Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May 27, 2009

I'm back again and I feel that this blog has gotten some popular feedback. I was approached by other telling me to get off my keyster and get blogging. Sooo were going hot today.

The Hot List:

1. Regional Baseball Preview
2. Big 12 Football News
3. Future of Husker Baseball

1. We've come to what I think is the best event of the summer...the NCAA Baseball tournament. Starting Friday 16 regionals get underway with 64 teams playing for a chance to make it to Omaha. I was surprised to see that Texas got the #1 seed over Irvine, Fullerton, and LSU. I didn't agree with some of the committee's selections. OSU got into the tournament this year after they failed to make the big 12 tournament going 9-16 in big 12 play. Teams like Eastern Illinois and Rhode Island were left out because of this. If you don't make it to your conference's post season tournament you shouldn't make a regional. They'll play Alabama and likely face Clemson. With OSU's pitching they could be the most dangerous team in a regional as they have 2 clear pitchers that they can use to win the regional and make it to Omaha (scary to think how rested they are by not pitching last week). By far the toughest regional is the Irvine Regional with Cal Irvine, ACC Tourney Champ Virginia, and San Diego State with the best pitcher in the country on their team and defending National Champions Fresno State. I don't know who to pick to win this one as I feel all four teams could win, but it's unlikely we'll see Fresno State make another run to Omaha like they did last year.
Regional Picks Tomorrow

2. Big 12 News today as the Big 12 netted $103.1 million dollars from the conferences bowl bids and television contracts they signed last season. Nebraska saw its budget increase by $9.1 million dollars. The committee had a formula to break down half the money evenly among the 12 schools and they the rest was determine based on # of appearances on TV. Nebraska continues to do well in getting on TV. I do feel that tons of people around the country will continue to watch Nebraska on TV. I do. I think the money will most likely go to Nebraska student study area expansion in the west stadium. Either way it's nice to know that every season Nebraska can net another $9 million in extra bucks to improve the program in Lincoln.

3. Well it was nice to see Nebraska sweep Baylor to end the season 2 weeks ago. Now the most pressing question comes into everyone's minds: Can Nebraska rebound??? I think that this is the most important MLB draft that Nebraska has to face this season. It can ill afford to lose Mike Nesseth and Adam Bailey to the draft or any other recruits. This will be the biggest recruiting class for Nebraska. In year's past the draft has stolen great talent that should have made it to Lincoln. This season was one of forgetting and Mike must now make sure that his recruits are signing on the dotted line to come to Lincoln this fall and not going pro. I think this is a make or break time for him. If he puts it together and we rebound, Mike we'll be around, but if Nebraska has another struggling season where we look like the JV team of the Big 12 you can bet that he'll be on the hot seat and likely out of a job in 2 to 3 years.
We shall see what happens.

More tomorrow.

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