Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday, April 09

Once again live continues to throw loops at me and I've returned to get 2 more solid days of talk today. Let's not waste.

The Hot List:

1. Nebraska Baseball preview vs. Texas
2. Eye on Husker Recruiting: WR's
3. The Master's

Lets blow this UP!!!!

1. Nebraska gets underway tomorrow as weather has pushed this series into a very interesting double header against Texas with the games starting at 2:05 and 6:05 tomorrow night. For the first time all season I feel that Nebraska is facing a must win series situation. Nebraska has last 6 in a row and 8 out of their last 11 games. Getting beaten bloody 15-0 by Creighton on Tuesday didn't do much in the way of confidence for this team. Nebraska sends Sean Yost, Jordan Roualdes, and Casey Hauptman to the mound this time while Texas counters with an impressive 2.13 staff ERA. Which just so happens to lead the stacked Big 12. They'll send All American Chance Ruffin on the mound first, followed by Brandon Workman, and Cole Green. I'm very nervous for this series as Nebraska has had some nice history against Texas but with our recent play it looks like the JV squad from UNK could come in and put some work on us. The keys for this game will be, OF COURSE, pitching...its been ugly and embarassing to watch...I for one would hate to be in attendance for the second game tomorrow and get to see Nebraska worked. I expect Texas to win this series but only 2 games. I think the only arm on our staff that can turn it around is Jordan Roualdes. He didn't have his best stuff last weekend but he's shown to be the most consistent arm in the rotation. Things will get darker before they get's times like this I wished the season wasn't so long.

2. I continue my eye on Husker recruiting this week as I will cast my eye into the likes of WR's. Nebraska seeks to improve its WR core as it lost it's top two guys from a year ago. Nebraska is heavily looking at Marcus Lucas, a 6-5 195 stud from Liberty, MO. There's no question that Nebraska not only needs WR but big one's. Look at the success from top programs across the country and when Nebraska's offense was unstoppable when Zac Taylor was the commander...they all had Big WR's. I think that Nebraska has a great shot to land this kid, as he plans to make an appearance for the spring game. For Nebraska to steal kids like this from other top programs Nebraska has to get these kinds of kids in early and often. Getting recruits to see how crazy and spectacular the spring game is gives Nebraska a nice foot in the door. Another kid I'm keeping my eye on is Robert Woods, a 6-1, 180 speedster from Gardena, CA. Nebraska needs to boost its speed and find a solid guy that can be a mismatch type of WR against LB's. We'll see how this one shakes out as it's uncertain where Nebraska stands at this time, BUT I'm optimistic that Nebraska can make a strong push for this kid, as Nebraska clearly has shown it can recruit anywhere it wants to in CA.

3. The best golf tournament gets underway today as the Master's kicks off once again. You'll find that this is really the only time I watch or follow golf all year as I hope Tiger Woods can win yet another green jacket. He's off to a nice 70 on day one but finds himself 5 shots off the lead with many people shooting under 70 today. I think that when it all shakes out Tiger should be on top but I dont expect him to win it this year as this is his first major from his knee surgery. If Tiger makes a run at the title tune in Saturday....that's always been the day where he's pushed the tempo and really hit to win. Either way if you do or don't like golf, just watch really is the best golf tournament we have today.

More Tomorrow....

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