Saturday, September 19, 2009

COLLEGE GAMEDAY September 19, 2009

Ok so I didnt get a chance to blog like I wanted to last night but we're making up for it with a special College Gameday addition.


1. Nebraska vs. Virginia Tech Preview
2. Games To Watch
3. Around the Big 12

1. Its a big game today as we are finally about 5 hours from knowing exactly how good this Nebraska team can be this year. There's no question that playing in Blacksburg isn't the easiest place in the world, but this season it's manageable to go in and get a win. The keys for today's game are simple, you must run the ball effectively on offense. Running the ball becomes more important when you go on the road because it gives you a chance to control the pace of the game. Look at how effective Nebraska's offense was last season at Texas Tech....the defense was fresh and able to put Texas Tech into troubling 3rd and long situations. Today is no different for the Cornhuskers they must run the ball effectively to take pressure of Zac Lee's shoulders and give him opportunities to complete short passes for effective yardage gains. Another key today will be the play of the Husker's inexperienced Linebackers. Their play will be crucial to contain Tyrod Taylor in the pocket should he decide to take off and run. I expect our defensive line will create pressure but when Taylor steps up and away from the'll be the Linebacker's duty to clean up. Those are the two key matchups that I'll be looking at today.

Predicition: It's been a better part of a decade since Nebraska went on the road and won a game against a team that was ranked in the top Nebraska rights the ship and establishes themselves as a team and program turning the corner....Nebraska comes out today and shows that they can play a dirty grudge match game and run the ball down the Hokies throats...that running game will keep VT off the field and force young Tyrod Taylor to press to catch up against the Huskers. Nebraska will come up with a pivotal turnover that will seal the game away late as they did a few times at the end of last season. Huskers win 31-21

2. Some decent games to watch today as I'll be tuning into Cal Minnesota, FSU BYU, and Michigan State Norte Damn. Utah also takes on Oregon while Cincinnati tackles with Oregon State...night games tonight have Georgia @ Arkansas, and West Virginia battling Auburn....Good games em

3. Lets go around the Big 12 and see this weekend slate of games.
Texas Tech @ Texas
UConn @ Baylor
Wyoming @ Colorado
Iowa State @ Kent State
Duke @ Kansas
Kansas State @ UCLA
Furman @ Missouri
Nebraska @ Virginia Tech
Tulsa @ Oklahoma
Rice @ Oklahoma State
Utah State @ Texas A&M

Clearly Nebraska stands out as the best game in the Big 12, but I expect the UConn Baylor game to be entertaining as well. Predictions for the games. Texas, Baylor, Colorado, KU, UCLA, Misery, Sker's, OU, OSU, A&M.
Bill Synder won't like going to UCLA today as the Bruins are on cloud 9 from beating Tennessee last weekend....Dan Hawkins better win today against Wyoming, or he may be fired after the game is over.

Enjoy the games today....coming back on Tuesday.....GO SKER'S

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