Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 18, 2009

I'm back in Nebraska now and it feels good to be surrounded by the great state of Husker Fans....Colts crap everywhere gets a little old after a few days.....Let's dive in....


1. Husker Practice Report
2. Alex Gordon Saga
3. Headlines

I know many of you guys were excited to read some more on my big 12 preview.....but we'll continue with that tomorrow.

1. Husker practice continues and the I-bug is biting the team early this year....mainly on the OL. Brent Qvale joins a list of OL to be injured as Mike Smith returned to practice after having a hamstring pull. This is becoming concerning to me because the OL play that Nebraska needs to be successful is vital and this team needs to make big strides to get solid play to beat good defensive teams. I'm keeping my eyes very focused on the tackle positions because those are the spots that protect Zac Lee's blind and front side. Thier play is critical because they ultimately affect the health of Zac Lee. Husker fans know that we cant afford to have him go down this season...he's too important for the success of the team and we dont have a stable backup like we have had in season's past. Bo has been pleased with the intensity of team so far in practice. Thats great to hear because you know that they are just antsy to hit someone else. I hope they can continue this up because big gains can be made in becoming a better team.....especially next week....I'll keep watching.

2. News comes out today about Alex Gordon getting demoted to AAA Omaha where he will finish the remainder of the season. It's disappointing because many fans want to see Gordon become a superstar. I did see him hit a homer against Seattle last week...he's on the right track but just not happening for this year. I think in the long run Gordon is going to become a mid-level type of player...a guy that consistently puts up decent numbers but not superstar numbers. I think in the long run this is the type of player he will become...its disappointing because many people wanted him to be a superstar...just shows how much scouts know about the talent they draft...Gordon's good..just not great....

3. Brett Favre signs with the Vikings to officially drive the stake of hate into Packer Fan's hearts. Its disappointing to see a guy who was so well respected by the media, to trash is reputation and image like he has done in the last few years. He's a liar, greedy, selfish, and just a big baby. I've never been a fan of him and now this will be the only part of my blog I'll ever talk about him...he's a coward...I cant wait till he sucks it up again like he did last season....retires and then tries to get back into football...there needs to be a rule that once you retire from the NFL your out for good...then this crap will stop happening...can't wait to hear him booed at Packer Field when the Vikings play them....maybe the only time I chose to watch the Packers.....GO CHIEFS!!!!

Tiger Woods did the unthinkable on Sunday....blew a major....there's been a lot of talk about him just getting outplayed but when Tiger wants to be Tiger...no golfer can take him down. He didnt have the magic like he has had in years past when he's won majors. He'll win again, but not till next year's Masters. For the sake of Golf it was huge because it showed that the greatest golfer in the world can get beaten...only when he plays poorly. I hope that Tiger can get it back, because more people just tune in to watch him when he's vieing for titles. I did, so for Golf he better get the magic back.....he will....just watch.

Coming back hot again tomorrow...till then....Skocz Out!!!

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