Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13, 2009

We start another week with some good and bad things to talk about...let's do it.

The Hot List:
1. Husker Baseball Recap
2. Spring Game Questions
3. Master's Recap

1. Theres no nice intro this time as Nebraska once again was swept at home...this time by #9 Texas. Texas came into this series with momentum and all they did was bury Nebraska's hearts as they pulled off their first sweep of Nebraska since the formation of the big 12. Nebraska now has an abysmal 9 game losing streak, which you'd think would be snapped this Tuesday against Iowa. Nebraska simply was out-matched, out-worked, and out-muscled by Texas over the weekend. It was hard to see Nebraska get down 11-0 after only just 2 innings of work in their second game of the series. I hope that this team can find a way to get some W's. Mike Anderson commented that after Saturday's game this team was beginning to lose their confidence....if this continues than we could be in the mist of the worst season on Nebraska Baseball in nearly 40 years. Hard to imagine that since Nebraska was just in the CWS in 2005.

2. The Spring Game begins this Saturday and the university expects to get about 80,000 people out for it. How many programs around the country can say that they can gross about a million dollars from a spring game? Nebraska sure can and they certainly will do that. Nebraska will use this game as a major recruiting tool to lure big time recruits to Nebraska. I'll have more coverage of the recruits thoughts of the spring game next week. Nebraska has a few questions about the spring game to answer: First, will Roy Helu actually play this Saturday? He's been battling a sore hamstring that the coaches are treating it with the utmost caution. I'd be surprised to see him play as I feel he'll still be the #1 back on the team heading into fall camp. Another questions is the emergence of Jacob Hickman...where will he actually end up playing? He's taken some big steps into becoming a more versatile lineman....Barney Cotton has commented that his presence at guard may be the best spot for him. I'll be interested to see just how the whole like plays this spring as Nebraska can't really do much in it's offense without solid OL play. All in all I'm excited to see how the team performs on Saturday and how the QB's look as clearly that has been the national attention race this spring. Till Saturday.

3. The Master's is over and Tiger Woods didn't win. He made a huge charge on Sunday going from -4 to -9 at one point and only being 2 shots off the lead. A poor drive off of 17 and 18 cost him a chance to earn two more birdies to finish at -11. Either way it was a positive sign to see the best golfer in the world compete pretty aggressively in his first major back from his knee surgery. I expect him to notch a major this year....British open??? He is the reason I watch Golf, I don't care, he's the best, and the most fun to watch. Till the next Major!!!

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