Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12, 2009

OH man, oh man, oh man.....I hate to be right sometimes but we'll start off today talking about Nebraska basketball and how I called it about them losing in the first round yesterday.

Here's the Agenda:

1. Nebraska Basketball/Big 12 tournament
3. Nebraska Baseball Preview against Texas Tech
4. Championship Week (Eyes on ACC and Big East)

Off we go......

1. I hate to be right but now for the fourth time a re-match against a regular season finale opponent, has now cost Nebraska a chance to move on in the tournament. It's embarrassing to think back to last Saturday and see Nebraska get a gutty 66-62 win on THE ROAD at Baylor, then come back 4 days later to just get man-handled by the Bears. You knew they were going to get out of their funk at some point, that funk that cost them to lose 10 out of their final 11 games to end the regular season. Baylor dominated the boards, and once again Nebraska's true colors showed up...going scoreless. Nebraska went 6:01 to start the second half without a bucket just being down only 3 at half. I'm sorry that just wont cut it, I expect the Huskers to make the NIT which would be a nice compliment to the overachieved season. Come on, own up, did you honestly think the smallest team in Division I would go .500 in the conference. I didn't and love seeing surprises. Nebraska won't get over the "hump" unless they find a way to stop losing against team they are better than, and start pulling those ooo so important upsets on the road......but the future does look bright....TO THE NIT!!!!!

I went 3-1 in picks in the first round of the big 12 tournament, as Texas Tech needed a 43 point effort from Singletary to pull a big upset of A&M. Either way 3-1 isn't bad, and we enter some interesting match ups today. I think if Baylor can play hot like they did yesterday they can give KU fits, but honestly KU has completely overachieved from a team that lost all 5 of it's starters a year ago. If they make the finals, I wouldn't expect anything less than a 3 seed for them in the Tournament. Here's todays picks: Kansas, Oklahoma, Missery, Texas

2. Breaking news today as the BCS bowl sites (Rose, Sugar, Orange, and Fiesta) all have inked contract extensions that will keep them as the host sites for the BCS Championship game till 2014. The rotation is this: Rose 2010, Fiesta 2011, Sugar 2012, Orange 2013, Rose 2014. I like that we are using these sites for the title game, but for those of you calling for a playoff for Division I (as I have for many years) we'll be on a backseat for awhile. ESPN just inked a deal for $125 million to broadcast the title game starting in 2011. HOORAY!!! I hate Fox's coverage of it, they just swooped in to get ratings. They could use better color and play by play analysts, then I might change my tune. We'll be in this system for awhile because an extension with the rotation can only mean the BCS will be inking an extension soon. When will people wise up and cut the season back to 11 games and muster in a playoff like Division I. Then all the complainers can can keep their mouth shut when they don't get the right for the title. Auburn getting snubbed for OU in 04 was RIDICULOUS!!! Since then, I have lost respect for the system, it just doesnt work, and if we had the "perfect system" why do we make corrections to it every year???

3. My attention turns away from March Madness to Husker Baseball this weekend as the Huskers (10-3-1) open Big 12 play at Texas Tech this Friday. Starting Pitchers have been named this weekend, Mike Nesseth, Jordan Roualdes, and Michael Mariot. Nesseth by far is the Ace of this staff blostering an impressive 1.71 ERA in 3 quality starts. I expect Nebraska to pound some hits on Texas Tech, as our young talent (i.e. Adam Bailey who leads the Big 12 in RBI's and HR's) have shown that they are not afraid of hitting the ball hard. Nebraska pounded out 40 runs on Cal State Northridge last weekend in a 4 game sweep at home. It's important for Nebraska to SWEEP this weekend, as we all know the Big 12 this season has 5 teams ranked in the top 25, and is probably the toughest conference in College Baseball. If you want to finish high in the Big 12, you have to sweep oponents that your better than, and Nebraska is clearly better than Texas Tech. I hope we can sweep to give the team a boost of confidence heading into a pair of games on the road at Arkansas (yes Van Horn's team) on Tuesday and Wednesday. After that they must get their big hats ready for OSU, who arguably has the best 1. 2. punch in starting pitching in the big 12 (aside from maybe Texas, but those guys are young).
Pick: Nebraska in 3 games of a sweep.

4. I want to state that I also went 3-1 last night in the Big East tournament as West Virginia was the only one to win, they were the higher seed and I thought Norte Dame was motivated to play its way off the bubble and into the tournament.....pssh yeh right. Norte Dame had one of its best teams this season and simply just couldnt hang with the big boys of the Big East, we'll see those guys in the NIT too. I'd love to play them but maybe not, as Nebraska can't match up with Luke Harangody. Yeh, he's that good....better than KU's Aldridge.
Big East Winners tonight: Louisville, Pitt, Marquette, and UConn.
Could have some MONSTER games tomorrow :)

The ACC tournament begins today with Virginia Tech taking on Miami, Clemson duking it out with Georgia Tech, Maryland playing NC State, and Boston College tangling with Virginia. Not a big slate of big name games but some bubble teams like VT, Miami, and Maryland all need to look good tonight with win's and probably win tomorrow to make the dance. First round bye's are North Carolina, Duke, Wake Forest, and Florida State. This will be a good one to watch heading into the weekend, as I feel 1 of 6 different teams could win this tournament. Keep your eyes out for upsets, as the ACC is notorious for them, and with Ty Lawson most likely out with a foot problem for North Carolina that could open the door for other's to knock them out and win it all.
Picks tonight: Miami, Clemson, NC State, BC

Till Friday....

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