Friday, August 14, 2009

August 14, 2009

Well there's always so much to talk about in the world of sports so today I wont waste anytime with banter before we dive into the topics.....lets go:


1. Husker Football Practice Report
2. Big 12 North Preview: K-State
3. Headlines

1. Big headlines came out of yesterday's practice as Kody Spano re-injured his knee during practice and now will miss the entire 2009 campaign. This is really a major blow to the team, more so than last spring when he first injured his knee. Latravis Washington now finds himself in unfamiliar water...competitng for the #2 QB job. His development at QB is very cruicial for Nebraska's hopes to redshirt Cody Green. Washington must now establish himself as a legit backup to Lee because the value of a redshirt season for Green before being pressed into the spotlight in 2 seasons when Lee departs would give him the best chance at playing for an extended period of time and is huge in his development as our next starter...(be nice to see a starter play for 3 sesasons). This injury also I feel puts some more added pressure on Zach Lee now...not soo much to perform at a "championship" level that we all want to see him perfrom at this season but now he'll have to be smart in the pocket to protect his health. An injury to Lee would be devastating to the hopes and goals of this team in 2009. Look at how sore Joe was at the end of last season, I recall him getting lit up a bit in the Gator Bowl....having a stable backup that can take a few game reps away from Lee will be nice for him to keep his health in tip top shape. I'll be looking at how the #2 race shakes itself up and how Martinez, Kellogg, Green, and Washington all handle the pressure of wanting to be #2. Next week we'll turn our eyes on to another position battle of great interest to me...WR's

2. My Big 12 preview continues again as we look at that crappy purple team from Kansas.....K-State. Once again K-State hopes of being a stable contender for the Big 12 took huge hits the last few seasons when Bill Synder left K-State with minimal talent and left the reins to Ron Prince...who in 3 seasons did nothing of value and forced the university to make another drastic move to get Synder back.....I don't think that this is the best hire for the university but it does make sense to bring back the one coach who put K-State on the map...but clearly Synder got worn down with 4-7 teams at the end of his first tenue at K-State. Last season Josh Freeman had talent to throw the football but lacked the intelligence to become a top teir QB in the Big 12. Replacing him at QB will be the wildcats first priority as well as establishing a solid running game as Lemark Brown rushed for only 412 yards last season, 8 yards more than Jost Freeman who was the proto-typical "pro" style quarterback. K-State has one legit playmaker on offense small speedy WR Brandon Banks, who notched over 1000 yards and 9 TD's last season. Defense also is an issue with this team....clearly I remember Nebraska trouncing them for over 600+ yards of total offense last season. Clearly this is going to be yet another difficult year for K-State as Ron Prince left Synder's esteeem program in shambles when he was mysteriously bought out from the university's old AD. The first four games on the schedule could allow K-State to start out at 3-1 with W's over UMass, Louisiana-Lafayette, and Tenn Tech...but look for them to lose on the road at UCLA on Sept. 19th. The conference schedule starts out with maybe 3 winnable games against Iowa State, Tech, and A&M at home on Oct. 17th....the rest of the schedule gets a bit messy with tough games against Colorado, OU, Kansas, Missouri, and ending at Nebraska on Nov. 21....K-State could be 6-1 but I expect 5-2 losing at Tech on Oct. 10, I dont expect them to win any of their remainding games losing to Colorado, OU, Kansas, Missouri, and the Huskers.
2009 Prediction: 5-7 and staying home for the holidays....again...too bad kitty kats

3. Headlines today jump out at me seeing big baby Suh on Ivan Maisel's preseason All American list...I think that we should of had 2 as clearly Alex Henery is the best kicker in the country...hands down and I'll defend that statement to the death....the big 12 gets 5 people on his list...I like Ivan...he writes great columns and is usually very knowledgable about College Football...I agree on who he put on his list just that the left off Alex.....

I'm enjoying watching truly a legend in one sport...Golf...Tiger Woods show dominace again at the PGA championship......we'll never see another golfer like him....dont lie to your cheer for him just like I do...go Tiger...your next major is just 2 days away......

I'm out for the's been fun hanging out in Indianapolis for the week.....have a big weekend before returning to the great state of Nebraska on Monday...I'll blog again Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday next week....till then....enjoy your weekend...and as always GO SKERS!!!!!

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