Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December 16, 2009

Its a late night for me, but I must spread the good word tonight.


1. Pac-12??? How possible is that?
2. College Bowl Mania
3. Husker Tid-Bits

1. As if we haven't heard enough about the Big 10 considering expanding, news broke later today that the Pac-10 will now strongly consider expanding their league by two teams. This becomes a very interesting situation for the Big 12 and Big East. Clearly the Pac-10 is in a bit of a better situation I feel than the Big 10 to add two teams to its league and clearly the Pac-10 has reaped a few victories in the bowl season more than the Big 10. It becomes clear that the only Big 12 team interested in possibly going to the Pac-10 becomes Colorado. Clearly the Denver market would bring strong revenue to the Pac-10. Also, the Pac-10 absolutely has to take one of the following 3 programs with no questions asked Boise State, Utah, or BYU. Look clearly in the past few seasons each of those programs have caused enough head ache for the commissioner of the BCS (Harvey Perlman). By adding one of those programs it would automatically boost the conference. I propose you add Colorado and Boise State. You bring a program somehow ridiculously ranked in the top 10 every season with a major market team in Colorado (Denver). That way Boise State can officially get knocked down a few pegs since it gets to play real opponents in it's conference...although I'd be hard pressed to see the WAC give them away. As a Husker Fan I really wouldn't miss Colorado's crappy fans bring the image of the Big 12 down each week. With that in mind should Colorado split for the Pac-10, that would allow the Big 12 to get TCU. They are very deserving of a bid to a major conference as is Utah, and BYU. Either way the moves of the Pac-10 and Big 10 could shake up the Big 12 to get both TCU and Arkansas in...hmmmm now that would be a better conference but Iowa State still needs to be dropped...maybe we can switch them for C-USA? Kinda shows how these championship games nobody liked when they first started are becoming really talks.

2. College Bowl Mania is in full swing this season as myself and thousands of people have logged onto and started picking all 32 bowl games. The trick comes when you have to assign point values to each bowl (1-32). I won't reveal any of my choices till the Bowl season kicks off this Saturday. Today I felt the need to dive into a matchup that I feel is very interesting. No its not the national title game or Nebraska...we'll be talking more about them next week. Today's matchup discussion is: Sun Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Stanford

Look there's no question that Oklahoma is very very disappointed to be in this bowl game. Its the first year in almost 10 years that Oklahoma isn't in the Holiday Bowl or a BCS bowl game. They arguably are still a very very talented team. One that I felt was the most talented team that Nebraska had beaten all season. Landry Jones brings a team riding some well needed momentum after thrashing Oklahoma State in the Bedlam Game. Oklahoma loves to pound you with their stiff defense which feeds well into what Stanford does, pound the rock with Toby Gerhart. I'll be hard pressed to see him running all over the OU team. No matter the magnitude of this bowl game, Bob Stoops knows the importance of nabbing a win for a team that is young and full of talent. I expect it to be a long day for Stanford because when you can't run the ball with Toby Gerhart...what else do they have? Nothing. I expect an OU win...handily.

3. We conclude tonight with Husker Tid-bits....its seems Nebraska has notched its first signee of the 2010 class. Junior College lineman Jermarcus Hardrick, a 6-7, 315 pound offensive tackle, who at one point was committed to LSU will officially enroll at Nebraska in January and be around for spring football. Given how badly our tackles have played at times, having a huge body JUCO can make offensive lineman coach Barney Cotton rest easy at night knowing that given his size he should make a major impact at Nebraska...the question is how ready is he to play in the Big 12.

Shawn Watson talked about the spotty line play Nebraska has gotten this season could of been attributed to the loss of key lineman that were redshirting. Injuries to Jesse Coffey, Brent Qvale and Jeremiah Sirles all contributed to a lack of depth that was a key to the success of the offense last season. Hmmmm maybe all those haters out there who say that this offense is going nowhere should really shut up for a bit and wait for next season. I see big things in store for 2010.

Latravis Washington and Taylor Martinez will likely stay in the mix at QB for 2010. Shawn Watson said today that the coaching staff thought long and hard about what to do with the two talented players that can make an impact at LB and Safety next season. The thought is that with 2 QB's back next season that saw the field, the likely thing is to move Taylor Martinez to a position where he can have immediate success at. With the complexity of this offense, I'd hate to see a kid that could shine at safety, CB, or WR, sit buried on the depth chart at QB. With Nebraska likely hot on the best QB for 2011, the time to make the move for Taylor is now. It's not coming...but should happen...I'm all for making the team better, and this is one of those moves that will make Nebraska a better team in 2010.

Gotta a nice lineup for tomorrow....come back...till then...

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