Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2, 2009

Well its a new month but the info is just too hot today....We'll do this a few more times this week as the summer months have allowed me some time to blog when we have juicy things to talk about.

The Hot List:
1. Super Regional Preview
2. Memphis Scandal Continues
3. Colorado Coaching Problems

Lets not delay.....

1. Ok so I wasn't too bad on my picks for the regional winners. Texas, Arizona State, North Carolina, Fullerton, LSU, Louisville, FSU, Ole Miss, and Rice were all my correct selections. It was nice to see other schools get in such as Virginia, Arkansas, Southern Miss, TCU, East Carolina, Clemson, and Florida. Matchups are as follows:
TCU @ Texas
Southern Miss @ Florida
Clemson @ Arizona State
East Carolina @ North Carolina
Louisville @ CS Fullerton
Arkansas @ Florida State
Virignia @ Mississippi
Rice @ LSU

Some very good matchups and some powder puff games so you can pretty much put North Carolina in. Their matchup with East Carolina just isn't fair. They have a far better team with probably the player of the year on their team. The other matchups are pretty good but I still think that if the real Texas team shows up in their regional then they'll easily advance but looking at how it's been 4 years since they made it to Omaha, I'm not counting TCU out of pulling a huge upset. All games are on ESPN and ESPN2 this year. Should be fun to watch....Picks On Thursday and we'll preview the top 3 matchups tomorrow (ASU/Clemson, Virginia/Ole Miss, Rice/LSU)

2. The scandal at Memphis continues as reports today have surfaced from the school stating that they didn't find any evidence of cheating by Derrick Rose on his SAT score. The NCAA infraction committee is suppose to review these findings and make with a ruling in 6 to 8 weeks. I think that Memphis didn't totally know the situation from Derrick Rose. The more I read about this story the more I begin to think that the problem came from high school and that really Rose was at fault not the university. Although if it does come out that he knowingly did something to alter his test score and the University allowed him to be a student at the school without properly checking the validity of his scores, they would still be at fault. It just shows that you never can be to certain if the test scores of a certain top rated athlete are actually legit. I wouldn't be surprised if this kind of stories start popping up all over the country at other top universities. Better shore your lose ends up USC, Florida, Texas, Kansas, and North Carolina....before something like this arises and ruins your rep as a program.

3. Dan Hawkins announced today that he will be coaching wide receivers next season. CU has had a variety of problems related to injuries and people leaving the program. CU now looks at having no legit deep threat talent on the field as TE Ryan Wallace and WR Josh Smith have left the program for undisclosed reasons. Hawkins feels he has to put his knowledge into his WR's as he has lofty expectations to uphold after he called CU going 10-2 next season. Honestly things are in disaray at CU right now. They rely too much on their running game and in 3 seasons have yet to develop a decent QB to run their offense. Things have really changed since Shawn left...Love that he's here and staying at Nebraska...I'd be hard press to see them win 6 games next season with all the questions they still have to answer before the fall. Either way football is just around the corner...can't freaking wait.

Phil Steele picks Nebraska and Texas as winners of the Big 12 North and South in 2009. With Nebraska going to the Holiday bowl to play Cal. We'll see if he's right...more on this tomorrow.

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