Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 29, 2009

As promised I've returned again and we have lots to discuss this week.


1. Cajun's/Husker's Breakdown
2. My Top 25 this week
3. Big 12 Rankings

1. Well could you have expected Nebraska to play as well as they did....possibly. No doubt Bo Pelini owned up to his quotes earlier in the week stating that Nebraska would come out with emotion and play well. They did. Nebraska didn't lose a beat on offense this week scoring on it's first 5 possessions, while the defense pitched a solid zero on the scoreboard for the first time since 2006. This game also marked Nebraska's 300 consecutive sellout dating back to 1962. It's a testament to the many fans that have packed Memorial Stadium for a better part of 40+ years. As the signs read above every gate "Through these Gates pass the Greatest Fans in College Football." No other program can dispute that.

Grade Outs:
Offense: A
Defense: A

Its kinda hard not to give both sides of the ball perfect scores as the Offense clicked out of the gate, the defense pitched a shutout and forced 3 turnovers, including a pick 6 by Larry Asante. The grade outs are simple, A for the O as they gelled again this week but against an inferior opponent but will need to continue to elevate their game for Misery in 2 weeks. A for the defense as well, they dictated the tempo of the game right from the start and made it a long night for the Cajun's. A+ is likely to come if they can duplicate this performance against Misery in 2 weeks.

2. My Top 25 This week. Last week's rating is in parentheses.

1. Florida (1)
2. Alabama (2)
3. Texas (4)
4. Ohio State (9)
5. LSU (6)
6. Oklahoma (10)
7. Oklahoma State (8)
8. TCU (11)
9. Cincinnati (15)
10. Virginia Tech (16)
11. California (5)
12. USC (14)
13. Boise State (13)
14. Nebraska (18)
15. Iowa (UR)
16. Houston (20)
17. Oregon (UR)
18. Kansas (19)
19. Georgia (17)
20. Mississippi (3)
21. BYU (22)
22. Georgia Tech (25)
23. Penn State (7)
24. South Florida (UR)
25. Miami (12)

Upsets will shake out this week's top 25. Florida remains #1 as does Alabama at #2. Texas moves up a spot to 3 and Ohio State benefits greatly from Penn States lost jumping 5 spots to #4. LSU is a weak #5 but still unbeaten and soon to be tested by Florida. OU rises 4 spots to 6, followed by OSU. TCU and Cincinnati break the top 10 this week rises 4 and 5 spots a piece. VT moves up following its impressive win over Miami on Saturday to 10. Cal drops 6 spots following its beatdown by Oregon on Saturday and they are followed closely by USC...the winner moves into the top 10 next week and the loser possibly below 20. Boise State plays weak teams and remains unchanged. Iowa vaults to 15 after an impressive beating of Penn State on the road. I loved Nebraska's play on Saturday and moved them up to 14. Other unranked teams making this week's top 25 is Oregon (after drumming Cal), and South Florida (after getting an impressive W over Florida State). Big tumblers were Ole Miss falling to 20 and Penn State crashing to 23.

3. Big 12 Rankings

1. Texas (1-0) (4-0)
It was Texas' first complete game on both sides of the ball...The Longhorns need to continue that kind of play if they hope to remain at the top of the league. A bye week after last week's performance is well earned.

2. Oklahoma (2-1)
Sam Bradford may or may not return this weekend, but the play of OU's defense should have teams in the Big 12 scared. If Bradford can't go, Jones will get tested by Miami...either way it should be another stepping stone to see how good this OU team can be this year.

3. Oklahoma State (3-1)
OSU proved it might have the deepest backfield in the Big 12. As Hunter and Bryant watched on Saturday, OSU showed that their offense is still potent. The upcoming bye-week gives those superstars time to rest up and heal before the brutal Big 12 schedule.

4. Nebraska (3-1)
The defensive strides in 2 weeks should have every team in the Big 12 North scared. Compact that with an improving offense and Nebraska is poised to have a season where the Big 12 North should gain some need respect. 2-weeks to prep for Misery is plenty of time for this rising team.

5. Kansas (4-0)
When finally tested by a decent team, KU held on to a 7 point win. When they play big defensive teams that can shut down their passing game they'll be in trouble. Elevating their defensive play should be the priority heading into the bye week.

6. Missouri (4-0)
The Tigers notched a much needed win on the road but did so in ugly fashion. Their defense looked suspect at times stopping the run. That doesn't bode well for them against Nebraska in two weeks.

7. Texas A&M (3-0)
The Aggies needed to get out of the gate early and have with 3 wins. This week marks the true test of how good this team can be in Mike Sherman's second year. Arkansas brings matchup problems up and down for A&M. A win is needed to take some heat off the program.

8. Texas Tech (0-1) (2-2)
A statement win was in the grasps of the Red Raiders on Saturday, but Mike Leech poor play calling down the stretch doomed their upset hopes. Regrouping is needed, as a replacement will need to be found for the loss of Brandon Carter, a leader on the OL.

9. Baylor (2-1)
The loss of Griffin all but seals the fate of the Bears not making a bowl game this season. Getting a healthy QB to play this weekend is the #1 problem to tackle before tangling with Kent State.

10. Iowa State (3-1)
Starting out the Big 12 season with a W over Kansas State could show the Cyclone fan base that this program may be headed for greener pastures. Playing a stronger schedule needs to be looked at before you can raise your hopes about how good this team could be this season.

11. Colorado (1-2)
The Buffaloes got a bye week to prepare for their showdown with West Virginia on Thursday. The questions are if their defense can stop the speed and the revenge that the Mountaineers will bring to the game. Lose and a 1-3 start doesn't look good for bowl talk.

12. Kansas State (2-2)
A .500 start probably wasn't what Bill Synder was looking at when he took over last spring. They can make a move in the right direction when they play Iowa State. Both teams need a win to get out of the cellar of the Big 12.

Coming back with another great blog tomorrow. Laterz

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