Friday, May 29, 2009

May 29, 2009

Didn't think I'd have much to talk about today then CFB Live popped and gave me a few more ideas today.

The Hot List:
1. Memphis Scandal
2. CFB Live Top 5 Games of 2009
3. Regional Update

1. It's been a huge developing story...Memphis may have in fact committed major program violations by altering a player's SAT scores and transcripts. The player in question played only one season at Memphis from 2007-2008....Derrick Rose. If found guilty, Memphis will have to vacate their 38 win season and their final four appearance for having a ineligible player on their team. All I can say is are we surprised? How many violations that happen at top programs that go under the radar? Look at the problems USC is having right now with OJ Mayo and Reggie Bush. Clearly they did things under the table that were illegal by providing benefits to the players and to their families. It's disappointing to see John Calipari legacy get tarnished again as this is the second time he has come under fire as a head coach. He admits that he had no wrong doings in this matter but being a good head coach means that you have to be on top of all your player's eligibility. It doesn't surprise me to see Rose cheat his way into college just to get what he wanted....into the NBA. This is a big problem for the NCAA because how many other top recruits cheated on their SAT's, and change their grades just to get into college only to know that in a year they would be heading to the NBA. Either way this will end up being a huge deal for Memphis and the NCAA when it's all settled out.

2. I was watching College Football live and they had their top 5 games to watch for 2009. Here's what made the list.
1. Texas vs. Oklahoma (@ Dallas new Stadium)
2. Tennessee vs. Florida
3. USC vs. Ohio State
4. Alabama vs. Virginia Tech (@ Georgia Dome)
5. Georgia vs. Oklahoma State

I agree with some of these games but disagree with the top 2. I think that OSU and Georgia will be a great game to watch as OSU is clearly looking to boost its season by starting out with a big time opponent. Clearly this would be a bigger game if Moreno and Stafford were still there but this will be a challenge to see OSU's offense against the Georgia defense. Either way I think OSU wins this game. I also think Virginia Tech and Alabama will be a huge game as VT is clearly looking to assert itself into the upper half of the country and getting a nice W against Alabama would be a big start to their season. The expectations are high in Blacksburg, and I think that they get the W and will give Nebraska all they can handle later in the season. I don't think that Texas and Oklahoma or Tennessee Florida will be big games next season. I see why they are getting the attention because of Kiffin stirring the pot against Florida but honestly with the talent they have coming back on both sides of the ball Tennessee will get worked badly by the Gators. In the Big 12 it's Texas' season, and I think that giving the rivalry it will make for a compelling game but I still think that this is Texas' season and really nobody will be able to touch them...maybe OSU. Either way Oklahoma is a different team offensively without all their senior WR they had last season...should make for an interesting season to see how Bradford does without stellar talent around him.

3. Regional update:
4 games stand out at me while I finish this up as OSU is up 8-5 on Alabama, Kansas is down 10-2 to Coastal Carolina, Texas A&M is getting whooped 7-0 to Oregon State, and K-State is beating up on Xavier 12-0. Interesting to see OSU out hot, with their pitching they easily could win that regional against Clemson. I'll be keeping an eye on it and my picks.

Till Next week...Skocz out for the weekend.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 28, 2009

I'm keeping it fresh and keeping it rolling today...

The Hot List:

1. NCAA Coaches Poll
2. Regional Picks
3. Notre Damn not welcome in the Big 10

1. We start with a story about how the coaches poll will now keep their final ballot they cast secret. This will begin in the 2010 season. Prior to 2005 the coaches ballots were held confidential but the BCS officials made a move to force coaches to make their poll public after Texas made it into the Rose bowl. This is just ridiculous, I think that if your a coach your vote should be held confidential. All those officials want to do is look at the poll and scrutinize a coach who didn't vote their way. I'm glad after next season the poll is going secret. We need a playoff in college football because I feel the BCS just isn't working like we all want it too.

2. I promised regional picks and here they are:
Super Regional Match-ups:
Texas vs. Texas A&M, Georgia Tech vs. Miami, Arizona State vs. Alabama, East Carolina vs. North Carolina, CS Fullerton vs. Louisville, Georgia vs. Oklahoma, UC Irvine vs. Mississippi, Rice vs. LSU
Could be some great super regional match-ups...we'll see how it plays out.

3. Read an interesting article today about Joe Paterno stating that Notre Damn is not welcome in the Big 10. He has recently been the spokes person for getting another team in the conference to have a conference championship game. I feel the logical team should be Notre Damn, think of how many wins they would get if they played Ohio State, Michigan, and Wisconsin every year. They would be hard pressed to be 5 or better in the Big 10. Either way Notre Damn isn't going anywhere b/c with their TV contract with NBC they just make too much money on their own as an independent. Someday Notre Damn will be hurting soo much that they'll have to get into a big time conference...don't count out the Big 10 but the Big East is more likely with their baseball and basketball teams already playing in their conference.

Skocz is out...more tomorrow

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27, 2009

I'm back again and I feel that this blog has gotten some popular feedback. I was approached by other telling me to get off my keyster and get blogging. Sooo were going hot today.

The Hot List:

1. Regional Baseball Preview
2. Big 12 Football News
3. Future of Husker Baseball

1. We've come to what I think is the best event of the summer...the NCAA Baseball tournament. Starting Friday 16 regionals get underway with 64 teams playing for a chance to make it to Omaha. I was surprised to see that Texas got the #1 seed over Irvine, Fullerton, and LSU. I didn't agree with some of the committee's selections. OSU got into the tournament this year after they failed to make the big 12 tournament going 9-16 in big 12 play. Teams like Eastern Illinois and Rhode Island were left out because of this. If you don't make it to your conference's post season tournament you shouldn't make a regional. They'll play Alabama and likely face Clemson. With OSU's pitching they could be the most dangerous team in a regional as they have 2 clear pitchers that they can use to win the regional and make it to Omaha (scary to think how rested they are by not pitching last week). By far the toughest regional is the Irvine Regional with Cal Irvine, ACC Tourney Champ Virginia, and San Diego State with the best pitcher in the country on their team and defending National Champions Fresno State. I don't know who to pick to win this one as I feel all four teams could win, but it's unlikely we'll see Fresno State make another run to Omaha like they did last year.
Regional Picks Tomorrow

2. Big 12 News today as the Big 12 netted $103.1 million dollars from the conferences bowl bids and television contracts they signed last season. Nebraska saw its budget increase by $9.1 million dollars. The committee had a formula to break down half the money evenly among the 12 schools and they the rest was determine based on # of appearances on TV. Nebraska continues to do well in getting on TV. I do feel that tons of people around the country will continue to watch Nebraska on TV. I do. I think the money will most likely go to Nebraska student study area expansion in the west stadium. Either way it's nice to know that every season Nebraska can net another $9 million in extra bucks to improve the program in Lincoln.

3. Well it was nice to see Nebraska sweep Baylor to end the season 2 weeks ago. Now the most pressing question comes into everyone's minds: Can Nebraska rebound??? I think that this is the most important MLB draft that Nebraska has to face this season. It can ill afford to lose Mike Nesseth and Adam Bailey to the draft or any other recruits. This will be the biggest recruiting class for Nebraska. In year's past the draft has stolen great talent that should have made it to Lincoln. This season was one of forgetting and Mike must now make sure that his recruits are signing on the dotted line to come to Lincoln this fall and not going pro. I think this is a make or break time for him. If he puts it together and we rebound, Mike we'll be around, but if Nebraska has another struggling season where we look like the JV team of the Big 12 you can bet that he'll be on the hot seat and likely out of a job in 2 to 3 years.
We shall see what happens.

More tomorrow.

Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11, 2009

Ok I feel horrible that it has been about 2 weeks since I've blogged but we'll get back to a regular schedule now that I'm on Summer Break!!! As always we're never short on topics to discuss today.

The Hot List:

1. Husker Baseball Recap and Preview
2. Husker Football News: Recruiting
3. Sam Keller Sues

Lets Not Waste.....

1. Nebraska Baseball just keeps sinking to lower levels these days. Nebraska lost another home series this time at the hands of Cal State Bakersfield, a team in it's first season of playing division I baseball. This was simply embarrassing to watch as a fan. Nebraska got out pitched and out hit from a team now 11-32 on the season. Only 4 games left and we can all forget about how far the program has fallen in just one year. We'll have a preview of Nebraska's series against Baylor this week. Tomorrow Nebraska can go for some dignity by beating Creighton and take the season series from them. Either way I expect them to finish out this season like they have played all year....bad and with losses....till next year.

2. Nebraska football is in the midst of a quite time right now as the coaches have entered the ever important evaluation period. This is the time where the coaches evaluate new and current prospects and determine if we should hand out scholarships to other prospects. There is no doubt that this recruiting class will be a landmark one for Nebraska. Every time I read we're in the mix for highly recruited guys from the states of Texas, California, and Louisiana. We'll have an eye on Husker Recruiting this week as we'll take a look at defensive lineman. This position will be a key for this recruiting class as we have to find a prospect to fill the shoes of Suh after this season. I expect Nebraska to have about 10-12 prospects committed before the fall season starts. There's no question that Bo is doing the right things at Nebraska and that kids across the country are beginning to take notice. I think we have the right guy at the helm, and it's only a matter of time before we're in the top 5 every season. GO BIG RED....117 days till kickoff...are you ready???

3. Couldn't help myself to think of how much of a douscher Sam Keller is these days as he is suing EA sports and the NCAA for player likeliness that they have created in their NCAA Football games. I think that this has to do with the "mysterious" tattoo that same had on his left are the he wore a sleeve to protect nobody from seeing it. Someone must have caught a picture of it and maybe put it in the game. Either way I hope I don't have to see him in the headlines anymore...he's clearly starved for attention....and really never embraced what it meant to play QB at Nebraska. Keep tearing it up in the AFL Sam, your never be NFL caliber.

Congrats to the Husker Softball team for making the NCAA tournament. At least one spring sport has done something nice this season. Go Cheer for them when they travel to Knoxville this week.