose to beat and get back to the postseason, no matter how ugly that looks this year at times. I think that it can be done but clearly after 2 games Nebraska needs to do a lot of growing on the mound and at the plate if they are to have any chance of finishing in the top 6 of the Big 12 this year.

2. Nebraska Basketball may be setting records this season while its women's team is rewriting them. The Husker men lost another big 12 game last night to fall to 1-11 in the conference. Its shameful to think that Nebraska has only one win against the Sooners this year. If Nebraska can't win 3 more games they will officially have the worst record in Husker Basketball history. Again Nebraska went over 8 1/2 minutes last night without making a bucket. These long scoring droughts have hurt valuable opportunities to win games. When they have gone cold from the floor, their defense has broken down and they have given up chunks of points to teams. Thus what was a simple 3 point deficit quickly becomes 15 when your not making shots. I honestly don't have any idea why this team can't finish games, they are talented, they have guys who at times have looked really good, but their inexperience has killed any hope of exceeding expectations. Its sad, its disappointing, and pathetic how they still have not been able to turn the corner at this point of the season. If they can't right the ship next season, the pressure no doubt will start to turn on Doc Sadler, for as great of a guy as he has been to this like myself would like to see us become a bit more consistent on the court each night.

3. Tom Shatel of the Omaha World Herald had a chance to sit down with offensive coordinator Shawn Watson to ask him a few pressing hot questions before the start of spring practice. Shawn made a few interesting points that given the injuries to the team last season Nebraska was simply forced to put itself in a position to just manage the game into their strengths. Thats were criticism came from their "conservative offense" that became the blueprint on how they wanted to win games after playing Texas Tech. I think that looking back at this season when we all found out that Zac Lee played the entire season with a wounded arm, how Roy Helu's shoulders caused him all kinds of problems, how Rex battled back after breaking his can't blame the guy for the things he did. Looking back Shawn should be commended for installing a gameplan that fed into our strengths (defense, Alex's Henery's foot) to win games. In the long run we won games that most teams probably couldn't do with what we ran. Shawn also stated that it wasn't about style points in the offense it was just about getting W's and thats what they did. I don't know how long we'll end up keeping him, Shawn made a clear statement that someday he would like to become a head coach. Given his success, I don't blame him because I think he'd be a hell of a head coach in the future. Can't wait for spring practice.

Coming back on will be up at night. Skocz Out!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 03, 2010

Well I've been uber busy compiling up information for Husker Baseball and working on my internship. Today is all about one topic: Recruiting


1. Husker Recruiting Class 2010 Breakdown
2. What does a 5-star recruit actually mean?
3. Husker Recruiting Needs for 2011

1. Well its official, Nebraska inked 21 new recruits today. As with any recruiting class there was some excitement and disappointment. Nebraska received two surprising commitments today in Corey Cooper and Brion Carnes. Both were slated to make college choices at other programs today but decided to put on the Husker Red and ink with Nebraska. The loss obliviously today was when Owa spurned the Husker today for UCLA. Its amazing how many people across the Husker nation were extremely disappointed in Owa and upset at how Rick at UCLA snagged a stud from Oregon. But a interesting question has to be asked about why Owa chose to be Bruin. Most people think the impact of what Suh did was a major player in why Nebraska should have signed him. The reality of it is that maybe Owa thought that coming to Nebraska may have made a bigger shadow for him that Owa may have not have been ready to step out of. Look theres no question if he came to Nebraska that the expectations for him would be monumental. I think that by going to UCLA he can remain close to his mom, which hate to say it was a major factor in his recruiting, and make his own legend at a program that didn't just have a guy do the same thing from his home town. I wish him the best of luck, it days like these that make us take a step back into how much stock we put into recruiting because clearly the business is outta control and can easily consume our lives.

Nebraska inks what I think is a pretty good class with 11 guys on defense and 10 on offense. Pretty balanced if you ask me. I think the biggest signees are Carnes, Cooper, Hardrick, Harper, and Rome. These are the guys that I feel could make an immediate impact at Nebraska although I do feel that Carnes has a bigger mountain to climb with Cody Green already getting first team reps. The scary thing that we have to start considering is that kids at QB and RB may decide to start leaving the program due to the number of kids we have on scholarship at those positions. Nebraska has already secured a commitment for the 2011 class at QB and sometimes chose to leave a program when they feel like they are buried on the depth chart and not getting any playing time.

I think all in all its a solid class of talent that doesn't have to be too flashy at the national level to be key pieces to the future of the success of the program.

2. I thought I would take some time to discuss what I think about what a 5-star kid actually means. I think in today's society waaaay to much hype is put into 18-19 year old kids before they have even laced up a football cleat for their institution. Clearly its a multi-million dollar business that is outta control right now putting stock and faith into kids...just kids. Look at the last "5-star" kid to actually make an impact at Nebraska. The answer...Demario Williams. He was the last big time recruit that came to Nebraska and made an impact on the football field. Its still unclear what Baker will do, but today's society has placed unfair expectations on these high recruits to be Heisman winners, major award winners, All-Americans, and make themselves become legends at their institutions. Could anyone have predicted what Suh would have done when he came to Nebraska in 2005. Yes he was a 4-star kid, but I don't think anyone would have expected the impact that he left at Nebraska in 4 years. It clearly shows that you can't put that much stock into the star rating system that we all have seemed to become infatuated with. Marlon Lucky, Andre Jones, and Zach Bowman really never lived up the 5-star expectations at Nebraska. I'm sure for those fans who live in the world where 5-star kids make or break your'll be sorely disappointed again when a few more 5-star kids don't pan out at Nebraska. I'll call it that it'll happen again.

3. With the 2010 class in the books, we can turn our attention the 2011 class. I won't name any names that Nebraska should land, because I don't put that much stock into the ratings system. What I look at is the positions that Nebraska needs to address the most. Heading into 2010 Nebraska losses Pierre Allen on DE, Prince at CB, Eric Hagg at CB, Roy Helu, Alex Henery, Adi Kunalic, Ricky Henry, Mike McNeil, Ricky Thenarse, and Dreu Young at TE.

The high needs for 2011 are TE, DB, RB and a kicker (two). I think ideally Nebraska needs to land two kickers (one kick off specialist, one place kicker), Three defensive backs, a safety, two running backs, and two tight ends. These are likely of high interest for this team. I do think that this is the prime opportunity to seek some hot WR's to this group as well by landing 2 of them. Either way I do anticipate that Nebraska will look to sign a bigger class of kids next year somewhere in the 25-28 range with the max at 30. For those that live the hype of recruiting 24/7 now is the time to turn your focus to the 2011 recruits.

I'm planning on blogging again tomorrow before retiring for my birthday weekend. Till then...Skocz Out and Go Big Red!!!