Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 4, 2009

Well its another hot day of lets not waste anytime.....


1. The Big 12 we need to restructure it???
2. he being poorly targeted for his overall strength and speed?
3. Husker Tid-Bits

1. Tim Griffin of ESPN blogged a very interesting topic last week that I have heard a few times in the past few years. It was about should the Big 12 Conference reevaluate its divisions and thus look to restructure them to allow for a more balanced league on both sides of the conference. There's no question the strength of the conference is in the South...the South has captured the last five conference championships with the last one from the North coming in 2003 when K-State upset Oklahoma. In each of the past 5 years the South has held a considerable advantage over the North in cross division victories. Geographically the South teams have been allowed to thrive and explode with growth and popularity. I think that the conference does need to restructure itself and look to add a few new schools into the mix. The Big 12 could start by dropping Iowa State or Baylor and add Arkansas or TCU. Each of those schools are deserving of getting a chance to play in a conference they can have success with. TCU has been deserving for a few years...but I'd be hard pressed to see the Mountain West lose one of their conference powers to get Baylor in return. Lets say that the Big 12 doesn't add any new do we restructure the divisions?

A great idea was proposed to switch out Oklahoma for Kansas Thus spreading out the talent of the conference a bit. The problem with this comes from trying to keep teams happy playing their main rivals every OU and Texas and Kansas Missouri.....I think that if you split the division like this each team should get one permanent conference game...a team they play every year...the remaining teams in that division could rotate on a random system meaning that every four years your other two teams would be different...thus keeping a little bit of variety in your conference schedule. The problem I see is that every four years a team could get stuck playing a schedule with all the big boys in the conference which hurts their chances of making a bowl game....or in the latter it could help any team make the National Title game if you beat OU, Texas, OSU, and Texas Tech in the same season.
The Divisions:

Kansas City:
Iowa State
Oklahoma State

Texas A&M
Texas Tech
Kansas State

Marked Games (Permanent each year):
Texas vs. Oklahoma
Texas A&M vs. Nebraska
Kansas vs. Missouri
Kansas State vs. Colorado
Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech
Baylor vs. Iowa State

Its a bit interesting...but I do think that soon in the next few years restructuring of the conference will happen.

2. A great article came out by Mitch Sherman from the Omaha World Herald about Suh and the possibility of the amount of frustration that has been building up inside of him this season. He'll most likely be a top 5 pick in the NFL draft next season but sadly this season isn't turning out to be the one that Suh wanted to have. In the past 4 weeks Suh has been flagged for personal fouls because of his amazing vicious hits he has had. I think the referees are starting to see the amount of potential that this guy has on the field and how literally how unblockable he is when he's on the field. He has a lot more fire to leave out on the football field but how long will that fire burn when the offense continues to let them down week after week. With four games left in the season Suh has a chance to distance himself in the Outland and Lombardi awards, he may also go down as the most dominate Nebraska defensive lineman in school matter what awards he brings in for himself at the end of this season....I think Suh will take a victory four game winning streak over any award....he still has a lot to accomplish...I can't wait for him to take a few more strides towards his goals this weekend.

3. Husker Tid-bits
Suh is being punished internally following his late night automobile accident that cost his SUV 10,000 dollars worth of damage and totaled another car....whatever the punishment is you know Suh will carry out in stride....Cody Green was probably prepared to be graded out by his position coach Shawn Watson, but got a series of interesting calls from his old high school coach Jeff Nations. The former coach to Cody Green stated that he saw his former QB look like he choked in the second half...further evaluation of the tape showed he played good but could do better....I agree....Brandon Kinnie will have a going competition with a former teammate, Cameron Kenney who plays for OU. The two were regulars at the top of the Jayhawk conference in receptions and yards...Who says you can't have a friend cross team competition while trying to win the game for your money is on Kenney.....Rex Burkehead appears on track to possible being able to play again during the Colorado game...should anything derail that time table...he'll be ready for the bowl game.....We need that kid back...asap....Shawn Watson is gearing up for a hard nose physical game as that is what he feels will be the key to wearing out Oklahoma and getting a was how Texas won..they just made a few plays and wore OU out...interesting that it'll take that kind of game plan to beat OU...We haven't done that on offense all season....

Coming back with more tomorrow...

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