Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 8, 2009

Well its a bit amazing what 24 hours will do...I'm feeling much better and the blogging must continue today....


1. Nebraska/Misery Breakdown
2. Husker Volleyball
3. Headlines

1. Tonight marks the beginning of the Big 12 season for both teams tonight. Husker fans know that history hasn't been on Nebraska's side when they have traveled to Missouri. It's been since 2001 since Nebraska went to Columbia and pulled out a win...that was Crouch's Heisman year and Nebraska's last national championship game.....Eight years have passed by while Nebraska has allowed this team to whip it like your bad aunt's child every time they've gone there. There's no doubt that tonight's atmosphere will be rowdy and loud as Husker fans know that Missouri never really rolls out the red carpet in hospitality when they come to town. My past experiences there have been nothing short of awful and I expect nothing less tonight...I'm not personally going tonight but will make contact with people that are going to see how badly they were treated this year. You know what shuts them up pretty quick.....a beatdown. To the keys of the game...

Keys of the Game: Nebraska needs a better start on the road than they did against Virginia Tech...the weather tonight appears to be pitiful with rain expected most of the entire game. The keys tonight are simple...the team that can effective run the ball in the poor weather controls the clock and thus dictates the tempo of the game. Another key will be the pressure created by Nebraska's defensive lineman. If they can reek havoc for Gabbert, that allows Nebraska to drop it's LB's in coverage and keep the plays in front of them....I expect Gabbert to become frustrated for the first time this season...and when a young QB becomes frustrated they tend to force balls...thus creating turnovers. If Nebraska can force Gabbert to push the ball where he's not suppose to and get could be a long night for the Tigers.

Prediction: For those of you who have been talking with me for the past few prediction is bold but I do feel the team can live up to it tonight. Tonight Nebraska embarks on another step in the direction it needs to do to establish itself as a national power. With 2 weeks to prepare Bo Pelini has learned about the mistakes he made last year which cost him a shot to upset the Tigers at home last season....Nebraska comes out tonight running the ball effectively with the conference's best rusher....Missouri hasn't faced a more well balanced team all season...their defense will tire in the 4th quarter and giving up points will force Gabbert to push his offense in the endzone each time he gets on the field. Sacks, fumbles, and INT's I expect will happen as Gabbert walks away from this game learning a hard felt lesson...don't ever snub Nebraska for Misery...ever....Nebraska trounces the Tigers tonight 38-10

2. Husker Volleyball puts up another nice victory last night sweeping Kansas to raise their record to 4-2 in the conference. They are starting to look better but the service errors are still an ongoing issue for this team. Some freshman need to grow up and get the ball in'd be disappointing to see records fall this season from simply not getting the ball into play....I'd like to see how they play at Texas later in the year.

3. Huge headlines come out yesterday as Dez Bryant is indefinitely suspended by the NCAA for lying to officials about his involvement with Deion Sanders. There's only one word to describe this...STUPID.....why in the world would you lie to the NCAA about this and expect them not to discover the truth.....this dooms the Cowboy's chances at winning the Big 12 South this season as I don't expect them to have the balance they had against Georgia to make a serious run at a South Title. It'll be interesting to see if Mike Gundy has the talent behind Bryant to bounce back from this huge loss...Tim Griffin of ESPN now expects them to get upset by A&M this weekend...either way the lesson is simple...dont lie about something you did....because the NCAA will ALWAYS find out....STUPID Bryant...have fun watching the rest of the season before the NFL draft....

Coming back Tomorrow.... GO BIG RED!!!!!

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