Monday, November 23, 2009

November 23, 2009

I'm back from my awesome trip to New Orleans, it was a great experience to get a chance to hang out in the Bayou...and once again coming back to talk about another win.


1. Kansas State/Nebraska Grade Outs
2. Big 12 Rankings
3. New Top 25

1. Nebraska got back to doing what we as fans expect, beat down an opponent that clearly was out matched on the field all day. Nebraska is getting wins now that aren't terribly flashy, but they are simple just suiting up, putting on their helmets, and hitting teams in the mouth now. Nebraska did officially clinch a berth in the Big 12 Championship game against Texas in Dallas. We'll talk about that more later this week, but as the team stated they're focused on Colorado, this blog will stay focus on that as well :)
To the Grade Outs:

Offense: A
Defense: A

Offense: It was a great day for the offense, although they were out-gained in total yards by Kansas State...Nebraska ran the ball effectively again this week. If you are expecting Nebraska to bust out the spread offense this season, Shawn Watson has clearly showed that this offense will pound the ball with two TE's and two RB's. This new formation has allowed Nebraska to rush the ball for over 100 yards and Roy Helu punched in a nice rushing TD to put the Huskers up 2 scores late in the third quarter. I came away from Saturday's game impressed that Shawn Watson dialed up passing formations that got their very athletic TE in Mike McNeil open....Zac did misfire when he was wide open early in the first quarter. But if he connects there Nebraska is throttling K-State 17-3 at half. A perfect A+ eludes this offense this week as Zac had a bad turnover on the goal line where they were looking to score again. The offense did what it had to do to efficiently move the ball down and keep their defense rested. Another positive was seeing Rex Burkehead back...the talented freshman returned since breaking his foot early in October. Nebraska can now get him back into shape and ready for what you expect will be a very physical game against Texas in two weeks.....

Defense: It was a very nice day for the defense again, outside of allowing K-State to score 3 points in their opening series. They flew around to the ball and allowed Daniel Thomas, the conferences best rusher, to just 99 yards. This defense did a great job of limiting Brandon Banks to big plays, most of K-State's offense was predicated on him getting in space and making big gains...Nebraska simply shut him down and made it a very frustrating night returning and catching the ball. It was a nice day for the defense...the came out....punched K-State in the mouth and dictated the tempo of the game. This defense is slowly going down as one of the best units in school history and they have 3 more games to cement their legacy. All in all great day. Not a perfect grade out because at time we were gashed for a few big plays, but like they have done all year they bend...but haven't broken...and held another opponent under 300 yards of total offense...damn good performance guys.

2. Big 12 Rankings (week 13)

1. Texas (11-0) (7-0)
Texas got a good senior night performance from its stars in Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley. But a trap game lingers this week at Texas A&M on Thanksgiving...if the Longhorns look past the Aggies an upset is very likely. Maintaining focus is the only thing that Texas must continue to do...break and kiss your National Championship dreams away.

2. Nebraska (8-3) (5-2)
This team has turned the corner into a legit championship team in this conference since beating OU 2 weeks ago. Keeping focus on Colorado is key, as you want to ride as much momentum as you can into the title game next weekend. This defense just continues to play better each many teams have held opponents under 10 points in six games this season...that just shows why this team leads the nation in scoring defense.

3. Oklahoma State (9-2) (6-1)
Wow does the Cowboys look like a different team without Zac Robinson. Getting him healthy is key this week and the Cowboys are in a must win situation if they want to get into the BCS. Having to travel Norman is an awfully high mountain to climb for Oklahoma State.

4. Texas Tech (7-4) (4-3)
The Red Raiders blew out OU on Saturday, showing once again that this team can put up points in a flurry against anyone they blay...why can't they do it in every game this season? If they had, they'd be in the National Championship hunt...but get a win against Baylor on Saturday to get into a nice bowl game this season...but winning a bowl game is a must to end this season on a high note.

5. Oklahoma (6-5) (4-3)
Who would of thought that the Sooners, preseason ranked in the top 5 could finish 6-6 this season. It just hasn't been a great year for Bob Stoops, and another issue is how that stout defense got demolished by Texas Tech...Oklahoma State could ruin senior day on Saturday and give Stoops his 3 lost at home in his 9 seasons as the head coach.

6. Texas A&M (6-5) (3-4)
Getting a solid win at home was nice on Saturday...but it's not impressive since it was against struggling Baylor...All that can change if you can spring the biggest upset at home against Texas on Thanksgiving...If A&M has been holding out on playing out of their minds for one game...this is the game. Defensive line play must continue to be big for this team to get an upset.

7. Missouri (7-4) (3-4)
The Tigers beat up on lowly Iowa State to pad their bowl hopes and move up into a higher bowl game. Missouri is licking their chops to beat up on a struggling KU in the annual boarder war game on Saturday...Defense improvements have been a nice to see from the Tigers in the last few weeks....but still not the season they wanted to have this year.

8. Kansas State (6-6) (4-4)
The Wildcats were just outmatched on Saturday and end their season staying home for the holidays...I guess Bill Synder will consider twice scheduling two FCS schools in one season...The Wildcats completely overplayed expectations this season, just didn't do enough to get into the bowl season....rebuilding key senior losses is now the main focus for K-State.

9. Iowa State (6-6) (4-4)
The Cyclones lost a key game to get into a higher bowl game, but got some needed help when K-State lost. They are all assured of getting to a game this season, but winning that bowl game is the key to putting a cherry on top of this season...Paul Rhoads has done a great job getting this team to overachieve but losing 3 out of your last 4 games doesn't give you the momentum you need to have heading into the bowl season.

10. Kansas (5-6) (1-6)
Another bad lost on Saturday makes it a do or die for the season this weekend against Missouri. Mangino must get this team to a bowl game to take heat off his off the field issues. No matter how you look at it, this team has fully under-performed this season and likely have thrown in the towl on this season. If that's the case, it's likely a coaching change is imminent for the loss of the huge senior playmakers this team is losing.

11. Baylor (4-7) (1-6)
Getting an upset of Texas Tech could be the lone bright spot since beating Missouri on the road. Losing Robert Griffin locked in a no bowl game season. Hopes are high for this team in 2010....and they may finally have found the right coach for this program in Art Briles....either way Baylor wants to get this season over with, and will look at this game against Texas Tech as it's bowl game....I expect more out of this team next season.

12. Colorado (3-8) (2-5)
Colorado came oh so close to pulling off the biggest upset in the conference season, but fell 3 points short. They return home to get Nebraska, a team on a 4 game winning streak. Colorado can only hope that they can play like they did in Lincoln last year....make big plays and keep it close, but get a couple nice breaks. This is a bad bad team on both sides of the ball and 3-9 after an announced 10 win season makes Dan Hawkins look like a fool....Colorado fans want to forget about this season, and look forward to 2010 with a new coach.

3. New Top 25 (Week 13)

1. Florida (1)
2. Alabama (2)
3. Texas (3)
4. TCU (4)
5. Georgia Tech (5)
6. Cincinnati (6)
7. Ohio State (7)
8. Pittsburgh (8)
9. Oregon (11)
10. Penn State (19)
11. Clemson (15)
12. Oklahoma State (10)
13. Houston (22)
14. BYU (16)
15. Nebraska (18)
16. Wisconsin (13)
17. LSU (9)
18. Miami (17)
19. Boise State (20)
20. North Carolina (23)
21. Ole Miss (UR)
22. Oregon State (24)
23. California (UR)
24. Stanford (12)
25. Utah (UR)

A few teams tumble after losing this weekend....the top 8 remain the same after each team had a bye week or won...A few teams make big jumps after nice wins, Penn State, Clemson, and Houston...Cal, Ole Miss, and Utah make it back into my top 25 and I'm still keeping Iowa and USC...out, but the Trojans can get back into the rankings if they beat down UCLA on Saturday....and again a 12-0 win over Minnesota won't get Iowa back into my top 25...they'll have to play a nice SEC team and beat them impressively to get in...and I don't think that'll happen..

Coming back again tomorrow.....SKOCZ OUT

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