Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23, 2009

Back again for another great day of blogging so lets not despair and dive in.


1. Implications from loss at VT
2. Zac Lee's Injuried
3. Husker Tid-bits

1. A great article came out today written by Dirk Chatelain about the impact on Bo Pelini's coaching mentality following Nebraska's one point loss to Virginia Tech on Saturday. There was a pivotal point in the game with 1:50 left Nebraska faced a fourth and 1 and elected to punt the ball instead of going for it. At that point of the game with no timeouts left for VT, a first down all but would have assured a victory for the Huskers. Instead history was written and Taylor lead a drive that won the game for the Hokies. The article flashes back to the 2006 national championship game where Pete Carroll elected go for it on fourth down to find that his team was stopped short, thus allowing Vince Young and Texas to drive 56 yards in 2 minutes to win the national title. Do you think that either one of these two coaches would have changed their minds? I understand and totally support Bo's decision. You have to look at it like this...he's a defensive minded coach first...he'll choose putting his defense on the field first over his offense. That's just the coach and guy he is. At that point of the game, he did the right them deep and put your defense on the field who only allowed 3 first downs in the second half of the game. Either way you look at it, its a gutsy decision that you hope ultimately leads to a W for your team. On one hand you run out the clock...the other you make a to make a first down you give them a short field and put pressure on your defense to stop to play stop big plays and you lose in the fashion that Nebraska did. There are times where you'll look like a God for the call you make and other times you'll be questioned on it. This was one of those times that many will question it, but put yourself in his shoes and make the'll find yourself putting your defense out on the field...because defense wins championships.

2. Zac Lee spoke openly about his injured thumb that is on his non throwing hand. He has been wearing a splint and taking anti-inflammatory medication to tackle the swelling. Shawn Watson praised Lee's effort in practice yesterday saying it might have been the best practice he's had this season. It all appears imminent that he will start this Saturday. So for those of you fans who were freaking out you can all breathe a sigh of relief. I'll be looking to see how effective his passing is this weekend, as I feel that will be a focal point of the offense this week to get him back on track. I want to see more of Rex Burkehead, the emergence of a nice #2 back is essential to formulate a solid 1-2 punch that can become deadly when Nebraska heads into Big 12 play. Matchup breakdowns tomorrow.

3. Few Husker Tid-bits today as Collins Okafor is back on the team but taking some time to reflect on his career and where he fits on this team....the soap opera continues....grab a seat....Husker Volleyball takes on Texas A&M a team that pushed them to 5 sets last season, they return all 6 of their girls that pushed Nebraska last season.......a nice 2-0 start in the Big 12 is nice but beating good teams like this gets you ready for Texas.....Nebraska is scheming a way to get Ricky Thenarse on the field more...the senior has played in limited games so far this season....hmmmm do you think a breakdown on a certain play by a safety has prompted this move...I think so....Roy Helu enjoyed rushing for a career high 28 attempts....I did too because he really mowed people down late in the game, but I feel Burkehead could do the same if given the opportunity. Roy's health is too pivotal for the Husker's this season.

Back Tomorrow.

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