Friday, March 13, 2009

March 13, 2009

Well I have to start off today by talking about the marathon game I watched last night as Syracuse ousted UConn 127-117 in 6 overtimes. Yeh, that's right 6 OT' was just incredible to watch as both teams literally left everything out on the court last night. Truly a classic, coached by 2 hall of fame coaches...what-a-game.

The Agenda:

1. Championship Week Continues....
2. Preview of my #1 seeds for the NCAA tournament
3. Highlights of Husker Pro-Day

1. Well today is a bit short on the topics but lots and lots to say about Championship Week. One word describes last night's action...upsets. The upset bug bit hard last night taking down teams like UConn, Pitt, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Clemson. It just shows that you have to be ready to play these scrappy lower seeded teams or you'll get beat. The upsets last night have thrown a huge spin into who will covet those #1 seeds in the tourament. I'll tell you my 4 later. I was disappointed at how Oklahoma played in front of its 2nd home crowd in Oklahoma City and got ousted by OSU in the final 2 seconds of the game. It now leaves the Big 12 with only 1 top 4 seed still going...Missouri. I called KSU getting beat by Texas as Pittman has elevated his game to a whole new level in the tournament. I expect Kansas to get a 3 seed, Oklahoma a 2 seed, and Missouri a 4 seed in the NCAA Tournament as I dont think they'll beat OSU tonight.
Picks: OSU vs. Texas in the final w/ Texas earning the automatic bid to the NCAA tournament.

The Big East tournament was thrown around last night as we got a marathon 6 OT thriller and some buzzer beaters last night. I called it out that you needed to watch this tourney and man it hasn't let me down. I wasn't too hot in picks last night due to upsets and Nova getting a buzzer beater to scrap out a 2 pt. victory over Marquette. It now looks like the winner of West Virginia and Syracuse gets into the championship game...who would have thought. I expect the final 3 games of this tournament to be good games to tune in.
Picks: West Virginia vs. Louisville with the Cardinals winning the championship tomorrow.

The ACC tournament got started off like it always has...w/ upsets. The ACC tournament only saw 3 teams with higher seed win in the first round (VT, BC, and Maryland). I was very disappointed in Clemson who is a good team as the 5 seed, but didn't bring their "A" game last night against GT. The yellow jackets move on while the Tigers have to wait to Sunday to see where they will be going for post season play. I expect more upsets as I think VT will give North Carolina fits today (VT up 68-67 as I type). I expect some more wild finishes and possibly a champion no one saw coming.
Picks for the weekend: VT, Duke, Wake, FSU
Saturday: FSU, Duke
Champion: FSU

2. My number one seeds are in limbo now as 3 of my teams I thought could earn them all lost last night in first round games. I do feel that the best #1 team to get the #1 overall seed is Louisville. They are the outright regular season champions of the Big East and if they win the Big East tournament too, they'll no doubt be the #1 team. My next #1 is Pittsburgh. Another Big East team that has huge wins on the season (swept UConn) and lost only on the road to Louisville who finished higher in the standings than them. I expect them to be #2 in the #1 seeds. My third #1 team has to be UConn, I know its crazy to think that the Big East will get 3 teams as #1 seeds but you can't deny that they are good. They just wore out after 6 OT's against Syracuse. I think the committee will look at them as having done enough to earn a #1 seed. My fourth #1 is Memphis, yeh I know they really don't play anybody good, but these guys have only 3 losses on the year and if they win the C-USA title, with the other upsets ousting out other teams in the first round, it opens the door for them to take the 4th #1 seed.
The team with the most to prove now is North Carolina. They'll need to make the semi's if they want to take a #1 seed away from somebody. I'm not going to deny that winning the regular season ACC title isn't an accomplishment, but w/out Ty Lawson today they'll need to pull it together or they'll be a #2 seed somewhere next week. They are the only one now that can take a #1 seed away from somebody.....sorry KU and had your chance and blew it.

3. Nebraska completed its pro day yesterday with guys like Ganz, Potter, Slauson, Glenn, Swift, Lucky, Murtha, Lawson, Peterson, O'Leary, Teafatiller, Murillo, Barfield, Ty Steinkuhler, Tyler Wortman, Justin Baumgartner, Dan Titchener, Terrance Nunn, and Lance Brandenburgh all getting looks from pro scouts and workouts.. It's nice to see the huge turnout for the pro-day but the gems of this team heading into the draft is probably Lucky and Murtha. Marlon lit it up in the senior bowl earning team MVP while Lydon clocked the fastest 40 time for offensive tackles at the NFL Combine. I wouldn't be surprised to see Lydon drafted high in April as he is clearly on the rise among all offensive tackle prospects. Either way as we look back to what these guys meant to us, the team, and the program...we have to just admire all the bumps in the road they overcame and thank them for sticking it out and laying down a solid foundation for us to succeed on. THANKS GUYS you'll be missed but will succeed in future aspects of your lives.

That's it for the week, I'll return Monday. Here's what's in store next week:
-NCAA selection's, who's in and who's out
-Husker Baseball Recap
-NIT preview, who's in and who's out
-biggest match up's of both the NCAA Tournament and the NIT

Till next week.....SKOCZ OUT

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