Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 15, 2009

Well I'm getting this one posted up a bit early...but the A-2 cross country district is calling my name today so I'll have no time to get this one we'll rock it out now....


1. Nebraska/Texas Tech Match-ups
2. Husker Basketball (Preseason Poll)
3. Around the Big 12 (Predictions)

1. Well its a big game this weekend, a pesky Texas Tech Red Raider team ventures to Lincoln fresh off their beat down of Kansas State last weekend. It's still unclear on exactly who will start for Mike Leach's team, but we can be expected to know that whoever starts at QB can certainly throw the's all that offense can really do. There's no question that this will be another challenge for the Huskers...Texas Tech posses a completely new set of problems and issues that our defense will have to be prepared for...I think that Nebraska can fully handle the challenge. On Offense this team will need to regroup and do what it did last year that nearly got them the biggest win for this program last season....control the time of do that effectively by running the ball...this is now a more pressing issue with the news that Rex Burkehead was most likely lost for the season due to his newly acquired broken foot. That offense of Texas Tech can't beat you if they are watching the game from the sidelines and I think we as Husker fans can all remember what happened 4 years ago the last time the Red Raiders came to Lincoln...I'm not diving into the past just the looking towards the future.

Key Matchups: It comes down to Defensive Line play vs. the massive size of Texas Tech offensive line...last week Nebraska was able to exploit how to effectively defend the spread simply need to get pressure with your front 4...that will be critical this weekend as allowing their QB to sit in the pocket and pick apart isn't exactly what Bo and his staff have in mind for the defense. On Offense it comes down to blocking Texas Tech LB's....last week our offensive line struggled mightily with the speedy shiftiness of Missouri's linebackers...Texas Tech brings a new group of backers with the same kind of speed and experience that bugged Nebraska last weekend....If you can effectively block their can create nice holes for those running backs to run through which thus controls the clock and keeps Texas Tech's offense off the field....

Prediction: I don't expect Nebraska to overlook Texas Tech with some of their newly acquired national image....Suh and his bandit of boys come out and set the tone'll be very difficult for you to score on this defense today...that leads to a 3 and out to start the game and thus ignites the offense to score on their first possession....Zac Lee feeds off the home crowd energy and leads Nebraska to multiple scoring drives that increase the pressure on the Red Raiders each time they have the ball thus causing them to throw a few interceptions...Nebraska wins on regional television...but that defense of Texas Tech keeps it respectable....35-21

2. The Husker Basketball season begins next month and today the preseason Big 12 rankings came out...Nebraska finds itself picked to finish at the bottom of the league this year at 11. Here's a breakdown of the preseason poll.

1. Kansas (11)
2. Texas (1)
3. Oklahoma
4. Kansas State
5. Texas A&M
6. Oklahoma State
7. Missouri
8. Iowa State
9. Texas Tech
10. Baylor
11. Nebraska
12. Colorado

-Kansas received 11 first place votes with Texas getting 1...hmmmm I wonder who voted for them???

I think that the coaches are all caught up in the hype of Kansas...yes they are good and yes they probably will come out as everyone's preseason #1 team...but look at where Nebraska 11 I feel that Nebraska will definitely beat some teams with their new look athletic team....I feel that Missouri and Iowa State are grossly over-rated...but some research will need to be a few weeks I'll unveil my preseason Big 12 Standings....I think that Nebraska will end up finishing higher and has the potential for the first time in a few seasons to finish in the upper half of the Big 12. Oh gotta love the clever fella who ever thought of the preseason poll...More to come on this in the next few weeks.

3. We go around the Big 12 today and breakdown this weekend's matchups....I went 6-0 last week in the first official week of the Big 12....let's see if I can continue my perfect streak.
Here's this weekends games:

Baylor @ Iowa State
Kansas @ Colorado
Texas Tech @ Nebraska
Texas A&M @ Kansas State
Missouri @ Oklahoma State
Oklahoma @ Texas (Dallas)

Its a bigger week in the Big 12 than last weekend...big matchups are on the schedule this weekend with the annual Red River Rivalry in Dallas with Texas and Oklahoma...the other intriguing matchup is Missouri traveling to Stillwater to face Oklahoma State...There are other good matchups too as Colorado looks to get off the losing ways when they host KU and Baylor looks to get its only win on the road again when they go to Iowa State....
The breakdown comes from Colorado and KU...the Buffaloes proved that they weren't afraid of anyone...they went toe to toe with Texas but crucial turnovers cost them a shot to get a much needed win and get their season back on track...KU showed that it's defense has a long long way to go if they are going to be taken as a serious contender for the Big 12 North...this game has the makings to be a good one...I might tune into watch...
Picks: Iowa State, Colorado, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Missouri, Texas
(Priming for a big statement from the Big 12 North)

Last Week's Record: 6-0

Enjoy the weekend....Go to the Game...Cheer Loud...Celebrate...and as always GO BIG RED!!!

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