Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September, 9 2009

On the day of my cousin Nicole's birthday, 9-9-09, we have come back today from a very long weekend (mini vacation) to spread the hot news.

The Hot List:

1. Nebraska/FAU breakdown
2. College Football Recap
3. Headlines

Let take off....

1. It was an impressive win for the Sker's as they defeated FAU 49-3 on Saturday night. The things that jumped out to me was the play of the offense. After a dismal first series for the Cornhuskers, Zac Lee took control of the offense and executed with precision timing and rhythm to give the offense the spark it needed to sprung for TD's. The things on offense that stood out was the play of our true freshman, Cody Green & Rex Burkehead blocked out crowd of 80,000+ and looked like veterans on the field. They have shown that the positions of QB and RB will be set for a few years to come. Offense does have some things to work on this week in the WR department making catches, at times they dropped catchable balls but that was just getting some rust off in game time speed.

On the defensive side this game was suppose to test the defense and show where they were at this point of the season. They bended but didn't break on Saturday. The most impressive thing was creating turnovers where Nebraska had 3 and should of had 5. The disappointing thing came in the play of creating sacks...which Nebraska had zero.....adjustments are going to have to be made on the DL as I expect teams to roll their QB's out and away from our DL when we play. Their play was also set up by the lack of blitzing that the LB's did on Saturday. I expect them to create more pressure when Bo and his staff crank up the intensity in big games on the schedule.
Offense: A-
Defense: B+

2. It was a banner start the college football season seeing Oregon lose it starting RB for the year as he lost his cool after his team got trounced by Boise State 19-8 on Thursday night. Its a shame that "monkey's" still play college football...his suspension for the year warrants his actions...have fun sitting on the bench..douscher

It wasn't a banner start for OU as they lost to BYU 14-13 in arguably the biggest upset in week one. Sam Bradford was knocked out of that game and now will be sidelined 2-4 weeks with a sprained AC joint. The news got worse for the Sooners when they learned yesterday that start TE Jermaine Gresham will be out for the season after having knee surgery. The pitiful thing for OU is that when they lost Bradford, his backup looked light years away from being a competitive starter. It just comes to show how OU has been developing the future QB after Bradford leaves, and they haven't been doing a good job with it. They really never had a shot to win a national title this year and now I expect them to lose 3 more games this season (OSU, Texas, Nebraska). The surprising thing to see was their defensive play, with all their returning starters back, they allowed BYU to drive the ball down the field at the end of the game and score a winning TD on them. The Sooner river is running red with bloody wounds, they must heal quickly or face a very disappointing season and a mid-tier bowl they would win a BCS game this season anyway....haha NOPE

3. Headlines jumping out on the page today as Florida's star RB Debose, poised to take over the roll of Percy Harvin, will be out for the season after tearing his hamstring and having surgery on it....Jevan Snead is feeling a bit ill this week...not after winning but coming down with the case of the flu...Ole Miss is poised to have one of their biggest seasons since Eli Manning was there, lets hope he can get healthy...The Rebels play Southeastern Louisiana this weekend....and we can almost be safe to say that Dan Hawkins reign as coach at Colorado took a major hit when his team was beaten by CSU 23-17 on Sunday night. It hasn't been the success that Hawkins endured at Boise State, look at what Chris Peterson has done since taking over....think Hawkins could of done that...I don't think soo....hope he has his resume ready....because barring some kind of miracle season..he'll be out of a job in 2009....

Coming back tomorrow with a preview of Arkansas State, Husker Tidbits, and other headlines...

Skocz OUT!!!

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