Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26th, 2010

Well I'm back...there are a bit of interesting topics to discuss today.


1. Creighton Basketball: Whats next, and does this change the Rivalry?
2. Husker Baseball
3. NFL Draft Recap

1. Ok so I know what your thinking...what the F are we leading off with C-Bag basketball. Well kinda wanted to talk about the impact that this will have against Nebraska now. Ok, because clearly we have to address this because when it comes to basketball in this state, everyone forgets their red and opts to go to a facility where they can drink beer. Clearly over the past few seasons, Dana Altman began to feel the unwelcome-ness that Omaha was beginning to show him. He was a product of his own success and failure...he built a program that was looked at as the gold standard in the MO Valley, but slowly the reins on his program that saw his run of NCAA berths end. Mediocre was becoming the new attitude in Omaha, so he did what he had to do, opt for a new start in a new program at a major conference. A few years ago he would of been one of the hottest mid-major coaches on the market, but sadly you saw how I think Oregon "settled" for him when they realized how unpopular their program really was.

Now C-Bag Basketball opens with Greg McDermott. A guy with Valley ties from Northern Iowa and someone I thought of with a little bit for fear when her first joined the Big 12. Clearly he could recruit NBA caliber players to Ames, a place that has a nice basketball facility and success in the past...and he was really unable to put Iowa State on the map and make it into the NCAA tournament. I think that they are taking a major risk with him. He likely will have to have immediate success in his first 2 seasons or the noose will be tightening around his next quickly for not being an "Omaha" guy. I think if your McDermontt he makes out the best in this, because he saves himself from being fired at Iowa State. It'll be interested to see what he can do in Omaha now...likely C-Bag fans will put their lofty expectations on him...but Doc Sadler had success against him when he had talent. I don't think C-Bag fans would likely not be too happy with him if he lost to Doc every year. I think Doc has the upper hand in the rivalry now...but after going 2-14 in the Big 12 last year...I'm not calling any preseason victory this year.

2. What has begun to be a bigger problem for Mike Anderson. I likely think that after losing ANOTHER Big 12 series 1-2. Nebraska sits dead last in the league...again. Nebraska got a nice outing on Sunday from Tom Lemke, but were unable to silence Shawn Tollenson who mastered Nebraska for 7.1 innings on Sunday. What's concerning about Sunday's lost was that it was Baylor's FIRST series win this season. Nebraska clearly can't beat the teams in the bottom half of the league. With series at home against A&M and Texas Tech and a road series with Missouri, Nebraska ABSOLUTELY has to sweep each of their remaining series to climb out of the gutter. I think the hot seat is starting to turn up...very very disappointed about the teams performance last weekend. It's very frustrating to see them lose Friday's game, win on Saturday, and can't close out a series win. Well last season Nebraska had one series win...that was against Baylor...hmmmmm wonder who Nebraska thinks they can beat in their final 3 weekend series.

3. Well the NFL Draft comes and goes and only 3 Nebraska players were selected. Obviously Suh was the premier player going #2 with the Lions. I don't grade out teams like Mel Kiper and Co. do on ESPN. I did think that my team (the Chiefs) did do a good job addressing some of their needs....Berry is a stud but I would of went with Okung at #5 but hopefully it'll work out. Freaking just need to win more games next season...period. Best of luck to those guys that were drafted and to those that signed free agent deals....I look forward to seeing SUH dominate...just probably not next year....

Back later this week......Skocz Out

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