Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19, 2009

As I continue to enjoy the last few days of my spring break...I return for some hot tidbits and some updates on the #1 thing we all like to talk about...SPORTS.

The Hot List:
1. Husker Baseball Recap/Preview
2. NCAA Tournament Focus: Memphis
3. Eye On Husker Recruiting: Quarterbacks

And were off........

1. Nebraska Baseball picked up a HUGE HUGE HUGE win last night against Arkansas by scoring 6 runs in the top of the 9th inning to pull out an amazing 7-4 win from the razorbacks. Van Horn expressed his displeasure in his bullpen falling apart in the ninth inning but credited Nebraska for fighting it out for the W. Nebraska's new strategy of having Mike Nesseth close out games worked as he notched his third W of the season. This win I think was really big because it gives Nebraska a big shot of confidence heading into it's home showdown with #19 OSU starting tomorrow. It would have been really difficult for Nebraska to have confidence in itself to win this series if they were riding a nice 3 game losing streak, but a come back slugfest win last night, and Nebraska has righted the ship a bit and has momentum for tomorrow's game. I think Nebraska can win and even sweep this weekend's series as Oklahoma State has an abismal 4-16 record in Lincoln since the formation of the big 12. It should be a great series...the rotation is this for the weekend: Hauptman, Roualdes, and Mariot....let's see if shaking things up will do some good.... As always: Go Sker's.

2. I just thought I would take a little bit of time to say "WOW Robert Sallie". Today for Memphis he posted 35 points. He was 10 of 15 from 3 point land....It just makes you wonder how many more W's would be under Nebraska's belt if he had actually been able to play at NU. I think we can look and count 4 maybe even 5 more W's for the Skers. That means Nebraska easily makes it into the big dance. I'll continue to root for him b/c he could of meant sooo much to a team in desperate need of a high profile recruit to be the show, it just never happened like we all wanted it too. Look for Doc to land somebody of this caliber in the next 3 to 4'll happen...just watch.

3. Eye on Husker recruiting continues today with a look at the Quarterback position. Nebraska is going to take a QB pretty much every year because Shawn Watson just loves to develop them..the problem is we'll continue to get guys like Patrick Witt that will leave the program because they won't get any playing time and could be 4 or 5 deep buried on the depth chart....Cody Green has the tools to be a stud and a redshirt season is unlikely with his talent. With thats said the Husker's will go after another QB, probably not as hard as they have in years past. Nebraska is keeping its eye on Austin Hinder, a 6-4, 177 pd. kid from Steamboat Springs, Colorado. He's a 4-star kid if you believe in these ratings systems by rivals and and he is clearly one of the best pro-style prospects out on the market. As for speed and more balance as a dual-threat QB, Nebraska is after Blake Bell from Wichita, KS. He's 6-6, 210, with a 4.7 40 yard dash time. He's being recruited by everybody right now: Georgia, Miami, Oklahoma, Norte Dame, LSU just to name the big boys on his list. It'll be interesting to see if Nebraska can land this kid. I'm also keeping my eye on Robert Marve, the recently departed QB from Miami, who's now actively looking at Nebraska as an option to transfer. He'll be in attendance at the Spring Game to soak in the atmosphere. I dont know how I feel about having him on campus, he does have to sit a year and if he declares to attend Nebraska....Nebraska is out of the running for Hinder and Bell. I don't think he'll come all the way up north to the cold as he's a Miami boy. I still expect him to end up at South Florida, tearing it up when Matt Grouthie tenor is over after next season.

Spring Break has been fun so I'm out for the rest of the week to enjoy some sanity before classes get rolling Monday...we'll have lots to talk about then...TILL MONDAY.....hope your brackets aren't busted by then :) Skocz OuT

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