Monday, March 9, 2009

March 09, 2009

Post #1.

Were going to get this baby started off right by going through some sports headlines today that are jumping out on the page as well as getting those o important thoughts on those headlines.

Here's what jumps out on the page today:

1) UNC become the new #1 in the USA/Today College Basketball poll
2) A-roid has his hip surgery, doc says "no surprises"
3) Angels Santana to start the '09 season on the DL.
4) FSU to vacate wins stemming from their cheating scandal in 2006.
5) Nebraska and Colorado to play on Friday after Thanksgiving in 2009.

1. UNC dominated Duke in the second half on Sunday beating the blue devils 79-71 in Chapel Hill and are this week's new #1 team. Looking at the recent track record of being #1, the Heel's will have the bull's eye on their back as they are the #1 seed in the ACC tournament this week. I expect UNC to win it, but wouldn't be surprised to see Wake Forest, Clemson, FSU, or Duke walk away with the title this week. oooh the joy's of championship week.

2. A roid/Arod opts to have his surgery which admitting publically about doing steroids is his second best decision. It does put some strain on the Yankees to replace his valuable bat while he sits for 6-10 weeks. I expect him to be out a lot longer than that, something about getting your hip operated on and having a torn labrium tells me it will take you longer to get back on the sattle. Keep him down in your fantasy baseball drafts as I expect him to struggle to produce big numbers as he has in year's past. He'll still choke in the playoffs.

3) Ervin Santana who had the best turn around for the Angles last season will be begin the season on the DL. Santana clearly was the ace of the staff last year posting great numbers that allowed him to ink a hefty extension to his contract. This has fantasy implications as he was a valuable weekly starter. Look for him to bounce back from his elbow injury but not be as productive as he was last season.

4) Finally its come on FSU...big time. The NCAA has placed FSU on 5 years probation as well as asking all sporting teams to vacate their wins from athletes who participated that were involved in the cheating scandal. I mean really are we surprised about how this all went down. I'm surprised that Bowden didn't know anything about this....I've always questioned how dumb-ball 5 star guys got their degrees from good universities. I think in the long run this will have a HUGE impact in College Football because it could be the last straw for Bowden to hang it up after this season. Keep your eyes now on Penn State. You know Joe-Pa was just coaching it out to keep the all time wins record away from Bowden. If Bowden walks after this season, I expect Joe-Pa to do the same. What else does he have to prove?

5) In HUSKER NEWS: Nebraska and Colorado will continue to play on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I hope this continues to keep happening for the Huskers. It's a great way to put the college on national TV, and honestly if CU wouldn't suck so bad the game might be fun to watch every now and then. I can't wait to see Hawkins put his foot in his mouth after he predicted that the Buffaloes would win 10 games in 2009. Get to a bowl game first, win it, then make bold predictions. Nebraska is the class of the North because I don't think KU has the defense it takes to win the North this year. The more Nebraska continues to rise, the lower programs like Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado are going to fall.

OH, nice to see the baseball team sweep a solid opponent in Cal State Northridge. There no Fullerton, but it was good to see that the young team is getting some solid at bats and producing runs. I expect them to sweep Texas Tech this weekend, but won't count that one till it happens.

The basketball team begins play on Wednesday against Baylor. I expect them to lose as rematches from the end of the regular season opponent to the tournament have usually been loses. Hello NIT.

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  1. The NU-CU game was really fun to watch last year, probably one of our best in recent years. And on top of that, the reason it sucked the year before was because they kicked our ass. Tough to say they suck.

    And we got Baylor, its time to think KU