Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10, 2009

Already some good positive hits from the page on it's first day. I appreciate it...do vote on the poll as we'll reveal those results Sunday when we hear the pairings for the NCAA tournament.

Here's the topic list today:

1. Eye on Recruiting: Running Backs
2. Big 12 Basketball Tournament
3. Recap on Conference Tournaments
4. Husker News
5. Headlines

Lets roll.

1. I'll be doing an eye on recruiting usually about once a week as I feel that some of us just can't stop talking about Husker Football 24/7. I'm one of those people. Let's look at running backs for next year:

Nebraska more than likely will be very very very picky this season in recruiting running backs. After signing 2 high caliber guys last season to go along with Helu, Castille, Mendoza, Watley, and another walk on...Nebraska will enter spring with 5 running backs on the roster with our 2 new signees coming onto the team in August. With that said look for Nebraska to go after high caliber players that most likely are being recruited by everybody across the country. One prospect that stands out at me is James Monico from Compton, CA. At 6-0, 188, and clocking 4.5 in the 40 he maybe a homerun threat that the Husker's need. Right now he is the only high caliber back (4+ stars likely) that is giving Nebraska a considerable look. I expect him to sign somewhere else, but the chances for him to come to Nebraska may dramitically increase after spring practice if guys decide to change positions like last spring (Cody Glenn going to LB). Either way I do feel that the 2010 recruiting class will be smaller than last year's, meaning Nebraska won't get any glamour in the ratings when it signs about 17-20 guys.

2. The big 12 basketball tournament gets underway tomorrow bright in early at 11:30 a.m. as Nebraska takes on a rematch against Baylor. Lee of the Omaha World Herald writes in his weekly Big 12 Tuesday article that Nebraska may have the best draw out of all the teams in the tournament. If you think he's crazy take a look at how the set up works in Nebraska's favor for the tournament being in Oklahoma City....20 minutes from Oklahoma...If Nebraska can beat Baylor they get top seeded Kansas which nobody in Oklahoma City wants to win...sooo therefore Nebraska may have a nice crowd cheering for them. If they win that one, a rematch with Texas appears likely which everyone there hates hates hates the burnt orange...setting Nebraska up for a rematch with Oklahoma for the title...I think its a long shot but the way Nebraska plays defense and how wide open the conference was from 4 to 10 with 3 weeks left to go...anything can happen. I won't be getting that excited till Nebraska pulls the upset of KU...if they win tomorrow...emphasis on the "if"

3. Conference Tournaments are in full swing this week with the MAAC, SoCon, and West Coast handing out invites last night. I personally had to put a little note in this today as we just watch teams seeded most likely in the 11 to 16 seed range celebrate in the big dance. Do watch Siena, last night I told my roommate that they would win and cover the spread (-4) and they won by 7. Your welcome roomie, but Siena I feel could be the Davidson of last year that rode Steph Curry to the Elite 8. If you get into filling out your brackets and wanting to dominate your office pools, spend a little bit of time watching these games as teams like East Tennesse State, Gonzaga, Siena, Butler, and mysterious others could have your brackets bursting after opening week. I warned ya.

4. Husker News:
-Larry the Cable Guy will be having a concert live in Memorial Stadium on July 4th. Proceeds from his concert benefit the Git R Done foundation, which help children with hip dysplasia. How cool would it be to have 85, 000 at that. It would really put Nebraska on the map in showing pride in something else other than Husker sports.
-Nebraska has received a $10 million dollar donation to make improvements on the Bob Devaney Sports Center. The money was donated by Tom and Mary Hendricks. This money will now allow Nebraska to build a practice facility for it's basketball programs and improve the quality of the Bob. Love to see that their are Husker fans who want to give money back to the university to see our entire athletic program improve. I'm stoked to see what the initial plans will look like. This all but means now that if the city of Lincoln builds its arena as originally proposed, Nebraska will not be a part of it as it was before. I like the Bob...let's keep it around.

5. HEADLINES: Things are jumping out on the page today, Roger Clemens is in bigger trouble than I think he realizes now as reports have surfaced today that his trainer has documents that links his samples to steroids he took. Roger as we all know is continuing to deny these claims but if he did it I wouldn't be surprised. A-roid said that he got swept up in the age when stuff was just being passed from one guy to the next, as competitive as Clemens has been in his career I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to get an edge as his body aged. He should own up to it before he becomes the next Barry Bonds, who most likely will get jail time for lying to Congress. Your real smart guys...real smart.

Had to make a quick comment on a College Football headline...apparently Lane Kiffin denys telling herald wide receiver Alshon Jeffery, who committed and signed with South Carolina, that if he went to the Gamecocks he would spend the rest of his life pumping gas. I dunno if this is true but Kiffin is constantly stirring the pot with the SEC. I do give him balls for calling out Urban Meyer at Florida. Lane until you can prove you can handle it as a real coach, don't call out coaches who have rings, job security, and SEC championships when you have none of the above. I do like him creating fire in a program that reminds me a lot like Nebraska, but at least I dont talk unless I've got good back up to get the other person to put their foot in their mouth.
I'll be keeping my eyes on him...he's got 3 years to get it together...but his dad, Monte, will have the defense fierce next year.

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