Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 28, 2009

I'm keeping it fresh and keeping it rolling today...

The Hot List:

1. NCAA Coaches Poll
2. Regional Picks
3. Notre Damn not welcome in the Big 10

1. We start with a story about how the coaches poll will now keep their final ballot they cast secret. This will begin in the 2010 season. Prior to 2005 the coaches ballots were held confidential but the BCS officials made a move to force coaches to make their poll public after Texas made it into the Rose bowl. This is just ridiculous, I think that if your a coach your vote should be held confidential. All those officials want to do is look at the poll and scrutinize a coach who didn't vote their way. I'm glad after next season the poll is going secret. We need a playoff in college football because I feel the BCS just isn't working like we all want it too.

2. I promised regional picks and here they are:
Super Regional Match-ups:
Texas vs. Texas A&M, Georgia Tech vs. Miami, Arizona State vs. Alabama, East Carolina vs. North Carolina, CS Fullerton vs. Louisville, Georgia vs. Oklahoma, UC Irvine vs. Mississippi, Rice vs. LSU
Could be some great super regional match-ups...we'll see how it plays out.

3. Read an interesting article today about Joe Paterno stating that Notre Damn is not welcome in the Big 10. He has recently been the spokes person for getting another team in the conference to have a conference championship game. I feel the logical team should be Notre Damn, think of how many wins they would get if they played Ohio State, Michigan, and Wisconsin every year. They would be hard pressed to be 5 or better in the Big 10. Either way Notre Damn isn't going anywhere b/c with their TV contract with NBC they just make too much money on their own as an independent. Someday Notre Damn will be hurting soo much that they'll have to get into a big time conference...don't count out the Big 10 but the Big East is more likely with their baseball and basketball teams already playing in their conference.

Skocz is out...more tomorrow

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