Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21, 2009

Well again lots to discuss, and I apologize for so few posts, when school winds up here in the next couple of weeks, we'll get back to a regular schedule of posts.

The Hot List:
1. Husker Baseball Preview/Recap
2. Eye on Cody Green
3. Greg Paulus Latest

Here we go.....

1. The dismal Husker Baseball team returns to action tonight against Creighton, that same team that beat them up 15-0 at home not just short of 2 weeks ago. Nebraska is bleeding now...badly....the Huskers were swept again last weekend by Texas A&M. That's three straight series in a row Nebraska has been swept. This team looks weak, unmotivated, disinterested, and downright putrid. I can attest to all those fans who have reaped the success of having a nice spring sport to get us by till the fall, but this season I just want it to end. I know it's going to be bad, probably ugly, so end it now. It's times like this I don't like the baseball schedule b/c when your down, teams just keep kicking you. Nebraska again can't pitch to save it's life. A&M dominated Husker pitching score 28 runs over the weekend. Nebraska now stands in its worst conference slump ever in school history. It was last swept 3 times in a row in 1997. Nebraska has lost 15 of 18 and takes on a Creighton team that has won 4 straight and six out of eight to be 1 game out of first place in the Mo Valley. I dont think Creighton is better than Nebraska, as I feel the Skers are a very talented team, but Creighton can put an entire game together right now. Nebraska can't...we could see 20 runs put up tonight as crappy pitcher Erik Bird takes the mound tonight. I can't wait till he's gone, he's a really bad pitcher....I'm already looking forward to next season when I can forget about how absimal Husker Baseball has been this year.

2. Eyes on Cody Green today as I read a very interesting article talking about how Cody Green has progressed this past spring. Look there's no question nowadays, if you want to be a starter in the Big 12 as a freshman, you come to school early. The upside for Green is huge as the experience he has gained is invaluable to the new kids coming in this June. Green made good strides with his command, presence, accuracy, and decision making that takes to run this offenese. Shawn Watson commented that Green has begun to take huge steps into being the starter next season and in the near future. Zac Lee has cemented himself as the starter, but I don't count Cody out about being a solid #2. I expect to see him in packaged plays as we saw Suh last season. I think the upside is, Nebraska is going to have some studs at QB for the next few years.

3. Greg Paulus loves to stir up the story pot. He's now talking with Shawn Watson and Nebraska, along with Syracuse, Michigan, and Duke. Michigan has now recanted its supposely "offer" to have him play QB for them. Nebraska poses the most intrigue because of our lack of depth since Witt decided to leave Nebraska. Robert Marve came away from Nebraska impressed with what we had to offer but I think ultimately in the long run he goes to South Florida. I don't think Paulus can help us at Nebraska in 1 season. We need to build depth at QB with guys that will be in our program for a few years. I think that he should just quick with this drama about wanting to be in the media headlight about playing football. He may have been pretty good in high school but I feel he'll be a bust in college. As the story continues...I'll be watching.

OH on a side note Sigma Chi's are DUMB...shouldn't haze your boys.

Lambda Chi rules.......

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