Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10, 2009

WOW....again it's always fun to blog when we are coming off arguably the biggest win of the season.


1. Nebraska/Oklahoma Grade Outs
2. New Top 25
3. Big 12 Rankings

1. WoW...I do love being right but do love to call out some of the players on the team and have them step up and prove me wrong. Look back into your psyche and remember the question you were asking yourself about whether Nebraska had the tools and mentality to hang with a powerful OU defense. I didn't think so, but like I said...being proved wrong is great and in the long run makes me a great blogger. To the Grade Outs:

Offense: B+
Defense: A+

Offense: The offense gets a high grade out this week because I thought they played a hell of a game against the best defense they had seen to date. I've heard way to many people complain about the play calling of Shawn Watson, but I'll defend his play calling to the death. He schemed a great game, yes it was very vanilla, I'll agree with that, but that offense on Saturday did a few things for us, it allowed us to keep the ball and no turn it over (aside from Zac's bad pitch). You knew OU was gonna stack the box, and they did...they can move to the ball quickly, and they did....As an offensive coordinator you didn't want to see your offense turnover the ball and have OU run it back for six when you had a great feeling your defense was going to play it's best game of the season. It wasn't pretty but Nebraska did just enough of what it had to do to win. They still must cash in more consistently on opportunities that the defense creates for them...Nebraska arguably left 10 points on the field against OU...this time it didn't come back to bite them, but in future games it possibly could.

Defense: WOW...WOW...WOW...I talked about it last week that in order for Nebraska to win this game the back seven would have to play the game of their lives...and they did. Nebraska was able to make Landry Jones throw 5 interceptions. They made his night miserable. As we've seen all season, this defense has allowed teams to move the ball on them, but they haven't broken. They elevated their game and no doubt played the best game as a collective unit on Saturday. This W is a big one that Nebraska can ride to a nice 9-3 finish to this season. There isn't much to say other than the defense played their tails off and willed this team to a HUGE win. Congrats Guys...it was well deserved and well needed.

2. New Top 25 for Week 11

1. Florida (1)
2. Alabama (3)
3. Texas (2)
4. TCU (7)
5. Georgia Tech (8)
6. Cincinnati (4)
7. Ohio State (9)
8. Pittsburgh (10)
9. LSU (5)
10. Utah (11)
11. Oklahoma State (14)
12. Houston (13)
13. Oregon (6)
14. USC (15)
15. Wisconsin (16)
16. Arizona (18)
17. South Carolina (20)
18. Clemson (UR)
19. Miami (18)
20. BYU (UR)
21. Stanford (UR)
22. Boise State (21)
23. Nebraska (UR)
24. West Virginia (UR)
25. Penn State (12)

Unranked teams make another splash this week with Clemson, Nebraska, West Virginia, BYU and Stanford all make it in. Iowa, OU are out..yes I have Iowa unranked...they were grossly over-rated and have to become more impressive for me to get them back in my top 25. TCU is the biggest mover up with teams like LSU, Oregon, losing and Cincinnati struggling to beat UConn last weekend. The top 3 remain the same and the showdown between Alabama and Florida is coming in the SEC Championship game.

3. Big 12 Rankings Week 11

1. Texas (9-0) (5-0)
The Longhorns travel to Baylor this weekend, not a trap game but the Bears did just win at Missouri. The Longhorns toughest game left is at A&M on Thanksgiving night. Colt must get his troops ready in the next two weeks for that huge rivalry showdown.

2. Oklahoma State (7-2) (4-1)
Win out and the Cowboys notch a New Year's Day bowl game. Revenge is on the mind this week with Texas Tech coming to town, and a dangerous game this one is.

3. Texas Tech (6-3) (3-2)
Texas Tech used the bye week to heal some of its wounds, but lingering games against OSU, OU, and Baylor can still say a lot about this team. A healthy Quarterback is Tech's biggest problem right now.

4. Nebraska (6-3) (3-2)
This team has the best defense in the conference, and proved that last weekend against OU. Nebraska has winnable games against KU, K-State, and Colorado. 9-3 would look pretty good after losing to Tech and ISU in the middle of October.

5. Kansas State (6-4) (4-2)
The Wildcats just keep chugging away at this Big 12 North race. It's a must win against Missouri this weekend to keep the pressure on the Huskers. Bill Synder has done a masterful job restoring hope into this team.

6. Oklahoma (5-4) (3-2)
The wheels on this bus are falling off, and Bob Stoops must get some swagger back into his team with A&M, Tech, and OSU left on the schedule. Lose it now and you miss out in a bowl game...that'd be the icing on the cake in what is looking like a gloomy season for the Sooners.

7. Iowa State (5-5) (2-4)
The Cyclones must win against Colorado this week or they might officially kiss their bowl hopes away this season. Iowa State hasn't looked good since Nebraska gave them a W two weeks ago. The impact of Paul Rhoads doesn't look as bright if this team misses a bowl game.

8. Texas A&M (5-4) (2-3)
Consistency is something Mike Sherman needs to get out of his team. Losing to Colorado last weekend could be the thorn that bugs his side for the rest of the season. You can get that back if you beat OU on the road this weekend. Not likely...put all you eggs in a basket for Texas on Thanksgiving.

9. Colorado (3-6) (2-3)
Colorado must win out to get into the bowl picture. That's a lot to ask, for a team that hasn't looked to hot this season...10 wins...you're an idiot Dan Hawkins. Go 3-9 this season and the clean up squad will be ready to run you out of town.

10. Kansas (5-4) (1-4)
KU must win one of its final games against Nebraska, Texas, or Missouri to become bowl eligible. This team is falling apart after losing 4 straight...should of beat K-State last week because 5-7 looks imminent now. Todd Reesing should of gotten more out of his senior season.

11. Baylor (4-5) (1-4)
The Bear shocked the Big 12 battling back and getting a big W of the Tigers. It's the lone bright spot on a very disappointing season. Keep your heads up, next season could be a magical one.

12. Missouri (5-4) (1-4)
This team had back to back 10 win seasons the past two years. Now they are at the bottom of the conference. Pinkel could be on the hot seat if he doesn't salvage this season and win a bowl game. Missouri faithful have no patience for being throw back to mediocrity so fast.

Taco Tuesday again...go get some at TJ's...coming back tomorrow...Skocz Out.

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