Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 07, 2009

A thousand apologies to those who have read my blog religiously and notice that there was not new info for a week. I promise to get about 3 days on the record this week with returning to the regular schedule next week of 5 days.

The Hot List:

1. Nebraska vs. Creighton Baseball Preview
2. Nebraska Basketball
3. The Final Four

1. Nebraska returns home today start it's annual 3 game series against Creighton. Nebraska is trying to re-write the ship...again.....as Nebraska was embarrassingly swept at home against Kansas State last weekend. Creighton enters tonight's game winning 11 of its past 15 games where Nebraska has lost 5 in a row and 8 out of their last 10 games. Nebraska sends freshman Kask Kalkowski to make his first career start for the Huskers. I expect this to be dogfight and I'll be the first to go on record and say that Nebraska will lose tonight. Look there's no question I dislike Creighton and everything they stand for....but look at how Nebraska has pitched in its last 10 games.....its been UGLY. Nebraska simply is walking to many guys, and not throwing good strikes to get batters out, and getting shelled at the plate by everyone they've played. I don't expect a team who gave up 29 runs to K-State to magically figure it out in 2 days and pull out a W tonight. It's disappointing because I love Husker Baseball but we all have to start coming to a realization about this season....it's gonna be ugly and a long long long one for the team. Nebraska right now is LAST in the big 12 standings at 4-8. I've seen runs happens, lets hope this team can do it, or Nebraska will be out of the Big 12 tournament for the first time since 1998. And if you don't make the big 12 tournament that ends your season with NO regional.

2. News steps out today about Husker Basketball as Cookie Miller and Alonzo Edwards are leaving the program at the end of the semester. Miller has stated that he is have family problems and will be moving back home to be close to them. Edwards sites playing time as a factor for his transfer. I don't think we'll miss Edwards that much, you wanna leave...peace. I get real tired of hearing about players leaving b/c of lack of playing time....(Patrick Witt)....look you came to Nebraska to compete...if you can't do that than dont let the door hit you on the way out. Cookie leaving is more impactable to this team as Nebraska loses it best point guard and on the ball defender. I'll miss him, he was a scrappy kid that played with no fear because of his size. It'll leave Doc in a big hole to mold a new point for next season, and no I dont believe in Sek being the answer at point (he simply turns the ball over too much & takes bad shots). On a nicer note Doc did secure two Florida basketball recruits to come to the program. These guys look big and are LOADED with talent. Now with Edwards and Cookie leaving Doc can go out and get some more recruits to fills his new holes. I trust he'll find the right guys.

3. North Carolina cuts down the nets last night as this year's 2009 National Champion. Did you pick em??? I didn't, I had UConn winning it all and was very disappointed when they were out worked by Michigan State. I honestly didn't watch last night's game, because I knew that NC had just too much speed, talent, and will power and they made State look like a JV team in front of its "home" Detriot crowd. Being up by 21 at half...wow what-a-game...I spent my time watching Opening Day of Major League Baseball. It disappoints me that we couldn't get a better matchup for a more memorable game (KU-Memphis last year). If you look back in the past 15 years only a handful of championship games have gone down to the wire. Either way I dislike NC for winning the title, I hate Roy Williams and I can't wait when he gets a nice dose of reality when all his talent is playing in the big paid league next season. Either way...it was a heck of a college basketball season and a fun NCAA tournament, and UNC can kiss the white part of my backside.

This week we'll have eye on husker recruiting (WR's), headlines, Nebraska vs. Texas baseball preview, and spring practice report....Till tomorrow.

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