Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November 3, 2009

Wow, how fast does the College Football season goes...and to think we only have four games left...so sad.


1. Nebraska/Baylor Grade Outs
2. New Top 25
3. Big 12 Rankings

1. It wasn't pretty by any means but Nebraska did what it needed to do to get a W and get itself back into the Big 12 North race. Think how much of a strangle hold they would have on the division if they'd won last week against ISU. Nebraska would be in the drivers seat but now they probably must win against Oklahoma to show that this team is improving and getting better to make a strong run to the Big 12 championship game. To the Grade Outs:

Offense: C
Defense: B-

Offense: Bo pulled the trigger last week and gave the nod to Cody Green, but Husker fans quickly found out in the second half that Nebraska has more issues with it's offense than just it's QB. Nebraska was unimpressive by not being unable to finish off a pesky opponent on the road when it had the chance to put them away early in the second half. Two turnovers by Cody Green allowed Baylor to feel that they could pull of the huge upset at home. This offense simply hasn't been able to run the ball effectively since Virginia Tech. That doesn't look good with the 3rd best defense against the run coming into town this weekend. I can remember last time OU came to Lincoln.....Nebraska couldn't rush the ball and needed trick plays to keep itself in the game. Nebraska must get better play from it's offensive line this week or it'll be a long long game with OU manhandling them. Nebraska wasn't able to move the ball down the field against Baylor in the second half which is concerning again because there was a lot of plays where guys were missing blocks and assignments. We've heard it said many times this season...you must execute efficiently or you'll keep running into the same problems that have plagued this offense all year.

Defense: Jared Crick came out with a mission that he wasn't going to be stopped, and that earned him national defensive and Big 12 defensive player of the week honors. He'll be counted on again to play well against Oklahoma...but more to come on the match-ups later this week. Nebraska didn't get the highest grade this week as they forced one turnover but what was most concerning was the secondary giving up big plays through the air. Those kinda plays killed momentum against Texas Tech and could be a game changer against OU this weekend. The front four did it's part but the back seven has to elevate their game or big plays against this defense are likely to come in big numbers against the speed of Oklahoma.

2. My New Top 25 for the first week of November.

1. Florida (1)
2. Texas (3)
3. Alabama (2)
4. Cincinnati (4)
5. LSU (6)
6. Oregon (8)
7. TCU (7)
8. Georgia Tech (10)
9. Ohio State (12)
10. Pittsburgh (11)
11. Utah (14)
12. Penn State (13)
13. Houston (15)
14. Oklahoma State (9)
15. USC (5)
16. Wisconsin (UR)
17. California (19)
18. Arizona (23)
19. Miami (18)
20. South Carolina (22)
21. Boise State (21)
22. Iowa (20)
23. South Florida (UR)
24. Auburn (UR)
25. Oklahoma (UR)

Texas makes the jump to #2 following a nice road win at OSU on Saturday. Teams move up following USC blowout against Oregon on Saturday...hmmm I guess they were hotly overrated all season...unranked teams make a splash this week as Wisconsin, OU, Auburn, and South Florida all crack my top 25. Iowa drops due to a dismal performance against Indiana, I'm calling a blowout against Ohio State next weekend.

3. Big 12 Rankings (Week 10)

1. Texas (8-0) (5-0)
Its becoming a magical season that probably has to end in a national title for the Longhorn faithful. Texas plays is remaining 5 games in the state of Texas...a nice butterball opponent in Central Florida should continue to boost them in the polls the next few weeks.

2. Oklahoma State (6-2) (3-1)
OSU simply just isn't the same offense with out Kendall Hunter and Dez Bryant. The Cowboys lost a chance to show that this team can hang with the elite of this conference. Playing OU in Norman to end the season doesn't look to good now...I smell a trap this weekend at Iowa State if this team lingers in it's dismantling it got from the Longhorns.

3. Oklahoma (5-3) (3-1)
What does OU have to prove in it's final four games? That's a question that will have to be answered in the next few weeks. How well does that offensive line play against the best front four in the conference? OU would like to finish 9-3 and snag a high tier bowl game to salvage this disappointing season.

4. Texas Tech (6-3) (3-2)
The Red Raiders have earned a nice bye week this week...but still have a chance to stir the pot with games against OSU, OU and Baylor to end the season. 9-3 isn't out of reach for this squad after it beat down the Jayhawks in the second half last weekend.

5. Kansas State (5-4) (3-2)
This team got beat by Louisiana Lafayette at home early in the season and went toe to toe with Oklahoma in the second half last weekend. K-State could wrap up an improbable Big 12 North title with wins over Kansas and Missouri in the next 2 weeks.

6. Nebraska (5-3) (2-2)
The Husker's offensive woes continue every week. Wouldn't it be nice to see a break out against a great opponent at home this weekend against OU. If it wasn't for Nebraska defense...the Huskers would be hard pressed to have 3 wins this season.

7. Texas A&M (5-3) (2-2)
One more win and the Aggies would be bowl eligible...they can still stir the pot against Texas on Thanksgiving night....The Aggies have clearly overachieved this season and have some big big games left on their schedule. Winning at Colorado is a must to keep this season a bright one.

8. Missouri (5-3) (1-2)
The Tiger offense woke up and mutilated the Buffaloes on Saturday. That bodes well with Baylor coming to town on Saturday. This team isn't out of making a nice bowl game, but winning out is likely a must.

9. Kansas (5-3) (1-3)
Benching Todd Reesing just a few weeks after Mangino proclaimed that he was the top Heisman candidate shows that this team is falling apart. That doesn't sit well with the Jayhawk faithful who thought this was going to be a big season. Games against K-State, Nebraska, Missouri, and Texas look awful and missing a bowl game is likely if you don't win this weekend at K-State.

10. Iowa State (5-4) (2-3)
The Cyclones had a chance to follow up an upset win of Nebraska with another at A&M and were blown out 35-10 by the Aggies. Paul Rhoads has used his celebration locker room video after the Nebraska game as a recruiting tool, but how powerful is that if the Cyclones miss out in a bowl game this season.

11. Colorado (2-6) (1-3)
One win in the conference over Kansas has kept this team from going winless in the Big 12. The Aggies come a calling at home this weekend...can we see back to back trounces at home by the opponent? That appears likely with Dan Hawkins firing support base growing after every home loss.

12. Baylor (3-5) (0-4)
Winless in the conference just hurts when there was so much excitement with this team in August. Good teams rebound from hard personal losses....the Bears haven't and their offense hasn't helped their defense win games. 0-8 in the conference looks likely each week...and going to Missouri isn't easy to get your first win this weekend. It shows how much Robert Griffin meant to this team.

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