Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15, 2009

Much to talk about today so lets not waste any time....


1. Husker Baseball Preview
2. Husker Football News
3. Headlines

1. Nebraska did something it hasn't done since March Last night Nebraska got a 3 for 5 performance, 4 RBI's, and a stolen base from senior Jeff Tezak as Nebraska struck early and pitched solid to get a well needed 8-5 victory over Iowa. It's nice to see that when we needed them, a senior stepped up, put the team on his back, and did what he had too to get a W. It's not that impressive considering that Iowa is now 11-21 but Nebraska did the little things right. It got out to a lead, held it, and closed the door. Erik Bird picked up his first victory of the season and ace pitcher Mike Nesseth came in to record his second save of the season. This W is big for this team as the past 3 weeks have become something that the team and everyone wants to forget. Nebraska now must take what little momentum that this W gives and head to College Station this weekend. Rob Childress team, that I had picked to win the Big 12, is #21 and struggling a bit. Two weeks ago Texas A&M lost a series to Texas Tech. They have been battered up a bit by some of the top teams in the country including Rice, ASU, and Cal Irivine. Nebraska will send its same line up of starters from last week to the mound (Yost, Roualdes, Hauptman). Last season the A&M Nebraska series was one full of memorable moments as the teams battled for 16 innings in the opener only to see A&M win but then to see Nebraska make back to back comebacks in a doubleheader and get the series win over the #4 Aggies. This time things are a bit different, and the last trip to A&M ended horribly for Nebraska as it was swept by Rob Childress' Aggies. I expect A&M to win this series but only 2-1. I wouldn't be surprised if this series comes down to just one play that bounces away from Nebraska. I hope that this W can bring some confidence into this team....a series upset could start a trend upwards for Nebraska that they need to keep their postseason hopes alive.

2. Husker Football news jumps out with two headlines...the first being Niles Paul DUI arrest and another about the impact of the walk-on program at Nebraska.
First: Niles Paul was arrested early Sunday Morning and was ticketed with DUI and MIP. Niles has been suspended now for the remainder of spring practice and will not participate in the spring game this Saturday. I find this heartbreaking because I felt that the WR position was one of huge importance for this team as it has the biggest questions to answer than the QB's. Niles is a tremondous athlete and not having him get the reps he needs to be comfortable becoming an everyday productive WR of the team is damaging to the offense. Sometimes I wonder what goes through some of these kids play for Nebraska....your and icon....your every move is watched and reported all the time....BEHAVE. I do agree with Bo's position to suspend him. I hope that Niles realizes the seriousiness of his actions and takes full responsibility for them. He'll have to work hard to get back on my good side now...that now leaves his starter spot open for someone else to come in and shine...Mendoza??? I shall be watching this with most interest now.
Second: I read a great article today about Matt May pushing for a starting LB job at Nebraska. This kid is a walk on from Chase County and has shown great natural ability to play and even start in the fall. Carl Pelini has been very impressed with his progress and his natural comfort he has at LB since switching from being a safety. This is what makes Nebraska...walk ons...sometimes we get too hyped up in the big name 4 and 5 star recruits that pass on Nebraska or come with all this hype and talent and fail to live up to expectations. It's the walk-ons I feel that are going to make a huge impact on how this team and program go to the next level. Look at this kid, May, a walk on, with confidence to push anyone to be better. He wants the job and fights like it's his everyday in practice. These guys have a passion for Nebraska that I think takes scholarship kids sometime to gain....they practice and play like everyday is their last. I'm impressed with Bo's walk-on program and I feel that more stories like this from the walk-ons will shine through in years to come.

3. Headlines:
Duke's Greg Paulus is making headlines consistently everyday now...he's playing football. The Duke basketball star spurned offers coming out of high school to play basketball at Duke. Now that he has completed his senior year of basketball he's looking at the idea of going back to football. He recently worked out at QB for the Green Bay Packers and has been approached by David Cutcliff to possibly play WR this fall. He also was seen at Michigan taking in practice and talking to Rich Rodriguez about possibly playing QB there. This story just gets wildier by the minute the more I read it, I think that the best thing for Paulus to do is just look into coaching basketball. It's really hard to step in and play QB at any major program...and he hasn't played in 4 years. I think that it would be hard for him to start anywhere as a QB and that's what he wants to play. I don't think he'll get drafted in the NFL draft, or play WR at Duke (who would, their football program has been terrible in years past). I think he'll start his way as a grad assistant for Duke in basketball and then work his way into the coaching ranks. He could be the next Jeff Capel in the making. I could see him as a head coach someday...his knowledge about basketball just can't hold him back from becoming one someday.

More to come later this week... Skocz OUT!!!!

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