Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27, 2009

As we inch closer to the end of the month and the end of October, Nebraska finds itself in a whole world of trouble.


1. Iowa State/Nebraska Grade Outs
2. My Top 25
3. Big 12 Rankings

1. What can you say about this game that hasn't already been said in the few days following what is an embarrassing lost to Iowa State. Nebraska clearly was the better team from a talent point but did the one thing you can't do to win games, turnover the football. Nebraska produced a whooping 8 turnovers in a very ugly 9-7 loss to the Cyclones on Saturday. To the Grade Outs.....

Offense: D-
Defense: A-

Offense: This is the lowest grade out of the season for this offense....again. In just a few short weeks Nebraska has simply regressed back on offense. The wheels have officially come off and this coaching staff must now pick up the pieces and put it back together with new parts. Nebraska keeps itself out of the F category only because they were able to do something they couldn't do against Texas Tech and that was move the football down the field. Critical turnovers inside ISU 6 yard line cost Nebraska a chance to score 35 points and blow out Iowa State. It was the first time I've ever been to a game where I was disgusted about losing to a team Nebraska clearly was better against. It's disheartening that Nebraska closed a few pages on its offensive issues but opened a bad bug on Saturday....the fumble bug. In 6 games this season Nebraska hadn't produced more than 2 turnovers in any game. They pumped out 8 on Saturday with a few being just awful fumbles. How does Niles Paul, your best wide receiver simply just fumble the ball inside the 5 yard line when running for a touchdown? It showed one thing...lack of focus....these guys simply didn't come out with focus and determination to pound the crap out of Iowa State. At times I saw WR's giving up on plays, making poor blocks, and not getting open. When an offense is struggling as bad as Nebraska has the past 2 weeks, you simply can't afford to half-ass it on the field. It's pathetic and I can speak for a vast majority of the Husker Nation that some change needs to happen that results in us scoring points. This team is headed down a very dark path if we continue to lean on our defense doing all the work to win games.

Defense: What can you say about the defense? They played great and kept Nebraska in the game to win it at any point, minus a blow coverage that left Eric Hagg on and island by himself that allowed ISU to score it's only touchdown...where was our great safeties to cover over the top. Mental breakdowns have killed 2 wins for this team. Suh blocked two huge field goals that cost Iowa State 4 points and really set up Nebraska's offense with a very simple task...get into field goal range. Nebraska did that, but a late interception from a ball off the hands of Gilleylen made any hopes of a dramatic win fall short. The pressing issue for this defense again is creating turnovers. Nebraska was unable to produce any when Iowa State was on offense but special teams played its tails off creating a chance for the Huskers to win. If we have learned anything these past few weeks it's that Nebraska has the best defense in the Big 12...no question...but probably has the league's worst performing offense.

2. My New Top 25 for the week of Oct. 25th

1. Florida (2)
2. Alabama (1)
3. Texas (3)
4. Cincinnati (4)
5. USC (5)
6. LSU (6)
7. TCU (8)
8. Oregon (9)
9. Oklahoma State (10)
10. Georgia Tech (11)
11. Pittsburgh (14)
12. Ohio State (17)
13. Penn State (13)
14. Utah (15)
15. Houston (18)
16. Virginia Tech (21)
17. West Virginia (22)
18. Miami (8)
19. California (UR)
20. Iowa (16)
21. Boise State (20)
22. South Carolina (UR)
23. Arizona (23)
24. Ole Miss (UR)
25. Central Michigan (UR)

Florida regains this week's top spot following Alabama's near lost to Tennessee this past weekend. Texas stays at 3....with Cincinnati, USC, and LSU staying at 4, 5, 6.....Miami drops out of the top 10 to 18 following a lost to Clemson this past weekend.....TCU, Oregon, OSU, and GT all round out this week's top 10. Iowa drops 4 spots remaining unbeaten but I'm unimpressed with a team that needed a last second touchdown to beat Michigan State...they were lethargic on offense until that last drive that won the game for them...they'll get beat...very soon. Four new teams crack the top 25 this week as Cal, South Carolina, Ole Miss, and the Chippewas are at 25 with a nice 7-1 record.

3. The Big 12 Rankings for week 9

1. Texas (7-0) (4-0)
A nice thrashing of Missouri on the road has gotten the critics subsided about the production of the Longhorn's offense. A huge test this weekend as Texas' puts its national championship aspirations on the line at Oklahoma State this weekend...the last true test for this team to remain undefeated.

2. Oklahoma State (6-1) (3-0)
The Cowboys are a quite team who simply just keeps winning games impressively and are looking very confident heading into this weekends showdown with the Longhorns.

3. Oklahoma (4-3) (2-1)
OU sent a message on Saturday...this team is still very talented without Sam Bradford. The development of Landry Jones will be key for the Sooners to salvage this season. K-State poses as a tasty development game for Jones.

4. Kansas State (5-3) (3-1)
K-State gets thrashed by Tech, then responds with 2 thrashings to A&M and Colorado....if they get thrashed by Oklahoma this weekend...do they respond again and thrash their next two opponents?

5. Nebraska (4-3) (1-2)
The conferences best defense just can't get its offense to score a few more points for them....Nebraska is just 3 points away from being 6-1....than what are people saying about this team then...This is a must win game for the Huskers this weekend.

6. Kansas (5-2) (1-2)
After going 5-0 to start the season, back to back losses are starting to concern the Jayhawk faithful....this team showed one thing this past weekend...it aint anywhere close to being in the same league with the elite of the Big 12 South.

7. Texas A&M (4-3) (1-2)
The Aggies may have saved Mike Sherman's job by beating up on Texas Tech last weekend. A follow up win this weekend is a must to show that this team is improving.

8. Iowa State (5-3) (2-2)
The Cyclones got a gift wrapped win from Nebraska on Saturday....win another game and the Cyclones go bowling courtesy of the Huskers.....who would of thought they would have made it to a bowl game at the beginning of the season.

9. Texas Tech (5-3) (2-2)
Mike Leach kinda wishes he didn't have to go through the injury bug like he has this season....that big win against Nebraska last week doesn't seem so glamorous now. A statement can be made at home against Kansas this Saturday though.

10. Missouri (4-3) (0-3)
In 3 games that Missouri had a chance to make a statement about how good this team could be..they fell flat on their face....this team has to regroup and try to win 2 more games to get bowl eligible but the Tiger faithful probably won't be happy with a low mid tier bowl game this season.

11. Baylor (3-4) (0-3)
The Bears have struggled mightily to score points on offense. That doesn't go well with the conferences best defense coming to town this weekend. My how the Bears would love to have Robert Griffin back now...this team is looking at a winless conference season if they can't spring the upset at home this weekend.

12. Colorado (2-5) (1-2)
You beat Kansas, then travel to K-State and do nothing on offense. What are the Tyler Hansen fans saying about him now? There are more issues with the Buffaloes now and getting the Tigers at home may help if you can get back to those winning ways that help upset Kansas last weekend.

Coming back tomorrow.......

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