Monday, May 11, 2009

May 11, 2009

Ok I feel horrible that it has been about 2 weeks since I've blogged but we'll get back to a regular schedule now that I'm on Summer Break!!! As always we're never short on topics to discuss today.

The Hot List:

1. Husker Baseball Recap and Preview
2. Husker Football News: Recruiting
3. Sam Keller Sues

Lets Not Waste.....

1. Nebraska Baseball just keeps sinking to lower levels these days. Nebraska lost another home series this time at the hands of Cal State Bakersfield, a team in it's first season of playing division I baseball. This was simply embarrassing to watch as a fan. Nebraska got out pitched and out hit from a team now 11-32 on the season. Only 4 games left and we can all forget about how far the program has fallen in just one year. We'll have a preview of Nebraska's series against Baylor this week. Tomorrow Nebraska can go for some dignity by beating Creighton and take the season series from them. Either way I expect them to finish out this season like they have played all year....bad and with losses....till next year.

2. Nebraska football is in the midst of a quite time right now as the coaches have entered the ever important evaluation period. This is the time where the coaches evaluate new and current prospects and determine if we should hand out scholarships to other prospects. There is no doubt that this recruiting class will be a landmark one for Nebraska. Every time I read we're in the mix for highly recruited guys from the states of Texas, California, and Louisiana. We'll have an eye on Husker Recruiting this week as we'll take a look at defensive lineman. This position will be a key for this recruiting class as we have to find a prospect to fill the shoes of Suh after this season. I expect Nebraska to have about 10-12 prospects committed before the fall season starts. There's no question that Bo is doing the right things at Nebraska and that kids across the country are beginning to take notice. I think we have the right guy at the helm, and it's only a matter of time before we're in the top 5 every season. GO BIG RED....117 days till kickoff...are you ready???

3. Couldn't help myself to think of how much of a douscher Sam Keller is these days as he is suing EA sports and the NCAA for player likeliness that they have created in their NCAA Football games. I think that this has to do with the "mysterious" tattoo that same had on his left are the he wore a sleeve to protect nobody from seeing it. Someone must have caught a picture of it and maybe put it in the game. Either way I hope I don't have to see him in the headlines anymore...he's clearly starved for attention....and really never embraced what it meant to play QB at Nebraska. Keep tearing it up in the AFL Sam, your never be NFL caliber.

Congrats to the Husker Softball team for making the NCAA tournament. At least one spring sport has done something nice this season. Go Cheer for them when they travel to Knoxville this week.

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