Monday, September 13, 2010

September 13, 2010

Well after a wild week of getting things laid down with the first week of school I've mapped out blogging days. We'll try to get three days on the books each week. Mondays, Tuesdays, and possibly Thursdays.


1. Post Game Idaho Reaction
2. Reflection of Monster Saturday
3. Big 12 Rankings

1. We begin with a reaction and reflection into the 38-17 win over Idaho on Saturday. I think the most impressive thing to take away from the game was the play of the defense. They harassed Idaho's QB forcing him to throw 5 interceptions...two of which were housed for touchdowns by Dejon Gomes and Rickey Thenarse. That's a HUGE boost for this defense that after last week's game against Western Kentucky looked soft against the run. LaVonte David and Eric Martin could be the real deal at LB this season. Both looked well, allowing only 60 yards on the ground compared to over 150 last week. Clearly this coaching staff can gameplan for a team when they get a chance to see what they do on offense the week prior. Everything wasn't all peachy keen last weekend, the offense might of progressed a step back this past weekend. They turn-overed the ball four times, two of which should of resulted in scores. That's something that you simply cannot do in a game. There will come a time when you will have to finish drives late in games to put teams certainly don't want to be giving the ball to the other team on those opportunities. Overall I thought Taylor Martinez did take another small step forward into being the type of QB we all think he can be. He'll need to develop his passing threat though. When you play upper elite teams you have to be able to pass against those defenses to set up your running game. Right now I sense were a bit to run happy with Taylor's feet. When he drops back to pass, sometimes he doesn't wait at long before taking off...he'll need to develop patience to let his WR get open so big plays can be made in the passing game alongside his impressive running plays he continues to keep making.

Another pressing concern is penalties. We looked sloppy on Saturday being flagged 10 times for over 100 yards. That's six points you left on the field in penalties. I know Bo expressed his displeasure for how the team performed after halftime when we were ahead 31-3. You gotta find a way to shore up your sloppy mistakes and keep the fuel going. I expect we could be in a fourth quarter showdown this Saturday at Washington. When you haven't played mentally for four quarters yet this season, its hard to just do it when you need to. I don't doubt that Bo and his staff will have these guys better be...Jake Locker is no joke at QB this week.

2. After what we called MONSTER SATURDAY...I decide to weigh in on the major matchups from the weekend.

-No question the most impressive performance was in two games...Michigan and Oklahoma...scary to think what Denard Robinson will do in his next game. He just continues to put up XBox like numbers each they continue to keep winning that hot seat that Rich Rodriguez was sitting on keeps cooling...I still think he needs to win against the upper teams in the Big 10 to keep his job...but Robinson is still the talk of the first two weeks of the season...

-Oklahoma woke up on Saturday and decided to slaughter Florida State. Whether the Seminoles decided to overlook the Sooners, didn't diminsh Landry Jones going 30-40 for 380 yards and 4 TD's. Very disappointed that being ranked 17th, Florida State did have a chance to show it can compete with the best...the opposite happen...they took a major step back into mediocre while the Sooners helped convince all their preseaon pickers that they are very much in the National Title hunt.

-Boise State was a major loser this weekend, with Virginia Tech absolutely laying an egg and getting worked by James Madison. Another FCS school getting a win on the road last weekend. The Hokies looked awful on Saturday. People might blame it on the weather, but when you chose to not show up on likely will get beat. If you're a VT fan you have to be absolutely embarrassed...the panic button is being pressed yet, but if you don't make an honest effort to compete for the ACC title...what could of been this season could turn out to be one that Hokie fans may want to forget....this all but cements the Bronco's out of the BCS title picture...if that's your best win all good is that if VT never makes it back into the top 25???

-Miami showed that they have the speed to compete with the best teams in the country...they just need a smarter QB. Jacory Harris threw 4 INT's against Ohio State and sealed the Hurricanes fate on the road in Columbus. Give credit to Terrelle Pryor, he didn't have to be a superstar on Saturday....just produce points when his defense gave him short fields to work with...that's what he did....the Buckeye's better get that Special Teams corrected and fast....hate to lose out on a National title chance when a team returns a punt for a touchdown that loses the game for you....I've seen those things happen....Special teams TD change momentum and games

-Florida is in trouble...when your tied with South Florida at half 7-7....not good for that offense. I wonder if the Gators would win games if their defense didn't force as many turnovers as they have...Clearly they didn't mold the future of this offense when they had Tim can tell they miss his running ability....hmmmmmm wonder why Brantley keeps playing when this offense is more suited with a running QB....The Gators are barely keeping their head above the SEC East bury them when they have a chance (i.e. South Carolina).

-Texas didn't look that impressive on Saturday either...the Cowboys helped Texas out by not tackling well and trying to get out of their offensive rhythm at the end of the first half. That lead to two quick TD's. Wonder how this offense will look against OU in two weeks...better start panicking b/c I see a whooopin coming

-Theres one team in the Pac-1o ain't Stanford...its Oregon...the Ducks put on an offensive show in the second half against Tennessee. They are good...scary good...with LaMichael James back at Tailback now....this team really can only hurt itself on offense...schedule gets easier with Portland State next Saturday...all eyes are likely on Stanford game on October 2nd.

-Kansas might of saved Turner Gill...for now...getting an upset win over Georgia Tech is huge especially if the Yellow Jackets compete for a BCS bowl bid...but if you go winless in the Big 12 this big is that win you got last'll be a thing of the past if that happens...enjoy it while it last

3. I've waited a few weeks to do my Big 12 rankings...wanted to let a few teams play a few games first...

1. Oklahoma (2-0) vs. Air Force
The Sooners took a major step forward towards their national title hopes demolishing Florida State. Keep that high momentum going and this team will be very tough to stop. Impressive to see Landry Jones rebound from a bad game against Utah State to picking Florida State apart the next week. Concerns with Clay's injury concern their RB depth right now.

2. Nebraska (2-0) @ Washington
The defense showed it can make major strides in just one week to being the elite unit that Pelini raved about during the off season. Passing game is a must for this Offense to truly be difficult for any opposing Big 12 defense to stop. Taylor Martinez's speed gives those defenses fits already.

3. Texas (2-0) @ Texas Tech
Garrett Gilbert has been ok...not spectacular like his potential is. His first Big 12 Road Game could be scary for Longhorn fans due to the unimpressive running game that this team still doesn't have. Youth can only take you so far in this league....losses are coming Longhorns...

4. Texas A&M (2-0) vs. Florida International
Jerrod Johnson has made sure this offense has clicked early this season. Von Miller's bum ankle better get rested quit before playing OSU on September 30th. Wonder how many games the Aggies must win to keep the hot seat cool for Mike Sherman?

5. Missouri (2-0) vs. San Diego State
Blaine Gabbert keeps putting up great numbers each kidding anyone can against McNeese State. No big test this week...but Miami of Ohio could be next weekend...the Tigers need another offensive running back to develop since they lost Derrick Washington for the season.

6. Kansas State (2-0) vs. Iowa State
Daniel Thomas continues to run over any defense each week. UCLA doesn't look like a great win since they got shutout by Stanford over the weekend. The emergence of Coffman as a passing threat give the Wildcats some new offensive excitement.

7. Texas Tech (2-0) vs. Texas
Blowing out New Mexico really isn't the best tune up with Texas coming to town this weekend. Tommy Tubberville has a chance to make a name for himself...better get that Raider Magic going. Defense has played solid but will be tested in its pass defense this weekend.

8. Baylor (2-0) @ TCU
Bear fans love seeing Griffin back...healthy...and now throwing for TD's. The evolution of their passing game could give the bears a scary offense to contend with in the Big 12. Both units will be tested with TCU...could be a sign to come for how the Bears think they'll fare against A&M, Texas, Oklahoma, and OSU this season.

9. Oklahoma State (2-0) vs. Tulsa
Going down to the wire with Troy is cause for concern. The offense must shore up its sloppy play with the Aggies on the slate in two weeks on a Thursday night. Defense has shown its youth side...lots to shore up before Big 12 play...Cowboys should be concerned on both sides of the ball at this point of the young season.

10. Iowa State (1-1) @ Kansas State
The Cyclones got gashed by Iowa's running back duo. Not a great sign as you ask that defense to stop the conference's best running back in Daniel Thomas this week. The troubling side was how this offense sputtered playing a well talented defense. Not a great sign for the Cyclones with Utah, Texas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska still on the schedule.

11. Kansas (1-1) @ Southern Mississippi
Getting an upset win over Georgia Tech might of cooled off the disgruntled Jayhawk fans wanting a new coach after last week's loss to North Dakota State. True test to see how this team plays on the road this week. With 8 homes games this year...winning games on the road is a must for the Jayhawks to right the ship after last year's dismal season in the Big 12.

12. Colorado (1-1) vs. Hawaii
Getting whooped by Cal has Buff fans scared of what life will be like in the Pac-10. Think it will be easier...hmmmm guess again...Pathetic to see a fifth year coach take a team and look completely out matched....could be a long long season for Hawkins again....wonder if the AD will clearly the budget to get rid of him this year?

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