Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October 13, 2009

As promised I've returned again for 3 great days of blogging....we'll do it up today, Wednesday, and Thursday this week...and get back to the regular schedule.....


1. Blackshirts...When Is The Right Time To Hand Them Out?
2. My Top 25
3. Big 12 Rankings

1. After Nebraska's dominating performance defensive against Missouri...most fans would have expected to see Bo Pelini hand out the coveted "blackshirts" to his starting defense on Monday. That was no such case...when asked when the team would be receiving them...Bo responded with "Next Question". This has become a more pressing question and topic than what the team is doing to prepare for a very good and competitive Texas Tech team this weekend. What is my opinion.....honestly yes I believe that they have earned the right to wear them, but Bo has a very specific idea on when his team has earned them...and in his eyes they haven't done that. I think it'll take not just one aspect of the defense having a dominating game but all 11 guys will have to dominate together. When that happens and they get them...it'll mean that much more to those guys. We all need to just quit asking the head coach and turn our attention to real pressing issues with this team like what corrections on offense are going to be made this week, how's Roy's health, what schemes is Nebraska working on for Texas Tech defensively....I think those are better questions to probe Bo Pelini for then asking when the team gets their blackshirts. I think that if they play a complete game against Texas Tech...he'll have no choice but to hand them out in practice next week....just have patience and when the team has earned them....they'll get them.

2. My New Top 25 for the week of Oct. 11th

1. Alabama (2)
2. Florida (1)
3. Ohio State (4)
4. Texas (3)
5. USC (6)
6. Cincinnati (5)
7. Virginia Tech (10)
8. LSU (9)
9. Miami (11)
10. Nebraska (12)
11. Oregon (13)
12. BYU (17)
13. Penn State (18)
14. South Florida (23)
15. Georgia Tech (20)
16. Boise State (15)
17. Oklahoma State (8)
18. Houston (UR)
19. South Carolina (UR)
20. Kansas (14)
21. Iowa (19)
22. Utah (UR)
23. Pittsburgh (UR)
24. Oklahoma (22)
25. Wisconsin (24)

There's a shake up at the top this week as I feel that Alabama played better on the road then Florida and thus earns this week's top spot.....Ohio State jumps over Texas for their impressive home thumping of Wisconsin...USC rises over Cincinnati and has a big test at Norte Dame this weekend...VT rises 3 spots to 7, while LSU rises 1 to 8 following a tough loss to the Gators...I came away impressed with their team especially that defense...it just wore out......Nebraska cracks the top 10 for the first time following a shaky offensive game but a great defense effort at Missouri...Oregon rises to 11, followed closely by BYU, Penn State, South Florida who will be tested by #6 Cincinnati on Thursday...Georgia Tech rises to 15 beating a pesky FSU team on the road....Boise State drops to 16 and probably will remain there due to the weakness of their conference.....Oklahoma State drops from 8 to 17 due to their lousy 5 point win over A&M..and the panic button is starting to hit when Missouri comes to town this weekend....Houston and South Carolina break the top 25 this week with good showings although the Gamecocks almost lost to Kentucky...another 2 point win like that and they'll drop next week.....Kansas and Iowa both drop due to poor showings at home that got W's...both teams are over rated in most polls and have a lot to prove to me before they move up.....Iowa plays at Wisconsin this weekend....Utah and Pittsburgh crack my top 25 this week...OU drops because I was unimpressed with their 4 field goals to beat Baylor at home...and Wisconsin drops to 25 with a crushing loss to Ohio State...they can look to move up with a statement win over Iowa on Saturday.

3. My Big 12 Rankings

1. Texas (5-0) (2-0)
The Longhorns walked out of the Colorado game with many questions with their running game...would they have won that game without Jordan Shipley...I don't think so...the Red River Rivarly comes a calling on Saturday with a statement needing to be made by this team.

1. Nebraska (4-1) (1-0)
Nebraska has proved 1 thing in it's first conference game...their defense is arguably the best in the Big 12...Offensive problems continue to plague this team on the road....corrections need to be made but a statement can be made at home this weekend against Texas Tech that this team is a serious contender for the Big 12 title.

3. Oklahoma (3-2) (1-0)
Sam Bradford returned this week, but proved that he's not totally healthy and his young receivers had trouble catching the ball....OU needs a win badly against Texas to prove to nay-sayers that this team is still the team to beat in the Big 12.

4. Oklahoma State (4-1) (1-0)
Lose this weekend to Missouri at home and the wheels on this bus will begin to fall off...they are already shaky from last weeks 5 point win at A&M....the team picked last in the Big 12 South....Mike Gundy needs playmakers healthy and people to step up with the loss of Dez Bryant...something that this team probably won't get over this season.

5. Missouri (4-1) (0-1)
The Tigers defense wore out in the 4th quarter but Blaine Gabbert showed that he can move the ball when he doesn't turn it over....A statement of this team's abilities and some "respect" can be gained by winning at OSU this weekend.

6. Kansas (5-0) (1-0)
The lowest ranked undefeated team in the rankings has pressing issues on defense...Kansas can't win games with Todd Reesing having career like numbers against teams like Texas, OU, Tech, and Nebraska...4 losses are imminent if corrections can't be made...a dangerous game awaits them at Colorado this weekend.

7. Texas Tech (4-2) (1-1)
Tech went into K-State and proved one thing...Mike Leach can make any quarterback look good because of his system...that would explain o so much that Graham Harrell went undrafted last season...eliminating turnovers is a must if the Red Raiders hope to continue their winning streak against Nebraska.

8. Texas A&M (3-2) (0-1)
Good teams beat distraught teams at home...and the Aggies didn't do that....a trip to K-State can get them to .500 in the conference...but that won't be near as impressive unless you can beat teams from your own division.

9. Iowa State (3-3) (0-2)
Think Iowa State wins if they convert their fourth down play at KU...I do..the Cyclones have a great offense with Robinson and Arnaud...but that won't equate to wins unless that defense can learn to stop somebody...didn't Paul Rhoads coach defense at Auburn...time to get those tricks out of the bag coach.

10. Baylor (3-2) (0-1)
I think Baylor upsets OU if Griffin plays but young inexperience at QB ultimately doomed them. OU's fast defense forced the Bears into predictable plays that the Sooners defense created turnovers...can't turnover the ball and win....The Bears return to the only place in the Big 12 they have been able to win on the road...Iowa State

11. Kansas State (3-3) (1-1)
Bill Snyder has loads to redo with this team...getting blown out by Texas Tech shows that this team is headed for the bottom of the Big 12....think he'd like to retire this week if they get throttled by Texas A&M at home...he might not but that KSU faithful might start questioning his return if they lose ugly again.

12. Colorado (1-4) (0-1)
Cody Hawkins lost his starting job...now Dan Hawkins awaits his unemployment at the end of the season...beating Kansas this week would be huge to getting some lost confidence back that Texas' Jordan Shipley took from them...going home is always better then regrouping with a road game.

Back Tomorrow....GO BIG RED!!!!

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