Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24, 2009

Well I start another semester of classes and before I head to my first class I'll blog a bit before then.....HUGE things to talk about today.....lets dive in.


1. Castille Dismissal
2. Husker Practice Report
3. Who's QB U in the Big 12???

1. It was the biggest headline over the weekend...Quentin Castille was dismissed from the team following an undisclosed violation of team rules. You know that Bo is a no nonsense guy...and if Quentin was straight kicked off you know it was pretty serious.....I"m proud of Bo for making a stand and not getting caught up in what winning right away could do to the long run of his program....My mom made a really good point over the weekend saying what in the heck are these guys thinking...they come to NEBRASKA, not just any smuck school where there's no fan base or tradition...little kids look up to these guys as gods at this school. You have to understand that as a student athlete that plays football at Nebraska you have to adhire to a much higher standard in your personal life because everybody is always watching you and looking up to you. This was definitely a big blow to the team because Castille clearly was going to be the #2 behind Helu....Do you think we win the Gator Bowl last January without him...I don't think soo. It's just a shame that he went and thought of himself over the matter what sport you play....if you think like'll most likely be searching for a new place to call home.

This opens the door for Rex Burkehead...the stellar freshman has had an unbelievable preseaon camp and is now looking at buring a redshirt year and playing immediately behind Roy....I like Rex's attitude, he works hard, keeps his mouth shut, and plays good ole Nebraska style football....I expect HUGE things from on the look out.

2. Not much to report on the practice report as the team wrapped up it's final 2-a-days on Friday and had a mini scrimmage on Saturday....Larry Asante has begun to asert himself as the leader in the secondary...something that I am excited to finally hear about. He has always been very talented since he first came to Nebraska....but as we have seen with junior college transfers they take a few years to get use to the level of competition that it takes to play D-I football. I'm excited because the secondary has a chance to be one of the nice strengths of this team....and with the abundant passing offenses in the Big 12 it's ever important to have a solid group of DB's. We'll get our first look at how good our secondary can be in the first game of the season. FAU returns a veteran QB and a wealth of talented WR's....our secondary will be tested early....I'll evaluate their play in 2 weeks....can't wait.

3. I read an interesting article by ESPN's Tim Griffin about which Big 12 school can officially call itself QB-U from looking at how many QB's have played in the NFL. Who lead the list? Nebraska with 6 QB's. Vince Ferragamo played the most games but Nebraska hasn't had a good QB play in the NFL in awhile. Either way it was awesome to see that OU the team with the best winning percentage in the Big 12 in the last 10 years had NO QB's start in the NFL.....too bad soo sad...GO SKER'S.

Well that's it for today...I'll come back Wednesday and chitter chat it up some more...Death to Twitter...SKOCZ OUT!!!

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