Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 17, 2009

Hey guys, sorry about not getting on yesterday I decided that in the mist of Spring Break, I'd add another day off. Although loads and loads to talk about.

Here's the hot list:

1. Recap of Husker Baseball
2. NIT preview
3. NCAA tournament preview
4. Headlines

Lets get it done.....

1. It was a disappointing weekend for Husker Baseball as the team fell 1-2 in it's opening Big 12 series at Texas Tech. There was some positives over the weekend, as Nebraska produced runs this weekend. Nebraska pounded out 8 and 10 runs in both of their games on Saturday, but got clamped down by Tech's shaky bullpen to only muster 3 runs. The problem was the bullpen...Nebraska was trounced by Texas Tech and Nebraska twice had leads heading into the 6th inning and gave it away with big innings. This has lead to Mike Nesseth, the husker ace, heading to the bullpen for the rest of the season. I'm very nervous about this decision, but I do feel that Casey Hauptman is ready to get a shot as the ace of this staff. The rotation will most likely be Roualdes, Hauptman, and Mariot. Nebraska needs someone to step up their game badly or it'll be a long long season....."In Newmann I Trust"

2. The Nebraska Basketball team earned a postseason berth in the NIT. Nebraska earned a 6 seed and will face New Mexico on the road tonight. If Nebraska wins, a matchup w/ Norte Dame is most likely. I expect Nebraska to put it together tonight and get a well needed W to get to 19 wins on the season. If we play defense and make timely shots Nebraska can win a game at "the pit." I don't expect Nebraska to win at Norte Dame...that is an NCAA tournament team who got beat up in the Big East this year (yeh that conference who got 3 #1 seeds in the dance). If Nebraska has to travel there, Luke Harangody will make us look silly on his home court. It's been fun guys....till next season.

3. The NCAA tournament was revealed on Sunday and most of us have probably already started filling out our brackets. I have.....there were some snubs like St. Mary's and San Diego State that made the NIT that I felt were good enough to get into the big dance. Creighton was out, and I called it. Creighton learned the hard way.....make your non conference harder or you'll be out of the dance. I did feel that St. Mary's was by far the biggest snub.....if Patty Mills stays healthy all year, they easily make the dance and are probably a 7 or 8 seed. They'll be a tough opponent to play in the NIT....good teams in it.....I wont reveal my final four till Thursday.

4. Breaking headlines today was on the FSU academic scandal as the school as appealed the decision to revoke 14 wins from Bobby Bowden. Does being the all time winniest coach mean that much to you???...it must. I think FSU shouldn't get those win's back. This scandal probably has run real deep for a few years in football, you just got caught. Suspending players for 1 game (happened to be the bowl game) wasn't enough.....This cheating thing as we found out was HUGE and ran deep into other sports at the school. The wins should be wipped off the board, like OU's were for their scandal with the "fake" auto jobs. Tough break Bobby, retirement is looking kinda nice these days.

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