Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 28, 2009

Things have been a bit interesting in my life as I've been swamped with things this week...

The Hot List:
1. Spring Practice
2. Headlines
3. Husker Baseball Preview vs. Oklahoma

1. Spring Practice for Husker Football continues as we are now starting to see some interesting story lines develop out of practice. Announced today is that Tyler Wortman is staying on at Nebraska as a Student Coach. Wortman walked on at Nebraska and contributed last season when key players went down at LB. I think it's great to see a guy like Wortman come back and give his knowledge to help out the younger guys that are fighting for starting positions. Thanks Ty.
Marcus Mendoza is beginning to start to find his comfort being a WR. Mendoza has officially switched his position this spring to fight for a better chance at playing time. I think w/ his speed he'll be a great slot guy and be a match up nightmare for other teams. Think of him lining up with a LB trying to keep up with him? He'll quickly outrun him and get open, I'm hoping that he can grasp the knowledge it takes to be a good wide out at Nebraska. It'll be key for Mendoza to grasp it quickly to ensure himself ample playing time in the fall, and some well needed depth at WR this season.
Latravis Washington is bringing the heat this QB...the 6-3, 225 pound athlete has switched positions this spring to aid Nebraska's depth at QB. Green did take practice making some throws today, but the coaches are being very cautious as they want Green to develop and stay healthy. I think that Washington brings some interesting dynamics to the position. He's got great size at QB, and that allows him to be quick with delivering the ball. WR's at practice on Wednesday were stating that their fingers were sore from catching "fireballs" from Washington. It'll be interesting to see how he develops this spring.

2. Big New today as Kentucky has fired Billy Gillespie after just 2 seasons at Kentucky. There's a standard at Kentucky, make the NCAA tournament, win the SEC, and make final four's. I think its ludicrous that they would oust him after only just 2 seasons. Billy can flat out recruit, but making the NIT this year and not winning it pretty much doomed him from keeping his job. He'll be another head coach again somewhere, he's just too talented to not get hired. He was great at UTEP and Texas A&M. I'll be keeping my eyes open to see where he ends up. As for the Cats, they'll have a hard time finding a quality candidate as they have a hefty buy-out to fill for Gillespie...who'd want to coach there now???

3. Husker Baseball tries to re-write the ship from its dismal performances against Northern Colorado as they travel to Oklahoma tomorrow for a 3 game series. OU is the league's best hitting team which posses a huge problem for the Sker's and Nebraska's team ERA has ballooned to 5.34 as a staff, which is on pace to be the highest in a decade. Hauptman gets the start today with Roualdes coming on Sunday. No pitcher has been set for Monday, probably b/c we have no proven 3rd starter. Nebraska needs to grit down and get it together, this is really the worst time to be having rotations problems, as with the season trecking on every week, one problem can easily compile itself into a pretty big one. Nebraska's pitching concerns need a boost in the right direction this weekend, because if they get shelled again it could prove to be a very very long season for Nebraska.

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