Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8, 2009

Well I'm back and enjoying a SNOW DAY!!! AND just found out that I get to enjoy another one tomorrow. We'll dive it and not waste anytime....


1. Big 12 Championship Game Grade Outs
2. Big 12 Officiating (Vent)
3. Suh's Award List

1. Well once again Nebraska and Texas played a memorable game that will go down as one of the greatest games for the Big 12 Championship game and in the Nebraska/Texas series. Its painful to be on the losing side again...but heads up as better days are quickly coming. We won't waste anymore time...to the Grade Outs:

Offense: F
Defense: A+

Offense: As expected I anticipated Nebraska to come out with about the same game-plan like they did against Oklahoma....but the bad thing about that was Texas was thoroughly prepared for the limited Nebraska offense. Nebraska had a chance to use plays like A&M did that gashed Texas for most of the night on Thanksgiving. Nebraska did none of that....it was very disappointing to see Nebraska's offense fail to get over 200 yards of offense and once again produce no touchdowns. We'll talk about the officials later, but bottom line of it is...if you don't put 7's on the board...you'll set yourself up for what happened at the end of that game. It's pathetic and officially the panic button is on, this team simply has to wake up and learn to execute better and grow up. What's disappointing is 13 games into the season, this offense simply looks like it's regressed each week instead of getting better. Arizona will bring a respectable defense that will challenge this offense in the same manner like they were tested on Saturday. I'd hate for our defense to play another great game and have our offense lose it for us. This loss is squarely on their shoulders. They were unable to run the ball effectively, and timing and communication breakdowns between Niles Paul and Zac Lee gave the ball to Texas twice in that game. Its just awful to watch, and play calling is now very basic because these guys can't execute whats called. I know people will bash Shawn Watson, but I have huge respect for him and love the offense he runs, the problem is that Nebraska simply does not have talent in the right places for this offense to move the ball down the field in big chunks. You can blame one or two guys, but the bottom line it comes down to 11 guys doing it on the field all at the same time, and they simply haven't done that all season. so disappointing.

Defense: We'll talk more about Suh later, but holy cow....what can't be said about what these guys did all season. A perfect grade comes out of this game because I believe the officials gave Texas 10 points which means Texas only mustered up 3 points against this defense. When you do that you win pretty much every game you play. They held the #3 scoring offense in the nation to just 13 points. It was a masterful gameplan by Bo and his staff and you could see the passion that they were playing with on the field all day. McCoy and company were not ready for this defense, and they can pat themselves on the back. They outplayed Texas all day and in my eyes left Dallas as the conference champions, just the score didn't say so. Nine sacks on Colt McCoy...are you kidding...enough said...awesome job boys.

2. VENT: Big 12 Officiating
***WARNING: This is a vent, the views of this section may not be shared by all...grow up and don't be offended***

The Big 12 conference needs to get off their ass and hire new officals across the board. The crap that Husker fans had to deal with for 8 games this season its total bullshit. I don't deny that an extra second should have been put back on the clock at the end of the game, what I don't like is how that game was blatantly called for one school...Texas...not Nebraska. Two pass interference calls gave 10 points to Texas, with another horsecollar call giving them a chance to kick the game winning field goal. Its just awful that Nebraska has had to put up with this all season. They have been awful this season, with it all culminating on that one final play. That simply has been the reason why Nebraska can't get over the snide of beating a top 5 team....officials. I won't lie that Nebraska has been outplayed in a few games but the Big 12 clearly was looking to save its ass and keep Texas in the BCS title game. How many times have we've seen teams hold this shit out of our defensive lineman and get NO calls? I saw way to many on Saturday. The officials need to simply just call the game fair and give each team an equal chance to win the game...this was not the case on Saturday. Dan Beebe clearly will sacrifice the integrity of the conference just to keep its team in the BCS title game. Its pathetic that politics govern more of what happens on the field than what the final score says. That play shouldn't have never been reviewed at the end of the game, it was given to Texas to allow them to get to Pasadena. Timers are so cavalier with when to stop the clock when a ball is throw out of bounds, why does this one get to be so heavily review...oh wait I know...this was national screw over Nebraska year...it's bullshit and if someone doesn't get fired I'll start my own riot. Bo has every right to be upset with the sequences of calls that have consistently gone against his team this season, it shows that if you don't wear red every weekend, everyone else is just out to screw you. Bo had his first title robbed from him, and it certainly better not ever ever ever happen again to him. Eat it Mac Brown because I guarantee you that your team is leaving in a body bag next season in Lincoln...and enjoy getting trounced in the title game....Roll Tide.

3. Last night Ndamukong Suh won the Bronko Nagurski Trophy, presented to the nation's top defender by the Football Writers Association of America. It begins what is a very busy week of traveling for Suh and likely a long long list of awards that he will likely take home this season.
Heres what he has left:

Wednesday: Lombardi Award
Thursday: Outland Trophy, Walter Camp Award, and the Bednarik Award
Saturday: Heisman Ceremony

For those that don't know the Lombardi Award is awarded annually to the best college football lineman or linebacker. The Outland Trophy goes to the nations best lineman (either Offense or Defense), and the Bednarik Award goes to the College Defensive Player of the Year. He's up against some of the best defenders and offensive lineman in the country but simply outside of the Heisman he'll likely be a uniamous winner in each of them. He's earned it with 82 tackles, including 23 for losses, and 12 sacks. He's been a beast all season and he simply whipped the Texas offensive lineman all night last weekend. People around the country got to see first hand how special and talented this guy really really is. He'll greatly be missed next year and could go down as one of the most dominate defensive lineman we've ever seen play the game.

Coming back tomorrow as I'll have nothing to do but blog, since its another SNOW DAY...thanks for those people who helped me with research for this post...till tomorrow...stay warm.

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  1. to say the big XII did everything they could to assure texas made it to the championship is an understatement...

    seriously have you ever seen another instance where they review the clock at the end of the game??? its colt's own fault for running whatever play that was then they still get a gift of a bonus second to kick the field goal.. what happens if they missed that or it was blocked? phantom offsides i guess