Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16, 2009

Well its a bit late getting this one out but I promise to blog today...and I've delivered.


1. Impact of National Televised Games
2. Okafor Leaves
3. Marcel Jones: Time to Step up

1. An interesting question has been aroused this week with the Husker Football team traveling to Virginia Tech about the impact of getting a W this weekend. I have heard numerous people call into local radio shows stating the a W this weekend would put Nebraska on the "map" and open doors to recruiting that Nebraska wouldn't have had access to before. Today in the Omaha World Herald Bo stated today that the national reputation of his program means "diddly" to him as he sees playing well and executing their practiced game plan and getting a W the most important aspects of this weekend's game. In retrospect a W would give national sports writers something positive to write about the Huskers and thus continue to be convinced that this program is moving in a right direction.
I personally think that this game is more of a grade out for Nebraska this season, how good are theses guys when they play equal or greater talent in front of them. By no means does this game dictate the success of this season. I think the real Nebraska team is going to be seen in the conference season. That is the part of the season that I feel Nebraska can take its first major step by winning the Big 12 North, making the Big 12 Championship, and showing Texas that we can give them a good run for their money. Yes I do believe that a win this weekend would give some nice publicity to the team and change the tone that Nebraska haters have been dishing out for the past few years. Think about this does it look for Nebraska if they go to VT, play very well, but lose by 3 points or less....what is the national image of Nebraska then??? Either way it still looks positive to me. This game will be a statement game, just not in the national perception that Husker Fans think, win and you are looked as kinda back but not, lose and your looked at as not close to the elite yet....either way its lose/lose....but its a win for Husker Fans if they upset VT Saturday.

2. Collins Okafor has left the Nebraska team, as confirmed by the Omaha World Herald. Its a shame that this once highly recruited kid from Omaha Westside has decided that he no longer wants to put in the work to be the player of greatness at Nebraska. I loved the size of the kid and the potential he had. As we have said to numerous kids that have come and gone from of luck to ya, but shame on you for walking away from the greatest program in the country....I'll defend that statement to the death....hands down.

3. A great article came out today about the play of Marcel Jones and how important it will be for him to elevate his game again. On Saturday he'll be lined up against another potential NFL draft pick DE. As we saw last week against Arkansas State, he struggled at times to catch up to the speed defensive end of Alex Carrington, this week he'll be matched up against VT's Jason Worilds. The speedy defensive end from VT will very likely play on Sunday's next year, and as we know the protection of Zac Lee I feel is a vital part of the game plan for Nebraska to beat VT. I expect Nebraska to run away from him, but look for Nebraska to push the ball towards Jones' side if he begins to wear Worilds down in the 4th quarter. This will be a big week for Jones, the experience of playing a high quality DE will give him the confidence to take on other Big 12 teams DE's during the season. I expect Jones to struggle against Worilds early but as the Husker's game plan unfolds against the Hokies, I expect Jones' game to get stronger and stronger as the game rolls on....If he plays out of his mind, a W is not that far out of reach for the Husker's this Saturday.

Coming back on Friday and one more time for a special Gameday Blog on Saturday......

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