Sunday, November 21, 2010

November 11, 2010

In the midst of sitting in my hotel room packing up from what I feel was gonna be the best road trip of my life...I'm reminded about one very obivious thing from last nights game...

This conference will screw over anyway that it can to prevent us from winning a conference title. Last night Nebraska wasn't outplayed...they were taken out of the game by the officials. The Big 12 conference for years has had awful crews, may we remind the Husker Faithful about the Big 12 Title game last year??? Again that becomes a touchy subject with all Husker Fans. Last night probably was the worse officiating I've ever seen. You can't say that the 12th man was the difference last night unless you slipped him some 100 dollars bills into that stripped ass of the officials. It was absolutely a few of the worse calls I've ever knew that it was against you when our P.I. call was wiped away forcing us to have to kick a field goal instead of getting the game winning touchdown.

It just comes to show that no matter what we do from here on out, us as fans will no doubt be thinking about the officials and whether they wanna screw us over to give a title to a team that will be staying their conference. As I walked out of the stadium last night I was humbled that the fan base here in College Station really handled the big win for their program with very classy respect. I was impressed. They have some rich history here and I thank them for that. It made taking the loss that much easier.

I think getting on Taylor isn't worth getting into. Clearly in the most hostile crowd of his career you can't send a gimpy T-Mart out there and expect magic. Clearly our offense lives and dies with his bum ankle. We'd like to see the flashy speed he had earlier in the season...but the reality is we won't. That ankle clearly needs lots of time to heal. He won't be healed up again till next season. We just have to create an offensive game plan that allows us to score points without putting more risk to his health...lofty request....but a must....

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  1. Officiating is out to get Nebraska, no doubt about that. However, there is nothing the huskers can do about that. Every game they've lost in the past 2 years though has been because of complete lack of offensive production. I think Saturday night was that the last straw for Watson. Look at the results, he's simply not getting the job done.