Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 24, 2009

Greeting again fellow readers...much to talk about today so let's not waste.

The Hot List:
1. Spring Practice Preview: Offense
2. Preview of the Sweet 16

Ignition in 3.....2......1.......blast off

1. Spring practice preview continues today as we ask questions pertaining to the offense. How much confidence can Zac Lee show the team of his grasp of the offense and a leader in the huddle? How will Cody Green's injury affect his progress in spring practice? How will the WR's step up without Swift and Peterson? Can Nebraska develop more consistent play from it's OL? and How will Helu handle being the #1 back at Nebraska?
Lets dive into these questions: First, it will be very important to see if Zac can become a vocal leader of the team and realize the importance of taking this team to the next level. There's no question that last year Ganz was the leader, the commander, and the soul of the Husker Offense. I'm looking to see how he commands himself in the huddle and in the offense, as his development is vital to a successful season in the fall. I have no doubt he knows the x's and o's of the offense but does he know the philosophy about it to be successful....this we shall see.
Second, Cody Green took a huge hit as Pelini announced today that he has a minor hip injury that will keep him out of a few practices this spring. As an incoming freshman, it's already difficult to make name for yourself and practices are vital to growth. This puts him back a little bit, but I hope that he can step up his game and grasp as much of the offense as he can this spring. Zac Lee will be the starter in the fall.
There is no question, that in order for Nebraska to be successful next season, we'll have to be able to throw timely completions that have become a cornerstone of this offense. Zac may have the ability to get the ball out of his hand on time, but it takes his WR's making those timely receptions. The pressure is on Holt, and Niles Paul to show this spring they can be reliable WR's as Swift and Peterson were. I hope they can make huge strides toward this because at times last year they struggled to haul in timely receptions for the team. They have the experience and it's time to step up or sit the bench.
Roy Helu comes into a new lime light this spring...he's the #1 back. There is some lofty expectations that comes with being the #1 guy at RB for Nebraska, as I think Marlon took some heat for it and failed to show he could be an everyday productive back. I have no doubt that good good things are coming for Roy, at times last season he saw holes and ran with authority that it takes to be a Husker back. I'll be watching the times he gets the ball and how many touches he gets, as I feel Castille made the coaches eyes open more from his Gator Bowl performance.
Nebraska has a few new faces that will be making their first starts this spring. If Nebraska wants to be an offense that is hard to stop, the OL will need step and play more consistent against upper tier teams. In games Nebraska lost (OU, Missouri, VT) the OL was hammered by good DL play from their opponents. There's no question Suh is an all caliber Big 12 player this season, so the OL better get some good reps stopping a quality tackle to ready themselves for the fall. I'll be keeping my eye on how the new unit gels together as a unit of 5 guys working together is the best when you want to be successful.

2. The Sweet 16 continues on Friday with Arizona taking on Louisville, Gonzaga stacking up with UNC, Syracuse tangling with OU, and Kansas battling Michigan State. I think the most intriguing match up is Syracuse and OU. Syracuse has great guard play and Johnny Flynn has elevated his game in the tournament. If OU's guards continue their hot play they'll advance to face UNC on Sunday. I think the Cuse will give them all they can handle as faster teams have been able to blow by Griffin and get him into foul trouble. Should be good one. Picks Tomorrow.

Tomorrow: Spring Practice: Defense, headlines, Picks, Eye on Recruiting: WR's
Till then....

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