Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30, 2009

Well it was a fast September and now we can turn our attention to October and the conference season.


1. P.J. Smith Grows Up
2. Woes for Husker Volleyball
3. Big 12 Tid-bits

1. We begin with an article today in the World Herald about the impact that P.J. Smith will now have to make big steps in the growing up process as he has been called on to get some extended playing time en-light of Ricky Thernase out and Larry Asante nursing a sore ankle. He comments about how everyone on the team came up to him and was tapping him on the shoulder and he shrugged them off, trying to get focus, trying to prepare himself for what he needed to do on the field. Put yourself in his shoes, your a redshirt freshman, knowing that you aren't going to see the playing field outside of special teams, a few plays later injuries happen and you're called on to fill the holes. I thought him and Austin Cassidy played very well on Saturday. They'll most likely have to do what every freshman has had to do to this date this season.....elevate their game. It's not an easy task to ask 18 and 19 year old freshman to rise to the championship level that Nebraska needs in the secondary to remain in the hunt for the Big 12 North Title. I think when the dust settles on this situation getting these guys in early will pay dividends in the future. Especially since O'Hanlon and Asante are both seniors this season. I expect Larry to bounce back but the loss of Ricky hurts our special teams and allows little boy P.J. Smith to grow up into a man.

2. The Nebraska Volleyball team is trying to do something it hasn't done in a few years....bounce back from back to back losses. Nebraska last week lost at Texas A&M and then was thrashed by #2 Texas at home. Nebraska now looks like it's poised for a season of one that many may want to forget. This team is still very young, but very talented. Nebraska no doubt has to stop putting themselves in situations that force them to press to make plays. In all of Nebraska's losses, service errors have killed Nebraska's chances at getting out to a quick start. Those errors then force Nebraska to make plays, which generally end up going out of bounds, or having poor passing. It's a spiraling effect that Nebraska simply hasn't learned to correct yet. John Cook certainly won't lose his job after this season, no matter how the season turns out, but for all fans improvement is something that we should be seeing each week. Tonight the Husker's take on Oklahoma a team out to an impressive 10-3 start to the season. Get through tonight's game tonight and a well needed bye week this Saturday is well deserved to recharge their batteries to prepare for the grind of the rest of the season. When Nebraska plays up to their ability they are almost near impossible to beat, they haven't gotten to that level yet, but hopefully they'll get there sooner than later.

3. Lets dive around the Big 12 for some tid-bits.........Oklahoma Bob Stoops appears indecisive on the decision to start either Landry Jones or Sam Bradford at Miami this weekend. He expects to name his starter later in the week. Stoops found himself answering questions this week about why he pushed Bradford to come back this season when he likely would have been the #1 pick in last year's NFL draft. Stoops defends himself saying that he simply educates his players about their opportunities and it's up to them and their families to make the decision. He's right, Sam made his decision and if he can't play at all this season because of his injured shoulder, he'll always second guess not coming out in the NFL draft when he ends up as a late 2nd round pick................

Robert Griffin will now watch the remainder of the games from inside the press box and attempt to swallow the new leadership role he will have to take this season after tearing his ACL this last weekend. He is expected to be lost for the entire season. It's a shame that a star player like him had such an injury like this one, he may never be the same player again. His injury all but assures that the Bears won't be going bowling this season. They were soo close but not close enough to turning the corner. I'm glad we don't have to go up against him again, he's too fast and talented to be contained in the pocket.

Texas A&M prepares for what is arguably their biggest game on Saturday when they take on Arkansas....much has been said about the offensive improvement this season but the key will be on the shoulders of the defense. They must create pressure to stop heralded QB Ryan Mallet if they have any chance of springing the upset and winning a land mark game for Mike Sherman. The surprising stat has been the play of Von Miller, the talented DL leads the nation in sacks and tackles for loss. We'll see what kind of game he has when the Aggies play a real opponent.

Coming back for a quick blog in the morning tomorrow....then its out for the week.

Skocz Out

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 29, 2009

As promised I've returned again and we have lots to discuss this week.


1. Cajun's/Husker's Breakdown
2. My Top 25 this week
3. Big 12 Rankings

1. Well could you have expected Nebraska to play as well as they did....possibly. No doubt Bo Pelini owned up to his quotes earlier in the week stating that Nebraska would come out with emotion and play well. They did. Nebraska didn't lose a beat on offense this week scoring on it's first 5 possessions, while the defense pitched a solid zero on the scoreboard for the first time since 2006. This game also marked Nebraska's 300 consecutive sellout dating back to 1962. It's a testament to the many fans that have packed Memorial Stadium for a better part of 40+ years. As the signs read above every gate "Through these Gates pass the Greatest Fans in College Football." No other program can dispute that.

Grade Outs:
Offense: A
Defense: A

Its kinda hard not to give both sides of the ball perfect scores as the Offense clicked out of the gate, the defense pitched a shutout and forced 3 turnovers, including a pick 6 by Larry Asante. The grade outs are simple, A for the O as they gelled again this week but against an inferior opponent but will need to continue to elevate their game for Misery in 2 weeks. A for the defense as well, they dictated the tempo of the game right from the start and made it a long night for the Cajun's. A+ is likely to come if they can duplicate this performance against Misery in 2 weeks.

2. My Top 25 This week. Last week's rating is in parentheses.

1. Florida (1)
2. Alabama (2)
3. Texas (4)
4. Ohio State (9)
5. LSU (6)
6. Oklahoma (10)
7. Oklahoma State (8)
8. TCU (11)
9. Cincinnati (15)
10. Virginia Tech (16)
11. California (5)
12. USC (14)
13. Boise State (13)
14. Nebraska (18)
15. Iowa (UR)
16. Houston (20)
17. Oregon (UR)
18. Kansas (19)
19. Georgia (17)
20. Mississippi (3)
21. BYU (22)
22. Georgia Tech (25)
23. Penn State (7)
24. South Florida (UR)
25. Miami (12)

Upsets will shake out this week's top 25. Florida remains #1 as does Alabama at #2. Texas moves up a spot to 3 and Ohio State benefits greatly from Penn States lost jumping 5 spots to #4. LSU is a weak #5 but still unbeaten and soon to be tested by Florida. OU rises 4 spots to 6, followed by OSU. TCU and Cincinnati break the top 10 this week rises 4 and 5 spots a piece. VT moves up following its impressive win over Miami on Saturday to 10. Cal drops 6 spots following its beatdown by Oregon on Saturday and they are followed closely by USC...the winner moves into the top 10 next week and the loser possibly below 20. Boise State plays weak teams and remains unchanged. Iowa vaults to 15 after an impressive beating of Penn State on the road. I loved Nebraska's play on Saturday and moved them up to 14. Other unranked teams making this week's top 25 is Oregon (after drumming Cal), and South Florida (after getting an impressive W over Florida State). Big tumblers were Ole Miss falling to 20 and Penn State crashing to 23.

3. Big 12 Rankings

1. Texas (1-0) (4-0)
It was Texas' first complete game on both sides of the ball...The Longhorns need to continue that kind of play if they hope to remain at the top of the league. A bye week after last week's performance is well earned.

2. Oklahoma (2-1)
Sam Bradford may or may not return this weekend, but the play of OU's defense should have teams in the Big 12 scared. If Bradford can't go, Jones will get tested by Miami...either way it should be another stepping stone to see how good this OU team can be this year.

3. Oklahoma State (3-1)
OSU proved it might have the deepest backfield in the Big 12. As Hunter and Bryant watched on Saturday, OSU showed that their offense is still potent. The upcoming bye-week gives those superstars time to rest up and heal before the brutal Big 12 schedule.

4. Nebraska (3-1)
The defensive strides in 2 weeks should have every team in the Big 12 North scared. Compact that with an improving offense and Nebraska is poised to have a season where the Big 12 North should gain some need respect. 2-weeks to prep for Misery is plenty of time for this rising team.

5. Kansas (4-0)
When finally tested by a decent team, KU held on to a 7 point win. When they play big defensive teams that can shut down their passing game they'll be in trouble. Elevating their defensive play should be the priority heading into the bye week.

6. Missouri (4-0)
The Tigers notched a much needed win on the road but did so in ugly fashion. Their defense looked suspect at times stopping the run. That doesn't bode well for them against Nebraska in two weeks.

7. Texas A&M (3-0)
The Aggies needed to get out of the gate early and have with 3 wins. This week marks the true test of how good this team can be in Mike Sherman's second year. Arkansas brings matchup problems up and down for A&M. A win is needed to take some heat off the program.

8. Texas Tech (0-1) (2-2)
A statement win was in the grasps of the Red Raiders on Saturday, but Mike Leech poor play calling down the stretch doomed their upset hopes. Regrouping is needed, as a replacement will need to be found for the loss of Brandon Carter, a leader on the OL.

9. Baylor (2-1)
The loss of Griffin all but seals the fate of the Bears not making a bowl game this season. Getting a healthy QB to play this weekend is the #1 problem to tackle before tangling with Kent State.

10. Iowa State (3-1)
Starting out the Big 12 season with a W over Kansas State could show the Cyclone fan base that this program may be headed for greener pastures. Playing a stronger schedule needs to be looked at before you can raise your hopes about how good this team could be this season.

11. Colorado (1-2)
The Buffaloes got a bye week to prepare for their showdown with West Virginia on Thursday. The questions are if their defense can stop the speed and the revenge that the Mountaineers will bring to the game. Lose and a 1-3 start doesn't look good for bowl talk.

12. Kansas State (2-2)
A .500 start probably wasn't what Bill Synder was looking at when he took over last spring. They can make a move in the right direction when they play Iowa State. Both teams need a win to get out of the cellar of the Big 12.

Coming back with another great blog tomorrow. Laterz

Thursday, September 24, 2009

September 24, 2009

Final blog of the week, its not short and sweet, but pretty righteous so lets rock the boat.


1. Louisiana Lafayette vs. Nebraska Preview
2. Husker Volleyball
3. Around the Big 12 (Picks)

1. Well the focal point of this blog is to breakdown the Ragin Cajun and Huskers, the key matchup this week will come from the trenches. All to many times we say that games are won and lost in the trenches, and this game brings no exceptions to that quote. The Cajun's haven't allowed a sack all season, they have shown to have solid OL play preventing LSU from notching a sack against them last weekend. This is game brings more intrigued as we as Husker fans will be watching whole heartedly how Zac Lee plays from last weekend where he struggled mightily to hit WR's and established Nebraska's passing game. There's no doubt that there will be an emphasis on running the ball effectively. The key will be how Nebraska's contains Lafayette's Daylon McCoy. The speedy junior lead the cajun's in tackles last season with 69 and 4 sacks. The keys will be how much emotion Nebraska comes out with after losing a heart breaker last weekend. Keys on defense won't necessarily be the defensive line but the play of the back 7. Their play was elevated last week as they played tremendous in the 3rd quarter but broke on on 2 timely plays that cost the Husker's the game. I'll be looking at how many mental mistakes are made in this game....that is really the only thing that could keep Nebraska from winning this game.

Prediction: Nebraska comes back home to celebrate the tradition of the fans. For 300 consecutive games fans have sold out Memorial Stadium for the Huskers. While enjoying the festivities of this memorable game, Bo Pelini's ignites a vengeance fire in his team. Their emotional energy propels them to a quick start and a big half time lead. Look for lots of backups playing in this game.
Nebraska wins 42-7

2. Husker Volleyball doomed itself on the road last night giving the Aggies 11 service error points. They lost to A&M for the first time since 1999 losing 28-26, 17-25, 25-19, 25-19. It's plain and simple ladies, get the ball over the net and get prepared to elevate your game on the road. Young team or not, not getting the ball over the net and in play is just pathetic....better fix that.

3. Let's take a nice look around the Big 12 and get a glimpse of this weekend's schedule.
Northwestern State @ Baylor
Army @ Iowa State
Southern Miss @ Kansas
Tennessee Tech @ Kansas State
Missouri @ Nevada (Friday Night)
Louisiana Lafayette @ Nebraska
Grambling State @ Oklahoma State
UTEP @ Texas
UAB @ Texas A&M
Texas Tech @ Houston

The best game by far is Tech at Houston. The Cougars are a dangerous team showing that they can tangle with the best of the Big 12 and bring them down (sound familiar OSU). Don't see Tech pulling a shocker this weekend.
Picks: Baylor, ISU, KU, K-State, Misery, Sker's, OSU, Texas, A&M, and Houston

Last Weeks Record: 8-2 (only losses were the Sker's and Baylor)

Enjoy the games this weekend, coming back next Tuesday. For all of those going to the 300th game this weekend, dress retro, get loud, and as always Go Big Red!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23, 2009

Back again for another great day of blogging so lets not despair and dive in.


1. Implications from loss at VT
2. Zac Lee's Injuried
3. Husker Tid-bits

1. A great article came out today written by Dirk Chatelain about the impact on Bo Pelini's coaching mentality following Nebraska's one point loss to Virginia Tech on Saturday. There was a pivotal point in the game with 1:50 left Nebraska faced a fourth and 1 and elected to punt the ball instead of going for it. At that point of the game with no timeouts left for VT, a first down all but would have assured a victory for the Huskers. Instead history was written and Taylor lead a drive that won the game for the Hokies. The article flashes back to the 2006 national championship game where Pete Carroll elected go for it on fourth down to find that his team was stopped short, thus allowing Vince Young and Texas to drive 56 yards in 2 minutes to win the national title. Do you think that either one of these two coaches would have changed their minds? I understand and totally support Bo's decision. You have to look at it like this...he's a defensive minded coach first...he'll choose putting his defense on the field first over his offense. That's just the coach and guy he is. At that point of the game, he did the right them deep and put your defense on the field who only allowed 3 first downs in the second half of the game. Either way you look at it, its a gutsy decision that you hope ultimately leads to a W for your team. On one hand you run out the clock...the other you make a to make a first down you give them a short field and put pressure on your defense to stop to play stop big plays and you lose in the fashion that Nebraska did. There are times where you'll look like a God for the call you make and other times you'll be questioned on it. This was one of those times that many will question it, but put yourself in his shoes and make the'll find yourself putting your defense out on the field...because defense wins championships.

2. Zac Lee spoke openly about his injured thumb that is on his non throwing hand. He has been wearing a splint and taking anti-inflammatory medication to tackle the swelling. Shawn Watson praised Lee's effort in practice yesterday saying it might have been the best practice he's had this season. It all appears imminent that he will start this Saturday. So for those of you fans who were freaking out you can all breathe a sigh of relief. I'll be looking to see how effective his passing is this weekend, as I feel that will be a focal point of the offense this week to get him back on track. I want to see more of Rex Burkehead, the emergence of a nice #2 back is essential to formulate a solid 1-2 punch that can become deadly when Nebraska heads into Big 12 play. Matchup breakdowns tomorrow.

3. Few Husker Tid-bits today as Collins Okafor is back on the team but taking some time to reflect on his career and where he fits on this team....the soap opera continues....grab a seat....Husker Volleyball takes on Texas A&M a team that pushed them to 5 sets last season, they return all 6 of their girls that pushed Nebraska last season.......a nice 2-0 start in the Big 12 is nice but beating good teams like this gets you ready for Texas.....Nebraska is scheming a way to get Ricky Thenarse on the field more...the senior has played in limited games so far this season....hmmmm do you think a breakdown on a certain play by a safety has prompted this move...I think so....Roy Helu enjoyed rushing for a career high 28 attempts....I did too because he really mowed people down late in the game, but I feel Burkehead could do the same if given the opportunity. Roy's health is too pivotal for the Husker's this season.

Back Tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September 22, 2009

Well I'm back as promised and we have LOADS to dive into today..


1. Nebraska Virginia Tech Breakdown
2. My Top 25
3. Big 12 Football Rankings

1. Well if your a Nebraska Fan, you have to be accustomed to enduring some heartbreak. Saturday's game was disappointing, as Nebraska's defense squander a late 15-10 lead and allowed VT to produce on 2 big plays and walk out of their stadium with a 16-15 win. There's no question as a fan it was heartbreaking to see Nebraska play pretty well but yet squander an opportunity to win on the road. You have to really look at the dynamics of the game to understand that Nebraska really never should have been in the situation it was in late in the game. First, you CAN'T, CAN'T, CAN'T, go onto the road and produce zero touchdowns and expect to win. You have to punch it into the end-zone if you want to beat good teams. Second, Nebraska's possession that started first and goal from the six, a then touchdown, was negated by a holding penalty, then another holding penalty, and 2 false start penalties, that pushed Nebraska out of field goal range and squandering a chance to take a 15-10 lead which could of been put to 18-10 towards the end of the game. Third, on the road and having a MUST gain first down to seal the game, you have to get gutsy and take a gamble. I was disappointed in Tim Beck, and Shawn Watson faith in Rex Burkehead. The true freshman hardly carried the ball when he was subbing for Helu. Fourth, when you have a chance to get to Tyrod Taylor, you better do it...period. The junior singed Nebraska on their final play dancing around for 12 seconds before unloading the winning touchdown pass. Suh and company wanted to get to him, but you could sense that the gameplan of containing him in the pocket was pressed to firmly in their minds to create the sack. This will have to be corrected and our LB's better start stepping up their game NOW...because Nebraska can ill afford to go into a game with a legit dual threat QB and play tentative to keep him in the pocket and throw the ball. Pressure must be created with the DL and LB's playing their assignments correctly and making good solid defensive plays.
Defense: B+
Offense: C-

Grade outs are simple, the defense took massive steps this week shutting down VT after the first quarter and losing only on simple mental breakdowns. The offense goes two steps back this week failing to produce a touchdown and once #1 pass efficient Zac Lee struggled going 11 of 30 with 2 picks and NO touchdowns. The offense will have to get back on their game for Big 12 play because going on the road and scoring touchdowns is something Nebraska will have to do if they hope to keep their dreams of a Big 12 North title alive this season.

2. I've waited a few weeks for the season to start and I'm now doing my top 25 starting this week and going to the end of the season. Here's my Top 25 this week.

1. Florida
2. Alabama
3. Mississippi
4. Texas
5. California
6. LSU
7. Penn State
8. Ohio State
9. Oklahoma
10. Oklahoma State
11. TCU
12. Miami
13. Boise State
14. USC
15. Cincinnati
16. Virginia Tech
17. Georgia
18. Nebraska
19. Kansas
20. Houston
21. North Carolina
22. BYU
23. Auburn
24. Iowa
25. Georgia Tech

The breakdown is simple, in the top 5 Florida is #1 till they get beat and Texas comes in at #4 based off their hanging on performance against Tech last weekend. Cal rises up to #5 after a nice performance against Minnesota. LSU deserved to be ahead of any slow 10 school so they are in front of Penn State and Ohio State. OU and OSU check in at 9 & 10. TCU is way more legit to get to a BCS bowl than Boise State so they are at 11. USC's pitiful loss to Washington drops them to #14 in my poll. Cincinnati had another nice win on the road at Oregon State so they climb ahead of VT who held on for a W last weekend. Georgia rises after getting a dogfight win on the road at Arkansas. The Husker's move up despite a loss, only by their nice defensive showing. KU comes in at 19, followed closely by Houston who has a nice win on the road from beating OSU last weekend. They get Texas Tech this weekend. UNC comes in at 21, and BYU drops to 22 in my poll after getting thrashed at home by FSU. Auburn climbs in my top 25 with a nice gutsy win against West Virginia, Iowa checks in at 24 after getting a nice 10 point win over Arizona, and despite getting thrashed on the road at Miami, Georgia Tech comes in at 25.

3. Like my top 25 I'll be doing my own Big 12 Rankings as well, since I've started watching the teams and we are well into the season.

1. Oklahoma
Kinda doesnt look like they have lost any stride without Bradford, when he comes back and their defensive play rises...they'll be the best team in this conference.

2. Texas
Colt McCoy who lead the country last year in pass efficiency didn't look to hot at home last weekend, his team held on for a 10 point win over a mid-tier team in the Big 12....OU will have a passing field day on them if they dont improve in the secondary.

3. Oklahoma State
Despite losing to Houston, the Cowboys when healthy still have best offense in the Big 12. How many steps can that defense take when Big 12 play begins? That will most likely dictate what kind of season the Cowboys will have this year.

4. Nebraska
Despite a loss, the Husker's defense made great strides in showing that they might have the best defensive unit in the Big 12, minus some key mental breakdowns. Shoring up those mistakes and getting the offense in track will be pivotal when the Huskers travel to Missouri in 2 weeks.

5. Kansas
Kansas quietly has put on a clinic on defense, but how good is that defense against Big 12 competition instead of UTEP, Northern Colorado, and Duke. The loss of Sharp won't hurt the team as much for the next couple of weeks but his health will go a long way into the success of this season. As they say, you can't win a championship without being able to run the ball effectively.

6. Texas Tech
An impressive showing by Taylor Potts might have teams around the conference thinking that Tech is in a down year. His play will ultimately decide the outcome of pretty much every game they will play. Their defense looked much improved but still lacks the ability to make the big play when needed. Another big test this week for Tech as Houston has shown it loves to beat even the best teams of the Big 12.

7. Missouri
Some people are high on this team, but I'm not. When they beat a legit team, I'll reconsider moving them up but wins over Illinois, Furman, and a struggling W over Bowling Green doesn't warrant a top 5 ranking. Eyes will be watching their play on their first true road game of the season @ Nevada.

8. Baylor
Tough loss at home last weekend against UConn, but the road win against Wake Forest is still nice. Shoring up mistakes will be much needed as the Bears only have 2 more games to tune themselves up before visiting OU on October 10th.

9. Texas A&M
Sherman's team struggled to beat Utah State last week and that bodes concern this week as they face UAB with Arkansas and Oklahoma State looming in the next two weeks. The offense has looked much improved this season, but where is the "wrecking crew" defense. A&M better discover something of that nature quick or face an enduring string of losses this season.

10. Iowa State
ISU had a chance to make a statement against Iowa and fell flat on their face. Breaking their 20+ losing streak on the road...whoop-a-dee-doo....Kent State is a bad team this year. Woe's of their new offensive system are beginning to surface...The cyclones must get back on track or face a winless conference season again.

11. Colorado
Dan Hawkins beat Wyoming last week and probably saved negative publicity for himself for one more week. A well needed bye week is in order for the Buffaloes before their showdown road trip to West Virginia next week. With the Mountaineers, Longhorns, and Jayhawks as the next 3 games...a losing streak appears eminent with their poor defensive play.

12. Kansas State
The kitty kats are dead last this week after back to back losses to Louisiana Lafayette and UCLA. Bill Synder might be looking at himself in the mirror and start asking the question of why he came back to Manhattan. His offense has struggled with poor QB play, and defensively has broken down at critical times to win games. Improved effort on both sides of the ball are needed against Tennessee Tech this week with Iowa State looming for their Big 12 opener.

Coming back Tomorrow.....Skocz Out!!!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

COLLEGE GAMEDAY September 19, 2009

Ok so I didnt get a chance to blog like I wanted to last night but we're making up for it with a special College Gameday addition.


1. Nebraska vs. Virginia Tech Preview
2. Games To Watch
3. Around the Big 12

1. Its a big game today as we are finally about 5 hours from knowing exactly how good this Nebraska team can be this year. There's no question that playing in Blacksburg isn't the easiest place in the world, but this season it's manageable to go in and get a win. The keys for today's game are simple, you must run the ball effectively on offense. Running the ball becomes more important when you go on the road because it gives you a chance to control the pace of the game. Look at how effective Nebraska's offense was last season at Texas Tech....the defense was fresh and able to put Texas Tech into troubling 3rd and long situations. Today is no different for the Cornhuskers they must run the ball effectively to take pressure of Zac Lee's shoulders and give him opportunities to complete short passes for effective yardage gains. Another key today will be the play of the Husker's inexperienced Linebackers. Their play will be crucial to contain Tyrod Taylor in the pocket should he decide to take off and run. I expect our defensive line will create pressure but when Taylor steps up and away from the'll be the Linebacker's duty to clean up. Those are the two key matchups that I'll be looking at today.

Predicition: It's been a better part of a decade since Nebraska went on the road and won a game against a team that was ranked in the top Nebraska rights the ship and establishes themselves as a team and program turning the corner....Nebraska comes out today and shows that they can play a dirty grudge match game and run the ball down the Hokies throats...that running game will keep VT off the field and force young Tyrod Taylor to press to catch up against the Huskers. Nebraska will come up with a pivotal turnover that will seal the game away late as they did a few times at the end of last season. Huskers win 31-21

2. Some decent games to watch today as I'll be tuning into Cal Minnesota, FSU BYU, and Michigan State Norte Damn. Utah also takes on Oregon while Cincinnati tackles with Oregon State...night games tonight have Georgia @ Arkansas, and West Virginia battling Auburn....Good games em

3. Lets go around the Big 12 and see this weekend slate of games.
Texas Tech @ Texas
UConn @ Baylor
Wyoming @ Colorado
Iowa State @ Kent State
Duke @ Kansas
Kansas State @ UCLA
Furman @ Missouri
Nebraska @ Virginia Tech
Tulsa @ Oklahoma
Rice @ Oklahoma State
Utah State @ Texas A&M

Clearly Nebraska stands out as the best game in the Big 12, but I expect the UConn Baylor game to be entertaining as well. Predictions for the games. Texas, Baylor, Colorado, KU, UCLA, Misery, Sker's, OU, OSU, A&M.
Bill Synder won't like going to UCLA today as the Bruins are on cloud 9 from beating Tennessee last weekend....Dan Hawkins better win today against Wyoming, or he may be fired after the game is over.

Enjoy the games today....coming back on Tuesday.....GO SKER'S

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16, 2009

Well its a bit late getting this one out but I promise to blog today...and I've delivered.


1. Impact of National Televised Games
2. Okafor Leaves
3. Marcel Jones: Time to Step up

1. An interesting question has been aroused this week with the Husker Football team traveling to Virginia Tech about the impact of getting a W this weekend. I have heard numerous people call into local radio shows stating the a W this weekend would put Nebraska on the "map" and open doors to recruiting that Nebraska wouldn't have had access to before. Today in the Omaha World Herald Bo stated today that the national reputation of his program means "diddly" to him as he sees playing well and executing their practiced game plan and getting a W the most important aspects of this weekend's game. In retrospect a W would give national sports writers something positive to write about the Huskers and thus continue to be convinced that this program is moving in a right direction.
I personally think that this game is more of a grade out for Nebraska this season, how good are theses guys when they play equal or greater talent in front of them. By no means does this game dictate the success of this season. I think the real Nebraska team is going to be seen in the conference season. That is the part of the season that I feel Nebraska can take its first major step by winning the Big 12 North, making the Big 12 Championship, and showing Texas that we can give them a good run for their money. Yes I do believe that a win this weekend would give some nice publicity to the team and change the tone that Nebraska haters have been dishing out for the past few years. Think about this does it look for Nebraska if they go to VT, play very well, but lose by 3 points or less....what is the national image of Nebraska then??? Either way it still looks positive to me. This game will be a statement game, just not in the national perception that Husker Fans think, win and you are looked as kinda back but not, lose and your looked at as not close to the elite yet....either way its lose/lose....but its a win for Husker Fans if they upset VT Saturday.

2. Collins Okafor has left the Nebraska team, as confirmed by the Omaha World Herald. Its a shame that this once highly recruited kid from Omaha Westside has decided that he no longer wants to put in the work to be the player of greatness at Nebraska. I loved the size of the kid and the potential he had. As we have said to numerous kids that have come and gone from of luck to ya, but shame on you for walking away from the greatest program in the country....I'll defend that statement to the death....hands down.

3. A great article came out today about the play of Marcel Jones and how important it will be for him to elevate his game again. On Saturday he'll be lined up against another potential NFL draft pick DE. As we saw last week against Arkansas State, he struggled at times to catch up to the speed defensive end of Alex Carrington, this week he'll be matched up against VT's Jason Worilds. The speedy defensive end from VT will very likely play on Sunday's next year, and as we know the protection of Zac Lee I feel is a vital part of the game plan for Nebraska to beat VT. I expect Nebraska to run away from him, but look for Nebraska to push the ball towards Jones' side if he begins to wear Worilds down in the 4th quarter. This will be a big week for Jones, the experience of playing a high quality DE will give him the confidence to take on other Big 12 teams DE's during the season. I expect Jones to struggle against Worilds early but as the Husker's game plan unfolds against the Hokies, I expect Jones' game to get stronger and stronger as the game rolls on....If he plays out of his mind, a W is not that far out of reach for the Husker's this Saturday.

Coming back on Friday and one more time for a special Gameday Blog on Saturday......

Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14, 2009

I apologize for my fan base for not getting back to blog last Thursday as I promised. Life gets busy but no we'll blog 4 days this week.

The Hot List:

1. Nebraska/Arkansas State breakdown
2. Husker Volleyball
3. Big 12 Power Rankings

1. It was another stellar offensive game for the Huskers as Zac Lee continues to show his maturity and knowledge of the offense guiding the Huskers to 5 scoring drives in the first 6 possessions of the game. That kind of start made it almost near impossible for the red wolves to figure out how to attack Nebraska's defense and make it a game. I have become very impressed with Zac Lee's passing arm. He's been able to not only throw the ball all over the field but to deliver the ball with superb accuracy. Over 2 games the Husker's have shown that they haven't lost a beat since losing Ganz, but that the offense is evolving under Zac Lee into a more passing potent offense. It was nice to see Niles Paul become a focal point in the offense as I feel his play will be critical for Nebraska to upset Virginia Tech on the road this upcoming Saturday. The questions are becoming worrisome for the Husker Defense, the bright side was that they once again didn't break, but certainly bended a few times, giving up 10 plays of 8 yards or more. The play of the LB's has become a bit of concern for defensive coordinator Carl Pelini. He expressed that his young LB's will need to work at getting off blocks better and tackle better. These areas will need to be addressed this week as I expect the coaching staff to input a stronger defensive game play to stop the likes of Tyrod Taylor.
Offense: A-
Defense: B-

2. It's finally happened, after 90 games of victories, the Nebraska Volleyball team lost 3-2 to UCLA on Sunday at the Devaney Center. There was some irony in this game and John Cook's daughter, Lauren Cook, schooled the husker volleyball team to take home MVP in the Player's Challenge Tournament. It was difficult to watch as once again a very talented Nebraska player left the state to adorn colors of another team. This was the first meeting with Father and daughter, going to the daughter this time. Her play of 5 kills, 48 assists, and 15 digs in the 5 set victory gave her Bruins a big win over the Huskers. It was surreal to see the home winning streak come to an end, but as one person told me once before, streaks were made to be broken. Nebraska once again shot themselves in the foot with service errors, notching 9 in the loss, this play will most likely be Cook's focus this week. I'll be looking to see how the team bounces back from this loss, but knowing how Cook gets his teams focused....I'll be expecting them to rebound.
As for his daughter, I can't imagine how thanksgiving dinner will be like this year at the Cook house....more of this story to be played out in following years to come.

3. Tim Griffin of ESPN, posted his updated Big 12 Power Rankings and we find Nebraska still at #5 behind Kansas, OSU, Oklahoma and Texas. I agree that the gem of the conference will continue to be Texas as long as they keep winning...the get Texas Tech and College Gameday this Saturday. I would still put Oklahoma 2 after slaughtering Idaho State on Saturday, but I feel Nebraska should be #3, ahead of OSU who struggled mightily on defense and allowed Chase Keenum and Houston to pull out a 10 point upset win on their home field. I don't believe in teams walking around in uncharted waters, but I do believe that if you put too much emotions into one game, you'll more than likely lose the next one....too bad OSU wasn't mentally tough for that challenge. The Huskers are more than deserving of being the 3rd best team in the conference and if they go to VT on Saturday and make a statement I feel Tim will be changing his tune next week. How he feels Kansas is better than the Huskers at this point of the season is ridiculous. KU did play well on the road last week allowing UTEP to score a meaningless, but after 2 games Todd Reesing has only throw 3 TD passes, with all conference WR Briscoe hauling no TD's. Its clear they want to run the ball more this season, but after two games with Northern Colorado and UTEP have hardly allowed them to be ahead of Nebraska. I guess the real way to settle which team is better will come in November when the two tangle. I still like the Husker's winning that game...but there's soo much that can happen to both teams before than.

Coming back Wednesday........Skocz Out

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September, 9 2009

On the day of my cousin Nicole's birthday, 9-9-09, we have come back today from a very long weekend (mini vacation) to spread the hot news.

The Hot List:

1. Nebraska/FAU breakdown
2. College Football Recap
3. Headlines

Let take off....

1. It was an impressive win for the Sker's as they defeated FAU 49-3 on Saturday night. The things that jumped out to me was the play of the offense. After a dismal first series for the Cornhuskers, Zac Lee took control of the offense and executed with precision timing and rhythm to give the offense the spark it needed to sprung for TD's. The things on offense that stood out was the play of our true freshman, Cody Green & Rex Burkehead blocked out crowd of 80,000+ and looked like veterans on the field. They have shown that the positions of QB and RB will be set for a few years to come. Offense does have some things to work on this week in the WR department making catches, at times they dropped catchable balls but that was just getting some rust off in game time speed.

On the defensive side this game was suppose to test the defense and show where they were at this point of the season. They bended but didn't break on Saturday. The most impressive thing was creating turnovers where Nebraska had 3 and should of had 5. The disappointing thing came in the play of creating sacks...which Nebraska had zero.....adjustments are going to have to be made on the DL as I expect teams to roll their QB's out and away from our DL when we play. Their play was also set up by the lack of blitzing that the LB's did on Saturday. I expect them to create more pressure when Bo and his staff crank up the intensity in big games on the schedule.
Offense: A-
Defense: B+

2. It was a banner start the college football season seeing Oregon lose it starting RB for the year as he lost his cool after his team got trounced by Boise State 19-8 on Thursday night. Its a shame that "monkey's" still play college football...his suspension for the year warrants his actions...have fun sitting on the bench..douscher

It wasn't a banner start for OU as they lost to BYU 14-13 in arguably the biggest upset in week one. Sam Bradford was knocked out of that game and now will be sidelined 2-4 weeks with a sprained AC joint. The news got worse for the Sooners when they learned yesterday that start TE Jermaine Gresham will be out for the season after having knee surgery. The pitiful thing for OU is that when they lost Bradford, his backup looked light years away from being a competitive starter. It just comes to show how OU has been developing the future QB after Bradford leaves, and they haven't been doing a good job with it. They really never had a shot to win a national title this year and now I expect them to lose 3 more games this season (OSU, Texas, Nebraska). The surprising thing to see was their defensive play, with all their returning starters back, they allowed BYU to drive the ball down the field at the end of the game and score a winning TD on them. The Sooner river is running red with bloody wounds, they must heal quickly or face a very disappointing season and a mid-tier bowl they would win a BCS game this season anyway....haha NOPE

3. Headlines jumping out on the page today as Florida's star RB Debose, poised to take over the roll of Percy Harvin, will be out for the season after tearing his hamstring and having surgery on it....Jevan Snead is feeling a bit ill this week...not after winning but coming down with the case of the flu...Ole Miss is poised to have one of their biggest seasons since Eli Manning was there, lets hope he can get healthy...The Rebels play Southeastern Louisiana this weekend....and we can almost be safe to say that Dan Hawkins reign as coach at Colorado took a major hit when his team was beaten by CSU 23-17 on Sunday night. It hasn't been the success that Hawkins endured at Boise State, look at what Chris Peterson has done since taking over....think Hawkins could of done that...I don't think soo....hope he has his resume ready....because barring some kind of miracle season..he'll be out of a job in 2009....

Coming back tomorrow with a preview of Arkansas State, Husker Tidbits, and other headlines...

Skocz OUT!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 3, 2009

Well I'm back for one last time this week before I strap on my Red and Cheer my fanny off this weekend....Let's get into it.


1. Nebraska vs. FAU Breakdown
2. LB play...importance of the "Big Game"
3. Tid-Bits

1. Well we'll start with a breakdown of the FAU/Nebraska showdown this weekend and get my final score prediction. FAU brings some confidence this season returning 6'5 QB Rusty Smith who passed for 3224 yards and 24 TD's but did throw 14 INT's as well last season. One of the bigger matchup's comes from how much pressure Nebraska's defensive line can get to Rusty Smith....he brings back his top 7 receivers from last season as well as a pair of big athletic TE's in Jason Harmon (6-3, 210) and Jamari Grant (6-5, 210) who run more like big WR's than TE's. If Nebraska can get to Rusty Smith and get him to develop "happy feet" in the pocket and rush throws it could be a long day for the Owls. They will most likely look to pass the ball as I feel they have a non-existent rushing game returning just 1 RB from last season. The second biggest matchup in this game I feel comes in the secondary and LB well can these guys cover this athletic WR's? We'll need to be on our game right away to prevent the owls from building any momentum from the get go....I look at this game as more of a defensive much has our defense improved from last season....On Offense Nebraska should have no trouble with the Owls as they lost their top 6 tacklers from last season...they are a young inexperience group who are just unprepared to handle the running load of Helu and Burkehead.....

PREDICTION: This is a better opening opponent for the Husker's since they opened with OSU in 2003. If Nebraska's defense answers the call and gets pressure on Rusty Smith right out of the gate which is what I expect Suh and company to do then Rusty will have a long long day in the pocket....his jersey most likely will be battered from running for his life the whole game. I think that after this game we come out with a better sense that Nebraska has a legit defense that can stop good offenses this season and that the offense will still need some work in the passing game but will continue to make strides the whole game....Final Score: 42-14 Nebraska

2. Great article today in the Omaha World Herald about the play of LB's and how Nebraska will most likely start two redshirt freshman and a sophomore making them the youngest group of LB's in the Big 12. The growing pains that these guys will have to endure will have to be quick if Nebraska wants to be in Dallas at the end of the season playing for the Big 12 title. I think that even though we have a very very young group of LB's playing this year....that doesn't substitute the talent and knowledge of the game that I feel these guys have. We have to remember at times when we talk about the football team...the coaches have the final say...and there's nobody on the whole staff I support fully than Mike Ekler...he knows how to recruit and how to develop LB's....if these are our guys than they are...Look for Nebraska to rotate Blake Lawerance and Phillip Dillard in the mix as well...They'll need to be ready to rise to the challenge early and have a big game. This will no doubt build confidence within themselves that they can harness on all season. I think that when the season is complete these guys will have big years....making everyone else in the Big 12 cringe about the idea that this group could be playing together for the next 3 plus years.

3. A few tid-bits today as Nebraska really won't discuss exactly what they'll use Cody Green for on Saturday...he's by far progressed better than any freshman QB that Shawn Watson has ever'll be interesting if they think they can redshirt him and just use Zac all season or if he'll get some game snaps. I hope that if they chose to give him game snaps that they better decide to give him a decent amount from the whole dumb would they feel if they only gave him 10-15 reps all season losing a year of eligibility because of that....we shall see.

College Football kicks off tonight with Oregon playing at Boise State tonight...I've got Oregon tonight.......Let the season begin.

To all those I will see this Saturday....come find me in the family tailgating spot....I'll be texting you....Out until Wednesday to enjoy the Labor Day always GO BIG RED!!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September 2, 2009

I'm back and the freshness continues to roll off my fingers today...for those wanting their fix of life and sports....lets dive in.


1. Husker Basketball News
2. Eye On Husker Recruiting
3. Husker Notes

1. Doc Sadler got some good news and some bad news yesterday as the NCAA granted him a wavier to extend his scholarship limit to 14 but in return it'll cost him 15 games as Christian Standhardinger will not be allowed to play in any games till Big 12 play in January. This came after the NCAA originally was planning on not allowing Standhardinger to play at Nebraska in early May prompting Sadler to go out and recruit another player to fill his scholarship limit. That player signed with Nebraska and in late August Doc received word that Standhardinger status was changing and possibly for the best. Yesterday the NCAA ruled that Standhardinger could enroll at Nebraska but sit out 15 games. Doc is pleased with this decision as he gets to have 14 kids on scholarship and also will have some added size and height that Nebraska badly lost out in having last season. Doc also talked about not redshirting anymore kids because of the loss of redshirt players he has endured the past 2 seasons. The notion of kids wanting to play right away will now keep him away from doing that....hopefully that'll mean kids staying at Nebraska for 4 years. Either way in 2 months Nebrasketball will return....dunno how excited I am right now but when the time comes I'll be.

2. Good article today by Mitch Sherman of the Omaha World Herald talking about the small recruiting class that Nebraska has now standing at just 5 kids. Ted Gilmore the Husker recruiting director, insists that Nebraska has a big board of over 300 prospects to chose from and bring in for official visits. For people out there thinking Nebraska is going to have a huge 25-30 player class should sorely check the roster and see that Nebraska only has 14 seniors so we can reasonable expect this years class to be in the 17-18 player range. Although Nebraska is putting itself in position to have a major top 5 recruiting class next season as they are heavily recruiting 5-10 juniors that could be ranked in the top 20 in the country next season. Even if Nebraska doesn't make a big splash this season on the recruiting trail like other programs will, I full heartily believe Nebraska will have a top 5 class in recruiting will be a HUGE one for the Skers.

3. Husker Notes take a dabble on various topics and news-lines in Husker Sports....Husker Volleyball swept Creighton last night 25-19, 25-23, 25-16 to earn their 88 consecutive home win snapping Penn State's record. Nebraska now hasn't lost a home game in 5 years..I anticipate that this record could be over 95 by the end of the season...we'll see if they can keep that streak alive when they play bigger opponents like Texas.....Cody Green is quickly becoming one of the best freshman that Shawn Watson has ever coached...."He's football smart" giving him a chance to grasp the offense quickly...Watson has been very impressed with Green's ability to audible coverage's at the line of scrimmage in practice.....Bo continues to praise Jared Crick play in camp as he will be the opposing DT next to Suh...I hope that he's ready to elevate his game and prevent Suh from being double teamed...If Crick can draw that kind of attention that Suh will be demanding...our DL will have a HUGE season......Alex Henery is a stickler on technique and form as he video tapes himself and watches film on other successful kickers....probably explains a lot how he's made over 89.7 percent of his field goals in his career....Keep kicking away Alex....Bo used the FAU bonfire of burning the Nebraska N as motivation fuel for this weekend....Bad Idea FAU you should just show up and get pummeled instead of having a silly bonfire.

Coming back with the game preview, and much more tomorrow....Peace